[VN] [Ren’Py] Inner Demons [v0.30.1.9] [GrayTShirt]


During the Great Wars, a hellgate opened and released an army of demons and devils. The Kingdoms must unite to fight back the gaining horde. Every man at the age of 20 in conscripted into the army. One such man has come of age. Follow his story as he fights against the demons, both without and within.

Please read Developer Notes for what to expect from this VN.​

Thread Updated: 2022-05-02
Release Date: 2022-05-02
Developer: GrayTShirt F95zone
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English

3DCG, Male Protagonist, Big Ass, Big Tits, Futa/Trans, Fantasy, Female Domination, Graphic Violence, Incest, Mature/GILF, MILF, Monster Girl, Muscular, Oral Sex, Squirting, Vaginal Sex


1. Extract and run.

Changelog: Chapter Three
Old saves may not work (disclaimer), but you can jump directly to the new Chapter from the chapter selection screen.
4 Optional-to-view scenes:
Demon/Female sex; futa solo masturbation; lesbian; futa/female handjob
1 story scene: blowjob
~714 images
Total file size: ~1gb (PC), ~990mb (Mac)

0.25.7 Chapter Two, Part Two
“Family and Friends” Update
OLD SAVES DO NOT WORK! (Dialogue and coding had to be improved and updated in previous content.)
But you can jump directly to new content in the chapter selection screen when starting new game.
5 Optional Ero-scenes [Sister solo, Futa/F, Family (Incest Dialogue), Family (M/S, F/D), GILF sisters (Incest dialogue, kissing, groping)
~580 images
Total file size ~825.5mb (PC), ~791.0mb (Mac)

0.20.4 Chapter Two, Part One
But you can jump to the new chapter if you “Start” game.
1 Story Ero-scene
3 Optional Ero-Scenes (Futa solo, Futa/F, MMF)
`300 images
Total file size `663mb
Fixes: Updated music to .ogg file type (this is what broke the saves).

0.11.8 Chapter One (2021-04-24)
Introductions: Story, Characters
3 ero-scenes (w/ sound effects)
~1200 images
Fixes: Dialogue and some images in Prologue

0.01 Prologue (2020-10-27)
Initial Release
~50 images

Developer Notes:

DEV NOTE: This Visual Novel include characters that can be defined as “GILF”. I would have thought the preview images would have made it clear, but I guess not. There is also an MC with a huge cock, and several futa/trans characters. All relationships will occur, whether you choose to view the optional scenes or not. They are optional purely so you can avoid that specific scene if you wish.

Ch01 contains unavoidable sex scenes, but are necessary for the story to make sense. Ch02 and future updates will have all optional sex scenes.

This VN contains heavy, HEAVY themes of M/S, B/S, F/D, S/S; and GILF content, with perceived GILF lesbian acts within; as well as forced exhibitions of rough sex to an audience.
I tried to make a well-written and thought-out story as a background to all the lewd content, and I hope I am succeeding at that.

Reminder: This is a Visual Novel, there are no choices to make (save for viewing optional scenes).
There will be a future chapter that contains open world elements (Ch04) that will have choices that truly matter for future chapters.

I have a “making of…” thread HERE.

Planned tags:
AVOIDABLE: Futa/Trans lewd scenes (but not characters) with futa on futa, futa on self, futa on female, futa on male (oral only), male on futa (penetrative only) and scenes containing incest.
NOT AVOIDABLE (or normal tags if you will): Superpowers, religion (what’s up with those nuns…), incest, and graphic violence.

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