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You wake up in a spacecraft, alone and naked. And what’s worse, with no memories. You’ll have to advance through the story to discover who you are as you uncover conspiracies, discover new races, or make difficult decisions. But you will find that the truth about you is not as obvious as it seems.
The end of this game is already thought, but everything in between is yet to be seen, will you join me in this adventure so we can shape it?

In this game, the main character (you) can be male, female or non-binary, with any combination of body and genitalia you want. The romanceable characters you encounter will all be male. In addition, you will be able to activate from a list of kinks the ones you like, adding sex scenes or extending others.

Lust Odyssey is a game with a dark atmosphere with some touches of humour. It revolves around your ship and your crew and at some point expect to make hard decisions about them. as expected from a space adventure, although in the first version you will only find humans, it will have aliens. Eventually, I hope to add furries as well and make the aliens more and more weird and colorful.
The game is made in Ren’Py and you will find the usual interface of the program. But you will also find that to move around some places you will have to tap on doors and corridors shown on the screen instead of choosing from a list of options. A sample of this is your ship and my intention is to transfer this mechanic to some dungeons.
As a fan of RPGs myself, I’ve implemented combats that will allow you to level up and unlock and buy abilities. At some point in the future, I plan to add weapon and armour crafting. My inspiration for this project has been videogames like Máss Effect, Dragon Age, Cyberpunk and Dreamfall (no, nothing to do with Lost Odyssey).

To spice things up I have implemented a respect system, which will unlock sex scenes with your crew. Taking certain actions, choosing certain responses or asking for help to resolve a situation can alter respect both up and down, and neither has to be bad if that’s what you like.

Yes, you can hate characters and they can hate you too. Separated by two bars, friendship and desire can be at totally opposite points. This way you can hate a character you also desire and have angry sex with him.

Thank you very much for taking a minute of your time.
If you have arrived here and have not fallen asleep I invite you to try the game and if you can, support me so we can make it great.

Thread Updated: 2022-07-25
Release Date: 2022-07-25
Developer: Xperiment Patreon Subscribstar Itch.ioDiscord Twitter
Censored: No
Version: 0.07.2
OS: Windows, linux, Mac, Android
Language: English

2DCG, Character Creation, Female Protagonist, Male Protagonist, Text Based, Anal Sex, Bdsm, Corruption, Creampie, Drugs, Dilf, Female Domination, Male Domination, Gay, Futa/Trans, Group Sex, Groping, Hand Job, Humiliation, Interracial, Lactation, Masturbation, Multiple Penetration, Oral Sex, Rape, Sex Toys, Sexual Harassment, Slave, Teasing, Vaginal Sex, Virgin, Mobile Game


1. Extract and run.



  • You can now continue “Battle for power” and follow the chain of events to the end (2 possible outcomes).
  • You can now finish the mission “Repair the ship”. Talk to Katari after finishing “Battle for power”.
  • New mission “Attack on pirates” after finishing the mission “Repair the ship.” Rylan will ask you if you are ready. You have to fulfill the following conditions to proceed to the next stage of the mission:

– Do not have the mission to eradicate Sub-Guh’Nir half done. If you did not start it, you can skip it.

– To have said goodbye to Galiano and Egon.

– If Katari is a member of your crew, have witnessed the discussion between him and Rylan in the lunchroom from 8 pm to 10 pm.


  • Now to accept the mission “Battle for power” you must have had the conversation “How was your day?” with Rylan and have had the first meeting with Katari (whether you recruit him or reject him) and be on day 7 or more.
  • After finishing “Battle for power”, if you lose or surrender in combat against the thugs in the whorehouse, you will no longer be kicked out of the place.
  • Time moves forward as you move around the ship.
  • The time that elapses after a battle has been extended.

In the battle against Garth, you will fight a thug first. Depending on what you do, different scenarios or variations will be shown.

The result can change if you kill the thug/surrender and the thug is not horny/you surrender and the thug is horny/you make the thug horny. And depending on the result, it will change at the end of the battle with Garth. So, different results if you surrender and Garth is not horny and the thug is still alive/you surrender, Garth is horny and the thug is alive/you beat Garth and the thug is dead/you lose against Garth and the thug is dead.

If you play as vers or bottom you will participate in the scene as bottom (submissive if you lose or dominant if you win). The same if you play as top.


  • If you have more than one Luxina item or more than one Luxurian item in your diary, go to Egon and ask “What are you?” and get to the end of the conversation to get it corrected.
  • Fixed other minor errors


  • Egon angry.
  • Garth. Normal, hard, and cumming.

That’s all. I hope you enjoy it!

More changes. From here on there are spoilers, read it only at your own risk.






  • Additional dialog when taking a boss nap if you betrayed Galiano.
  • If the mission to eradicate the Sub-Guh’Nir is half done at the end of “Battle for power” you finish it with Garth, which slightly changes some dialogues and the name of the Sub-Guh’Nir Alpha. If you didn’t start it, you’ll lose it (only in case you choose Garth).
  • If you beat Garth but still accept his offer you can take over the club.
  • If you are the owner of the club or your respect in Akra is higher than 10 you can drink for free from the club bar.
  • If you chose Garth and did not pay Rylan’s debt you will no longer be able to do so. You will lose the friendship/lust points awarded by completing this mission.
  • If you chose Garth, Egon will be angry with you. Don’t panic. If his bar is red you can recover his friendship by working in the bar on Fridays and Saturdays. You will recover +1 friendship for each time until it reaches 0.
  • If you chose Garth, the “Meet the gang” option when working in the club disappears. Some of them are dead.
  • If you paid Rylan’s debt or chose Garth, Rylan will need fewer days to find the pirates’ trail during the “Attack on pirates” mission.


Only after allying with Garth.

  • How things are going?
  • Why 4 eyes?
  • Payday (only if you own the club)


Only after you have remained faithful to him.

  • How are you doing?
  • About what Garth said.
  • What are you?
  • Farewell (appears after “How are you doing”? and as long as the mission to eradicate the Sub-Guh’Nir has been completed).


  • Farewell (only if your friendship with him is higher than 0 and after finishing “Farewell” with Galiano)


  • Galiano’s Fall. Only if you choose Garth.


“A battle for power”. It appears immediately after accepting to work with Galiano.

“End the Sub-Guh’Nir’s.” At least day 7, hired Sammuel, and discovered the core door in the subway facilities. 2 different outcomes, you can either kill the alpha or recruit him.

“Beat up 5 Garth’s thugs”. Available after obtaining the information from the thugs in “A battle for power”.


You can now complete Rylan’s debt to Galiano.


Garth’s Whorehouse. Unlocked during the mission “A battle for power”.

– You can take a 2-hour nap using the thugs as servants. Only if your respect in Akra is higher than 3.

– You can talk/fight with the thugs at any time.

– Take drugs with thugs. Random short scenes depending on your role/kinks activated. There are a total of 5, we will add more. Suggestions are welcome.


Now, if you wear the underwear and pants (knee pads) of the slave outfit or the underwear and pants of the master outfit you don’t need to take them off to work as a waiter at Galiano’s Club.

If you agreed to be Galiano’s bitch, a 50% chance that he will demand you to suck his dick every time you greet him.

Sub-Guh’Nir Combat. Now if you surrender when the beast is horny, it rides you if you are top, you acting as submissive (you are surrendering). If you are versatile the result is random. If you lose to the beast (your lust bar is maxed out) it also mounts you (similar scene).

Your crew members on the ship react to the Sexshop’s kinky outfits when you talk to them. Only dialogues of one or two lines tops.

After fucking Rylan (you as top-dominant), you can use 1 or 2 cumtastic pills with him.


Hydraulic Gear – Received after every battle against cyber-thugs. For now, it is useless. Ingredient to make weapons and armor in the future.

Pure Crystal – Delivered by the core worker during the mission “End the Sub-Guh’Nir’s”.


  • Milk
  • Nipple play

Disabled by default. They only apply for now to the sex scene with Galiano.


Galiano – Flacid, Hard, Cumming + Milk layer

Cyber-Thug – Normal Standing, Hard, Cumming

Sub-Guh’Nir Alpha, Normal, Hard, Cumming, In a jockstrap.

Background – Subway Facilities.


– When accessing the character file, the red bar was not displayed if the relationship with that character was negative.


– Casino – Wander around the city to unlock. The only thing you can do here for now is to play the slot machine.

– Sexshop. Wander around the city to unlock. Here you can buy 2 new “armors” and a new item called “Cumtastic pill”. Only usable for now with Sammuel.


– Rylan.

  • How was your day? Appears after completing the first task with Galiano.
  • Tell me more about you. After finishing the previous conversation.
  • New crewmates. After hiring Katari and Sammuel.
  • You can now review Rylan’s sex scenes after the fight. Some of you will find that I have made some readjustments.

– Katari

  • What are you?
  • If you have enough money you can advance in the mission of repairing the ship. If you have 50 units of scrap in your inventory you can reduce the cost.

– Sammuel.

  • Where are you from?
  • Sex. Only displayed if you play as top dominant and your reputation is higher than 0.

– Galiano.

  • You can now sell him the extra crystals, as long as the mission to kill the creatures is not active.

– Egon.

  • You can ask Egon if you can help in the club. After that, you can come on Fridays and Saturdays between 17:00 and 22:00 to earn a considerable amount of credits.


  • To hire Sammuel you have to go to the bar in Galiano’s club (Egon must be on duty) after having the first meeting with Sammuel and Skru’Vaks, be on day 3 or more, and have completed the first task with Galiano.
  • After talking to Rylan about the new companions, you will be able to see a friendly conversation between Katari and Rylan in the lunchroom, between 20:00 and 22:00.
  • The stores are no longer so crappy. Now a screen with boxes is displayed.
  • Now you can have fun with the junkie. (top and bottom).
  • Some users have reported lag problems when creating the character, that should be fixed.
  • Fixed some minor bugs and typos that you have reported to me.


Background – Lunchroom.


  • Egon – Normal pose.
  • Sammuel – Normal pose, Salute, Thinking, 5 sex stages + 3 cum layers (inside him, over his ass, and cum covered.)

In the next update, I’ll focus on Galiano. He’ll give you new quests. And I’ll better adapt the sex scenes to the roles with the Sub-Guh’Nir. You had already notified me of this, but I haven’t had time to implement it.

– Akra – First Floor

– Grocery Store – Wander around the city to unlock. For now, you can only buy pills and it’s a choice menu. In the next version, I’ll create a more elaborate menu with icons.

– Galiano’s Club – Follow the main story to unlock.

– Subway facilities – Follow the main story to unlock.

– Dark Alley – Wander around the city to unlock.

*After unlocking the grocery store, the dark alley, and Katari, 3 random scenarios may appear if you wander around the city. +1 special if your face and body are dirty.

– Egon – Follow the main story to unlock. For now, only his silhouette appears.

– Grocery store clerk. – For now, only his silhouette appears.

– Galiano – Follow the main story to unlock.

– Katari – He appears when wandering around the city.

– Skru’Vaks/Sammuel – They appear in the Dark Alley. Depending on your role you’ll have certain options to interact with one or the other.

– Sub-Guh’Nir – First combat. Follow the main plot to find it.

Clarifications about the combat system:

There are two ways to win/lose. When the life of either of you reaches 0 or the lust bar reaches the maximum. Each result returns a different scenario.

If you surrender two things can happen, depending on whether your enemy is excited or not. Only for bottoms (for now). In this scenario, you won’t win the fight and you won’t receive experience and loot.

Background – Akra (First floor)


  • Katari – One pose.
  • Galiano – One pose.
  • Skru’Vaks – Two poses (naked and cumming) by Ovi_Master
  • Sammuel – One pose
  • Sub-Guh’Nir – Three poses (normal, erected, and cumming)

*For some backgrounds, I’ve used retouched photos. They are only temporary until I paint them.

Bug fixes.

Initial Release

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