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A struggling writer, you just managed to sell a book for enough money to afford a house.
Life in the suburbs promised to be everything you dreamed of in the city: more space, quieter, and
maybe without roommates, it was time to kick start your love life. At forty-three, you weren’t getting any younger.
Everything changed when a young college student responded to your advertisement to sublet one of the open bedrooms.
She was blonde, eighteen, and as you quickly discovered, had a secret desire. As her landlord, you have time and
feel obligated to help her pursue her fantasies, however depraved they might be. After all, when you thought about
kick-starting your love life again, you never imagined it could be so…fulfilling.​

Thread Updated: 2022-04-22
Release Date: 2022-04-22
Developer: Big Chungus Productions PatreonDiscord
Censored: No
Version: 0.017 Final
OS: Windows, Mac, Linux
Language: English

Male protagonist, Teasing, Stripping, Masturbation, Pov, Voyeurism, Humor, Spanking, Dating sim, Handjob, Oral Sex, Animated, Vaginal Sex, Anal Sex, Creampie


1. Extract and run.


v0.0.17 Final

  • Two new replayable scenes in the Replay feature; three new scenes in total in the update
  • 172 new full HD images
  • 21 new full HD animations
  • Five new sexy sounds in the new gallery scenes
  • Gym (new location), Chef Naomi’s Place (new location), and introducing Chef Naomi, a new character.
  • The date with Tricia scene is not yet included, it will be in the update next month.
  • New notes:
  • Image gallery: feature includes an auto-playing slide show with 39 a brand new image series with Daisy posing for the camera.
  • Default menu screen updated with more of the characters in the game and a bigger number of rotating images.

v0.0.17 Alpha

  • 160+ new full hd images
  • 1 new replayable scene with Rose, including ~11 animations…different than the others in game, as I haven’t yet converted to video + some other changes I normally make
  • A few new sexy sounds to go with the Rose scene

v0.0.16 Basic

  • 80+ new full hd renders
  • 17 new animations webm format as usual in the animated edition
  • In the Basic edition, there are ~ 30 new images that are used as two image animations instead of the new 17 fully animated videos.
  • 1 new scene for the replay gallery with (depending on choices) either 15 or 16 animations in the scene (single longest animated scene in game so far)
  • Four new erotic sounds for the above scene;
  • Not sure on the overall amount of text, it’s basically three scenes in total, with all the new content focused on Daisy + Chad.

v0.0.14 Basic
100 brand new full HD renders
No new soundtracks, or sound effects in this version
1 new adult scene with Daisy + MC, also added to the Replay gallery

Update June 25th: Re-encoded videos to better match Ren’py color space; should enable improved transitions from video to still image + back for all animated scenes. Also updated Nicknames, titles to lower case.

Updated with a new bad ending if enough bad love points are accumulated, and lowers the volume on the intro video.


  • Finishes day 2 in game; story progression with all three main love interests
  • 160+ new renders in full HD
  • Scenes with Rose and Lily (fully animated)
  • Brand new Scene Replay for all six animated scenes
  • Massive animation improvement to every scene; game now has 70 different animations in the /videos/ folder if you poke through the code, and of course a lot of smaller animation as well.
  • Six thousand words+ of new story / content
  • Five new music sound tracks to add variety to the new scenes
  • Four new erotic sound effects for the animated scenes

Updated, fixed reported bug with dialogue that didn’t reflect choices from the diner scene with Jen + Daisy.

What’s new & awesome in Her Heart’s Desire?

  • Updated text from the entire .012 previous version; there’s probably a dozen or so things that were improved, polished, misspelled, etc – those are fixed thanks to a few fearless volunteers – thanks all!
  • 5,000 (five thousand) words of new copy covering multiple new scenes with the cast
  • 154 new full HD renders across multiple scenes on day 2;
  • 9 new 30 FPS animations across two brand new adult scenes that are so hot, your monitor might melt ;)
  • 5 new erotic sound effects that accompany the two new animated adult scenes.


  • Introducing Rose and Lily (names changeable, as usual) relationship customizable, in similar style as Daisy.
  • Ten thousand words of brand new story, updates & improvements to all previous copy as well to make sure everything is perfect.
  • 331 New images…is that right? Yep, it’s a lot, for a week’s worth of update (or maybe not) but either way, it’s a lot of story, and a great time.
  • 10 new animations in 30 FPS (total for higher quality animations in game is now 20, as a few repeat, and are shown at variable speeds).
  • 5 new songs, and 5 new erotic sound effects
  • A scorching hot animated sexual scene with Daisy and MC, featuring both hand stimulation of MC and oral stimulation by Daisy :) Scene includes two new erotic sounds to accompany the activity.
  • New animated main menu

v0.011 Alpha
– First update, added another ten images, and 7 distinct, 30 FPS animations, rewrote the first 70% of the text, other fixes to spelling & grammar based on feedback.

v0.01 Alpha
-First release, contains 429 images, multiple simple 2 frame animations, 6 music tracks, 3 sound effects, and over thirteen thousand words of story.

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