[VN] [Ren’Py] HornyCraft [v0.1] [Shadik]



Welcome to the world of HornyCraft game!
This is an 18+ fan parody where you have to play as a guy named Steve who lives in a cubic world. This world is fraught with a lot of vulgarities, be sure of it!​

Thread Updated: 2022-04-19
Release Date: 2022-04-19
Developer: Shadik BoostyItch.ioDiscord
Censored: No
Version: 0.1
OS: Window, Mac, Linux, Android
Language: English, Russian
Other Games: Dungeon Girls

2DCG, Adventure, Parody, Male Protagonist, Mobile Game


1. Extract and run.


Update 0.01

It’s not a joke anymore! Thank you all for your feedback, they showed me that this game is needed by this world! So now I’m starting a full-fledged work on HornyCraft

If you played the previous version, then please start a new game (do not use old saves) so that everything is displayed correctly!

What’s new?

  • More story with Alex!
  • Added a new animated scene with Alex
  • Added the ability to give a gift to Alex (affect her mood)
  • Added the ability to ask Alex to “show” something
  • To promote Alex’s storyline, a “talk” button has been added
  • Alex’s sprite has been slightly modified
  • Added “inventory”, changed the main GUI.
  • It is now possible to mine iron and cobblestone in the mine
  • Added a mini-game for the mine
  • Added the “Forest” location (where you need to mine a tree)
  • Added a mini-game for chopping trees
  • All backgrounds are changed. Now they have no animation and they are prepared for further development along with the game (example: in the future it will be possible to improve the House)
  • Added ambient sounds for the atmosphere. It is recommended not to turn off the sound to get full pleasure from the H-scenes

First Release

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