[VN] [Ren’Py] Casey’s Fall [v2022-06] [Sakrilas & VelcroFist]



Tech student Casey Reine finds herself the victim of a mysterious blackmailer who slowly coerces her into a life she never expected.
This game focuses heavily on exhibitionism, CMNF, CFNF, ENF, humiliation, blackmail, and public nudity.

Thread Updated: 2022-06-11
Release Date: 2022-06-11
Developers: Sakrilas & VelcroFist PatreonDiscord Server
Censored: No
Version: 2022-06
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Language: English, French, German, Russian, Polish, Portuguese (BR) and Italian.

3DCG, Female Protagonist, Blackmail, Corruption, Exhibitionism, Female domination, Humiliation, Male Domination, Masturbation, Sexual Harassment, Lesbian


1. Extract and run.


– Casey performs the shopping nude mission with the assistance of Greg
– Gallery tag “New” has been added, which shows the events added in the latest release
– Starting a new game will now include an option to start at the beginning of the latest release
– More translations have been added
– Greg’s model has been updated
v2022-04 patched
This Patch to v2022-04 does not bring any new events, but it implements the following changes:

– Full translation of the contents of the game for Simplified English, Italian, Polish, Portuguese (Brazil), French, Russian.
– Improvements to the German translation (80.72% translated).
Fix bug that caused the Gallery Page to change the available events based on the player loading older Saves.

In this update we conclude all the events of Day 5 Tara’s Branch.

We also enabled the option for Casey to blame Tara during the Trial after she got arrested for riding naked on Tara’s Bike.

The Scenes Gallery now has one extra tag that will allow players to filter for “Endings”.

Add Portuguese translation.

– Add events for Day 5 bush path

– Add the remaining events of Day 5 Shaven Path

– Add all class events for Day 5 (shaven path)
– Add part of Day 5 (shaven path)

– Finish Day 4
– Add Polish Translation
– Add Italian Translation

– Finish events for Day 4 shaven route
– Introduce Day 4 refuse-to-shave route
– Reduce dutch angles in some renders of Day 1

– New events for day 4: Casey performs another Photoshoot session with Mark and Gillian
– New Character introduced: Marina
– Casey is forced to shave (Bush Lovers, worry not, in future updates we will allow the player to refuse to shave)

– Some renders of Day 1 have been updated (I’ve toned down on the Dutch angles)

UI has been revamped. You can now see most of the images without having to hide the text box.
– The preferences menu now has a slider for text box transparency.
– 56 new renders have been added
– Story progresses until the afternoon of Day 4
– “Hide Text” button control is now available in Android Releases too.
– The game can be played in Russian and French. (We will release the German version soon)
– Gallery View layout has been adjusted to work better with different languages and screen sizes.
– Fix small bug on Day 2 that caused Casey to act as if she masturbated in the school showers even if she didn’t.


  • The game should now work on older devices
  • There’s now a button under the dialogue boxes that allows the player to hide the dialogue to see the images on the screen in full.
  • Thanks to amazing volunteers, you can now play the game in 3 different languages:
    • Default/English
    • French
    • Simplified English: Avoids abbreviations and obscure slang (recommended for those who are struggling to understand the dialogues in the regular English version)
    • Russian and German translations should be available soon.

There are no new events on this version. It still ends at the end of Day 3. If none of the features above interest you, please consider skipping this update.

– Finish day 3 events

– Part of day 3 events
– Gallery now has event filters
– Official Android port of the game is now available
– Better teeth for characters (updated renders for day 1 and 2)
– Fixed some renders in day 1

  • 131 new renders
  • Event Gallery was added
  • New event on day 1
  • Day 2 events were added
  • Multiple previous renders updated and fixed
  • v2021-05 has 233 images: 177 event renders + 41 sprites + 15 backgrounds
  • v2021-04 had 102 images: 64 event renders + 30 sprites + 8 backgrounds

== New content ==
— Misc —

  • Event Gallery was implemented: you can now re-watch scenes you’ve played before

— Day 2 —

  • Casey is ordered to run naked before school (Player will be prompted)
  • Possible masturbation scene at the public showers
  • Lots of upskirt missions
  • Casey does an erotic photoshoot
  • Casey goes through a makeover
  • Casey gets new clothes to wear from the stranger
  • Casey masturbates again in the bedroom
  • A strange erotic dream happens
  • New character introduced: Sue Reine (Casey’s Mother)
  • New character introduced: Michael Reine (Casey’s Father)
  • New character introduced: Mr. Stephens (The Security guard)
  • New character introduced: Mark Rosso (Erotic Photographer)
  • New character introduced: Gillian (Mark’s assistant)
  • New character introduced: Tara

— Day 1 —

  • New branching path: When Casey meets Jolene at the trails and learns that her new mission is to walk naked, she can resist the request, this will lead her sister Jolene to offer help.
  • Additional render: Shot of Casey meekly smiling to the camera was added to the event of her being raised by the boys.

== Fixes ==

— Day 1 —

  • Continuity fix: Casey now is wearing her shoes on when the boys raise her up at the trail
  • Continuity fix: Casey puts the right hand in her mouth after masturbating in bed at night.
  • Enhancement: Shower scene now uses proper water shaders for the droplets
  • Enhancement: Added some blushing to some renders where Casey is posing next to strangers.
  • Enhancement: Reduced/remove sweat from certain renders.
  • Enhancement: Casey is more embarrassed and shy when taking selfies with the strangers at the trail.

— Special Thanks Scene —

  • Enhancement: Casey is no longer sweating in the credits scene

Events of day 1

Developer Notes:

Since v2021-06B uses a different save system, we’ve added a new feature in the gallery which allows unlocking or resetting all scenes. You can also use the skip function to fast forward through the game quickly so you can re-add saves. If the “skip” button is greyed out for you, in the preferences select “skip unseen text”.

This game is a renpy adaptation of the Erotica with the same name written by VelcroFist.
The game will not necessarily follow the erotica 1 to 1, but at least one of the story paths will be heavily inspired by it. The game will also explore other possibilities, including a path with much darker consequences for the protagonist.

VelcroFist and I are working closely together to make this game possible.

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