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You have almost forgotten about it. A past humiliation where you long since have moved on.
But as life is sometimes, you are confronted with a chance for vengeance.
The choices you make will influence wherever your vengeance will be successful or if you will have to pay the price for trying.
Game renamed from Hello World to Karma

Thread Updated: 2022-05-21
Release Date: 2022-05-21
Developer: PowerPlower PatreonWebsiteTwitterF95zoneDiscord
Censored: No
Version: 1.0
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English
Other Game: Terror Christmas Special

3DCG, adventure, male protagonist, big tits, big ass, graphic violence, romance, NTR (optional), humiliation, creampie, pregnancy, male domination, female domination, Anal, corruption, multiple endings


1. Extract and run.


– still quite a few fixes
– We added a gallery
– some renders were fixed/improved
– Path’s were fixed. Now to see the worst ending, you have to follow them up in the same game play. You also will see less of Mark & Clara scenes if you didn’t follow them up at this play through.

Karma Beta (v1.0)
– Improvement of sound
– fixes
– Added an ending screen (You’ll know about the other endings)

Karma Final Alpha
– Post work process
– We added Sound
– Additionally Proof read
– Added a few scenes

Developer Notes:

There are a multitute of endings. One past humiliation you can’t evade in the game. (chapter 2 ) – sensible people might already call it ntr. Drink your milk, grow up and if you want you can get revenge in game.
it has Romance, harem, netori, ntr, revenge. It all depends on how much you suck at this.

We have added support pages on the two extreme endings corresponding to their mood. I want to stress, if you are financially not in a great situation, don’t worry about those. It’s the only difference to the patreon version and we’ll give our best to somehow manage anyway.

We’ll release one more patch to the public, mainly containing sound improvements.
The last version will be patron only and contain animations. A preview of those: https://twitter.com/Power_Plower/status/1509212835708080130


The pathways have been slightly fixed, the guide is still helpful.
The main changes are that you have to chose a path in the current play through of Karma in chapter two to get a corresponding ending.

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