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As the main protagonist awakens after an incident, she notices that she can’t go back home anymore.
She meets a strange girl named Rumi and decides to travel with her together.
Without any knowledge of the world, she starts her long journey and soon beginns to understand, how horrible this world can be.

Thread Updated: 2022-06-27
Release Date: 2022-06-27
Developer: Lumari – Discord
Censored: No
Version: 0.04a
OS: Windows, Linux
Language: English

Fantasy, Monster, Monster Girl, Multiple Endings, 3DCG, Female Protagonist, Rape, Vaginal Sex, Lesbian, Graphical Violence, NTR(avoidable), Futa, School Setting, Sex Toys, Lactation


1. Extract and run.


-281 New Renders (~1420 Total!)
-~20k New words (135k words total including replays)
-6 new h-events and 2 small h-events (Small ones won’t get into the replay gallery)
-Discord suggestion: 2nd bad ending now has a ‘Hardcore’ version (A prompt for which version you want is at the beginning of the bad ending including the replay version)
-Discord suggestion: Chariku’s and Kiku’s 2nd h-event and Keiko’s 1st h-event. (Keiko get’s unlocked in the replay gallery after you’ve seen Kiku’s or Chariku’s new scene)
-Bonus folder update: Includes nudes from different characters. (Characters in there will be polled for in the future) This is currently a test phase to get an idea on what you players want.
-Sorted code. (Translators may have to update script.rpy because all important characters and flaggs are now declared and sorted at the beginning (this includes future updates))
-Rumi x Nozumi h-event gets pushed into v0.4b. It won’t be available in this update (The flagg for this is already set so you don’t have to worry about unlocking it again).

-H-Gallery now available! (Warning: Replays are complete versions. Means most path specific dialogue is inside it (Including NTR were aplicable) and unimportant content got cut out.
-~234 New Renders (1.145 Total!)
-~25k new words (114k words total including replays)
-5 New H-events
-3 new bad endings
-Discord suggestion: 2 of the 1st exam’s slaves are back! 3rd one joins in the next version
-Discord suggestion: Toru makes herself ready for the next mission
-Quality update to most new renders. (I start to get good at it)
-Again 1 new render with a secret hint. A bit easier to find this time.

~GUI update (Still have to finetune stuff though)
~138 new renders (915 Total)
~15k new words. (All together (replay gallery included) ~85k words)
~2 New H-events
~Stats are now always visible in the bottom left corner and update as soon as something changes (Took me way too long to get this done…)
~Discord poll: Stat names are now always fully visible~
~Discord poll: h-event with the chosen species
~A new trivia section in the checklist tab.
~Everything that was in the about screen got moved into the Gallery screen
~Endings are now replayable in the Gallery once you unlocked them and Bad Ending 1 & 2 got an update (If you have those 2 already you don’t need to unlock them again.)
~Fixed a wrong render in the Rumi-baited path (Thanks to MoodFun)
~Fixed an error that I didn’t noticed in the first 2 bad endings when I implemented the spoiler toggle (Thanks to z0n3rG0n3)
~1 Render in this update has a huge and very hard to find hidden story spoiler (Keep it to yourself if you find it though ;p)

~306 new renders… over 120 for h-scenes alone!
~25k new words (Making it ~65k words in total)
~Added a ‘Stat’ screen in the gallery to keep track of your points.
~After a lot of thinking I decided to show you which route you got. To see the result you have to be back at school after the 1st mission.
~replaced the changelog screen in the gallery with a new checklist for people who enjoy the story and want to figure out more things.
~Removed the Index screen in the gallery.
~Splited the about menu into: About, thanks and changelog screen.
~moved changelog screen from the gallery to the about screen.
~changed Hikari’s model again… (Nothing major~ And one more time in the next 1 or 2 updates.)
~Added new things in the bonus folder. (I advise to look into it AFTER you’re done with this version)
~New dialog near the end of v0.2 (About 10 lines what Rumi thinks about Hikari.)
~For translators: I made changes to all the other files so old translated files are not compatible anymore (New flags have been set for the new stat screen)!

~Important flags that where placed wrong at the end of v0.2
~Made older saves compatible with the new gallery and the new stat screen (Will be moved to normal gameplay window in the next update).
(If there’s still a bug tell me please~)

-~41k words of dialogue-> Story continues.
-~160 new renders
-1st h-scene but I went full on cringe with it. If that’s your thing then have fun ig~ (Enough people complained about not enough kinky stuff so there you go~)
-1 new bad ending
-new taggs: Humor(maybe?), school setting, Futa on male (no D gets used though. It’s just the hint that there will be Futas in the future.)
-NTR made ‘technicaly'(more to that in .txt files or the dev notes) avoidable. The choice for that is made only in this update. Means no way out of it in any later update.
-Added 2 .txt files explaining how to avoid ntr and other important things.
-To balance out the avoidable NTR I’ll make it more difficult, for those who avoid the ntr, to avoid bad endings in future updates. (Most of them in v.0.6- or -7)
-changed Hikari’s model. (Nothing major)
-added bonus folder with old and unused renders and a little present I’ll add with a later update.
-Added a warning system for bad ending content (Toggable in options) if you want to avoid the more ‘hardcore’ fetishes.
-Edited the future taggs since I can theoreticaly add every tag I want. (And I will if enough people want a bad ending with a specific tag) I added this because of the new warning system.

v.0.01.03 release

Developer Notes:

Hey there~

The most important things first:

Regarding NTR:
NTR-> Your loved one gets raped
No NTR-> Your best friend gets raped
That’s unfortunately the only way I was able to change it without changing half the story (And I won’t do that). Sorry if that is still not enough for you.~

Regarding the romance route: This game is NOT focused on a lovely lesbian relationship between the MC and Rumi. I have to make this clear because there was a big discussion with a lot of missunderstanding about that. Hikari and Rumi are a cute couple but: They won’t be heavily invested in their relationship and outside of bad endings and big plot points there won’t be any heavy focus on their relationship~
In short: Their relationship only is mentioned if it matters to the story.

English is not my native language so expect some typos and grammar mistakes here and there.
Because it wasn’t clear enough: This game focuses on femdom, rape, mindbreake, futanari and corruption.
The story of this game is a big drama and will feature a lot of dark and depressing things later on. If you have personal problems with such things then you should probably stay away from this game. This is NOT a vanilla lesbian love story~

On request I made a Mac version. Keep in mind that I can’t test this version so if you find any bugs let me know~

I’m not completely fine with some minor things in this update so some things may change~
On request of some people I opened a Subscribe Star account.
I make polls on the discord server if you’re interrested. Some of those polls already changed small things inside the game

The main game contains ~125k words. Thats about 12h of reading time and 10 bad endings.
The ‘Main story’ is set already. And almost all important character models are done.
I’m also open for bad ending suggestions for the second exam. (More on that in the game’s discord server)
If you have any suggestions, feedback or questions then feel free to ask. I’m more than happy to gain information on how to make the game better~
The game is heavily inspired by all sorts of other games/media. For that I included some ‘easter eggs’, Well known sentences and things like that.

If I missed tags tell me please~
And as always: ~Have fun~













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