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Sin título-2.png

Alyna is a 30 year old woman, who had an ordinary life but despite everything she has not been able to succeed in life, this game focuses on her life choices in order to achieve her goals through any way possible (Sexual even)
She currently lives in a rented apartment that she pays with her wage earned by working in a mid-sized company owned by a harassing boss and with her best friend from her childhood . Also Alyna has a long-time high school boyfriend called “Matt” who has been in a relationship with her for several years. How will this story unfold?

Alyna visual novel plans to induce the player into the underworld of lust, corruption, pregnancy, cheating and other type of situations.

Thread Updated: 2022-07-27
Release Date: 2022-07-26
Developer: R1leyD4rk Patreon KO-FIDiscord
Censored: No
Version: 1.5 Chapter one
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Language: English

3dcg, female protagonist, NTR, cuckold, vaginal sex, oral sex, slave, creampie, pregnancy, group sex, groping, teasing, mobile game, voyeurism, rape, interracial, lesbian.


1. Extract and run.



– Added some choices for future paths during the chapter two (some choices from the v1.0 are back to the game for the chapter one)

– Fixed minor translation issues

– Fixed minor bugs

– Added option to choose between cuckold or not

– Version of the game changed to a lighter one


– Slight remake of the game
– Fixed some bugs during specific events and characters: Miriam, Powell, Jenny
– Fixed some dialogues
– Fixed translation
– Added new menu video for the game
– Added new credit video for the game
– 600+ new images
– 6+ scenes
– New music and sound effects
– 7+ animations
– New characters added


– Added part of the story for the chapter one and some routes.
– Added first update for the future pregnancy system for Alyna.
– Added picture for the breastfeeding system.
– Added about 500+ images.
– 4+ new route events.
– Improved picture of Alyna’s uterus from the statistics
– New sex scenes
-Minor bugs fixed


– Is an update which was a high priority to fix the character “Mr. Chavez” because his model was disputed.
– Some pictures were not displayed correctly.
– Added more time in some events.
– Minor bugs fixed.
– Added additional scenes and lines of text to “Mr. Chavez” scenes.
– Added preview of chapter 1: rape event.


Developer Notes:

– I hope to release an update every 2 weeks (minor changes), 1 month (mid) and 2 months (major release).
– I’m still a beginner developing games but I hope to release a good and interesting game.
– My goal is to keep learning, so all feedback will be helpful for the future of this game.
– Warning: The graphical interface of the Android version is disorganized and has not been tested at all.
– “Crisis matters: ALYNA” will be the first part of the story inside the world of “Crisis matters”.

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