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You are in the shoes of the last Battle Priest. The war against magical creatures for which you were created is finally over. But during your last battle you learn something that opens your eyes and your perspective on everything. You have new goals, and one of them is to learn about magical creatures instead of slaying them. But there’s more to it than just that. Learn the story as you purchase magic girls, interact with them, take care of them and train them so one day they can serve you properly.​

Thread Updated: 2022-05-28
Release Date: 2022-05-28
Developer: TiredTxxus PatreonDiscord
Censored: No
Version: 0.3.5 Public
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Language: English

2DCG, Male protagonist, Male domination, Trainer, Slave, Romance, Corruption, Masturbation, Sexual harassment, Animated, Blackmail, Fantasy, Elves, Exhibitionism, Groping, Simulator, Spanking, POV, Teasing, Virgin, Management, Harem


Extract and play.


-3 placeholder scenes replaced with fully rendered scenes (2 from Elf relationship event lvl 3 and 1 from the latest training scene).
-1 new training scene for the goblin girl.
-Improved UI.
-Minor bug fixing.

-2 new story events for Fey (the elf).
-Several non-erotic (unless you have the nudest version) static scenes.
-1 new erotic animation + several new static scenes.
-Fixed bug that would make the game crash when Fey is in naked mode (Nudest version only).

-New personal UI for the goblin girl.
-New lvl 0 relationship dialogues for the goblin girl.
-New music, some has been replaced.
-Updated bathroom animations.
-New event in which the Elf girl meets the Goblin girl.

-New petra’s eating animations.
-Petra’s first training (animated).
-Progress in main story with 2 new events(wait a few days after meeting Petra).
-New characters. -Minor bug fixing.

-Implemented hint system.
-Work and currency.
-A new order for the elf girl.

New “order” scene at bathroom when elf is following the player with 3 new animations and 2 scenes.
-New girl with 4 different portraits.
-New dialogues.
-New rooms.
-Bug fixing and UI improvement.

-More portraits for Fey.
-A few new scenes.
-Several new features like giving Fey the command to follow you, and the night and day cycle.
-The first stores at the city are open now.
-New improved training menu.
-New cooking menu with some nice animations.
-Minor tweaks to the overall game.
-Lots of bug fixing: Some images that wouldn’t show up on certain versions. Some notifications that would appear under the wrong circumstances. And tons of small stuff.

-New events.
-Higher training level for the elf girl with new scenes and animations.
-New dialogues and interactions.
-Numerous small bugs fixed.
-Bug where the buttons went up when pressed solved.
-Buttons no longer appear where they shouldn’t.
-Now it’s harder for players to accidentally skip animations.
-Sleep button easier to reach in your bedroom.
-New status display for the elf girl.
-New sweet and smooth animation to show our gratitude to our patrons and our players!!!
-18+ warning now appears every time the game opens.

V0.1 updated:
-Android version added
-Solved the problem with the buttons malfunctioning by removing the pushable buttons feature.
-Solved an issue in which the Elf girl’s portrait appeared to be too small during a scene.

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