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You are a student in a non-English speaking country. One day, while working for the “Foundation for the Promotion of Understanding of the Idiosyncrasies of the Native English Speaker”, the foundation offers you to arrange for a job in the Kingdom of the Angloian States, the homeland of the native English speaker. In return, you are asked to do research on said native English speakers. Soon, you’ll find out that this “exploration” gets deeper than you’ve ever thought…​

Thread Updated: 2022-07-31
Release Date: 2021-11-11
Developer: Skidmoria itch.io
Censored: No
Version: 0.02b_overhaul_12
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English

3DCG; Male Protagonist, Vaginal Sex


1. Extract and run



  • Added render of “ultracool” Anouk
  • Added render of scene where Anouk is arranging for MC to run into her (Anouk is not visible yet in this one)
  • At some point in time, there will be a sixth image added to the bar scene. The text for the bar scene has been rewritten to be more concise, taking up now three instead of five pages. To reflect this change, the bar scene images have been separated from the flow of the text and are now part of a slideshow.
  • Some text improvements
  • Slightly changed the fast-forward version of the stream of consciousness so that it looks somewhat more suiting to its theme
  • The images for the compressed version are now variably compressed, depending on the source material. Often, a WebP image with 70% quality does hardly look worse than one with 90% quality. In a few cases though, it is appropriate to use better quality or even a version with lossless compression (images with hard edges or text inside). The new variable compression used now reflects this. This makes for a smaller download and sometimes better visuals at the same time.
  • Now using the maximum compression level of WebP for both the lossless and lossy versions (6 instead of 4)
  • A couple of images for the uncompressed versions were saved by mistake in lossy image quality
  • Removed superfluous image


  • Added title screen for the XZ81 game imagined by MC
  • Small text changes
  • Fixed regression: When the player tried to show the Hotmouth info screen, a crash occurred


  • Corrected striking typo


  • New buttons for choice menus
  • Corrected grammatical mistake


  • Added four images to the background story
  • Until the way of branching has been decided upon, the scenes of the bookworms looking back at MC do always appear again
  • Minor text formatting change


  • Added five images to the background story
  • Changed the name of the company where MC is going to start his work
  • Internal change that was forgotten, but did not affect the game


  • Added fast-forward option with its own screen for the musings of MC during the airport scene
  • Some further text overhaul and corrections
  • Small fix and removal of unnecessary image


  • Further text improvements
  • Fixed protruding body of MC in one of the renders of the scene where he is meeting the girls in the forest


  • Changes in the text throughout the game, often to make it more lively and less stilted. The name of the city where MC is living and working (first) has also been changed.
  • Changed the “No Fist Fights!” headline in the screen where you enter your name to “No Fist Fights (involving MC)!” to make it clearer that there will indeed be fist fights, but MC will not participate in them
  • Made the XZ Spectrum 81 retro orgasm scene imagined by MC a bit livelier by having also the woman visibly orgasming
  • MC’s first name can now have a length of 30 instead of 20 characters


  • Added military tent to the subway mart scene
  • Slightly changed the camera settings in this scene because the old settings revealed that there is only one train track


  • Added an image for the moment where MC has to decide whether to buy a magazine and which one at the subway store. The text preceding the choice has been slightly altered.
  • Added comment from Sander that appears when MC took note of the girls while approaching the new apartment for the first time; the comment differs depending on MC’s reaction to the girls. This is embedded in a new image.
  • Added another spider tattoo to the eerie landlady
  • Added a particular font for the landlady’s angry reaction to the biker’s restless driving
  • Punctuation correction


  • Added a couple of alternative renders meant to be viewed with 3d glasses. Those can be accessed via gallery thumbnails.
  • In the scene where MC is carrying a donkey, the rococo woman praying for the unknown terrorist has been replaced by a nun. The rococo woman now appears in the third airport scene.


  • The pregnancy setting now also affects the dialogues for the scenes where MC meets the girls in the forest
  • There are now hints for the pregnancy setting that this setting currently affects only dialogues and images and that actual potential pregnancies are only to appear at a later time
  • Fixed language errors
  • Fixed the size of the mp3 player in the scene where MC sees the hip hop dancers for the first time and placed it in a slightly different position


  • After meeting the beggar in the underpass, MC can now meet the hip-hop dancers he saw on his way to the shopping mall
  • Added dandelion fae to scene for the option where MC says he is fine with himself after Sander suggested he join a fitness club


  • Due to licensing issues, the calligraphic font had to be changed to a similar one
  • The narrator’s text has now its own font in a typewriter-style
  • Some language improvements
  • Using a retro font for the text where MC slips into the Quinn retro fantasies
  • MC can now have a look at the girls when approaching his new apartment with Sander. He is supposed to give one of two reactions when he’s seeing them, and the girls will react accordingly.
  • The girls from the aforementioned scene now have more detailed hair
  • In MC’s fantasy about the retro XZ Spectrum 81 game, when the man has his orgasm, the man is now bending his head back and visibly letting out his orgasmic screams


  • The font inside the text box is now a calligraphic font
  • Small text change; restructuring of text because of the change of the font in the text box.
  • The font color for developer comments is now brighter
  • Added two teens to the scene where MC and Sander are approaching MC’s new apartment for the first time
  • Added a rat to the scene where MC enters the underpass. It is placed in the back of the underpass and thus not easy to spot.
  • Fixed issue: Clicking on the thumbnail in the slot machine scene resulted in a crash


  • The story continues with MC leaving his apartment and meeting a beggar in an underpass
  • When pressing “h” to hide buttons etc. in scenes with galleries or multiple camera angles, afterward the player often needed two keystrokes or mouseclicks to advance to the next scene. These scenes have now the standard behavior.
  • Changed the lighting model for the WW1 tank to “metallic”
  • Fixed issue: Because of a regression a wrong house number was shown in the image where MC and Sander approach MC’s apartment for the first time
  • Changed unnecessary (verbose) python code to renpy language code. General code cleanup and standardization.


  • Added image for option three of the choice when Sander asks whether MC would like to join a fitness club
  • The graffiti on the left building of the scene where the biker is driving through a neighborhood is now also visible in the lemonade stand closeup
  • The mess hall sign in the scene where MC is communicating with Sander by the means of a tin can telephone is now brighter


  • When Sander asks whether MC would like to join a fitness club, MC now has three options for answering
  • Added image for option two of the new choice
  • Fixed issue: When pressing ‘h’ to hide the content of the fitness club scene with the women,
    instead of hiding the thumbnail, the previous image was shown


  • Added a third book to the young man’s sex scene
  • Added a sticker to the lamppost in the scene where Quinn is furious with the biker
  • Added graffiti to one of the banks in the park. This affects several images.
  • Added graffiti to the houses of the scene where the biker is driving through a neighborhood


  • Added option to enable/disable pregnancy. This does for now only change the text of one of the dialogues and is mainly intended for future updates. If the option is enabled, the player should be able to decide from case to case. This will be clarified in a future update.
  • Added graffiti to the tank of the scene where the biker is driving through a neighborhood. Added a ripped sticker to the trashcan of this scene.
  • Fixed issue: In the abovementioned scene, the trashcan was hovering above the ground


  • Added graffiti to the airport scenes, the eerie landlady scene, the retro scene where MC imagines Quinn being on roller skates, and the alternative full trash can scene. The spider ring and tattoo closeups in the eerie landlady scene have been re-rendered because of the added graffiti in the background.
  • Added rubble in front of the graffiti in the airport where a car seems to break through the wall
  • Added another book to the young man’s sex scene
  • Added a trashcan to the scene where the biker is driving through a neighborhood
  • Added hydrant and rusty can to the scene where MC imagines Quinn being on roller skates
  • Fixed issue: The migration to the new transition code was left unfinished by mistake for the empty trash can scene


  • Added female dark knight and snail to the third airport scene
  • Added Sci-Fi mess hall sign and cannabis pills bottle to the scene where MC is communicating with Sander by the means of a tin can telephone
  • Added sex doll to the scene where an example of Sander’s mom’s work is shown
  • Changed the effect for the scene where Sander seemingly appears out of nowhere in the airport
  • Changed the shoes for the fourth Quinn retro fantasy to retro platform shoes
  • Changed the afro hair for the retro scene where MC imagines Quinn being on roller skates
  • More usage of new transition code


  • The eerie landlady now has spider-related tattoos that suit her outfit and the scene in general. There are now also closeup renders for each one of the tattoos since they are hardly visible in the standard render. Several issues with this scene have been fixed (head poking through mask, fingers overlapping, spider leg poking through key).
  • The fire eater’s fire breath is now more exactly aligned to his mouth
  • New transition code when showing new scenes. This avoids the return of old scenes during the transition period.


  • Added bear and two children to the airport scene with the fire eater
  • Added cordless massager to the bedroom scene where MC has put his book on his bed


  • Added birdhouse skyscraper to the scene where the biker is driving through a neighborhood
  • Small text improvements
  • Fixed issue: When the alternative empty trash can scene was shown and left for the next scene afterward,
    the standard scene was appearing during the transition to the next scene


  • Added the first choice that leads to different texts in the current content and will later lead to different scenes
  • Added a zombie to the first airport scene


  • Added image of alien woman
  • Added fire eater to airport scene
  • Added a picture to the scene where an example of Sander’s mom’s work is shown
  • Added a raccoon with a bucket on its head to the scene where the biker is driving through a neighborhood
  • Added a compressor for the (standard) scene where the demoness is shown for the first time
  • The terrorist from the statue is now wearing a uniform
  • The meditating woman on the tank is now wearing a suiting yoga outfit
  • The demoness now has fire coming out of her eyes for all her scenes
  • The picture in the scene where MC’s landlady is talking to MC after the apartment inspection now features a seamless hearts pattern
  • Changed the picture in the scene where MC is communicating with Sander by the means of a tin can telephone
  • Changed the balloon for the scene where MC is waiting for his landlady


  • Added steampunk helmet, goggles, and boots to monowheel driver in the airport scene. Moved the monowheel somewhat.
  • Changed the materials for the table and the tin cans in the scene where MC speaks with Sander by the means of a tin can telephone. The picture-in-picture had been removed by mistake for this scene and has been added back again.
  • Dforced the shirts of the boys for the images where they meet MC for the first time


  • Added giant spider to the eerie landlady scene
  • Added deco and iron frame to the scene where MC speaks with Sander by the means of a tin can telephone
  • Added bonsai tree to the scene where MC enters his new apartment for the first time
  • Added office chair to the scene where Quinn talks to MC in his new apartment
  • Added bigfoot to forest scene where MC caresses Olivia’s breasts for the first time
  • Dforced MC’s shirt in nightclub scene
  • Dforced kneeling man’s shirt in bar scene
  • Fixed issue: When pressing the ‘h’ key in the scene where MC touches Olivia’s breast in the forest for the first time, the image for the current scene instead of the previous one is now exclusively shown


  • Added steampunk monowheel and its driver to the airport scene
  • Changed the table for the scene where MC speaks with Sander by the means of a tin can telephone and added food, cutlery, and a drink to it
  • Added female underwear to the standard full dustbin scene and changed the text for this scene
  • Added a car to the scene where MC sees the market stall for the first time


  • When Olivia bends her hair back during the forest seduction, her hair also falls slightly back now
  • The plane behind Quinn in the retro scene with the roller skates has now assigned a concrete material instead of the standard material to it
  • Added woman to the scene where MC reflects on Sander’s suggestion to join a fitness club. The women that were already part of the scene have different hair now. There is now also a second camera view for the scene.


  • No more gray screens during a dissolve animation
  • Somewhat better flow in the game
  • Internal changes and standardization


  • The gallery interface and single thumbnails can now be accessed by the use of keyboard shortcuts (instructions on the usage have been included in the game)
  • Added another woman to the scene where MC reflects on Sander’s suggestion to join a fitness club
  • The woman that was added last to the nightclub scene is now singing karaoke instead of dancing and wearing a somewhat more elaborate dress
  • Revised the last revisions of the text since the new text was sometimes a bit hard to grasp at first glance. Additional minimal text change.
  • Fixed issue: When a screen was called from another screen and the “h” button was pressed, the whole screen would be hidden, not just overlaying elements
  • Fixed issue: When the thumbnails for the second Quinn fantasy were hidden by the use of the gray buttons, the first Quinn fantasy was shown


  • The text for the initial airport scene before MC’s recollections has been rewritten
  • Added render for the initial airport scene before MC’s recollections
  • Added render for Sander appearing out of nowhere
  • Added render for the scene where MC reflects on Sander’s suggestion to join a fitness club
  • Additional conversions to iray materials in airport scene. One of the drones now has iray materials, the textures of the other drone have been changed.
  • Added ghost, mech, and python snake to first airport scene
  • Added steampunk instruments to garage scene
  • Added some drinks to the nightclub scene. Changed two pairs of shoes in this scene.
  • Replaced flintlock gun with army knife in the scene where Sander’s father moves house (there are already enough guns in the game, a knife is potentially more dangerous to the baby, and the material is iray-based)
  • The eerie landlady and meditating woman on the tank are based on separate models again


  • Added two new renders to the airport scene
  • Added rococo woman to the “mc is not a packhorse” scene
  • Several shaders in the airport scene have been replaced with higher-resolution iray shaders
  • Different shader applied to pants of man sitting in Grovebrook Park. Corrected small poke-throughs of pants and socks for this character.
  • Different shaders applied to pants and shirt of passerby in the scene where MC and Sander arrive in Grovebrook for the first time
  • The woman with the steampunk mask in the airport is now the android from the high school boy advertisement. With her gray android skin, she fits better with the new textures in the airport.
  • Changed outfit of Quinn in the third retro fantasy and the background color
  • Changed hair of Quinn in the landlady rollerskate scene
  • Minimal text changes
  • Fixed issue of cocaine sniffer in principality highland scene having some of his right fingers incorrectly posed
  • Fixed issue of travel bag in airport hovering over chair, not lying on it


  • Revision of the text
  • Added terrorist’s daughter to the terrorist statue
  • Added character to the nightclub scene
  • Added flies to the standard full trash can scene
  • Nicer looking laser beams and new impact effects for principality highlands scene
  • Changed textures and environmental light (proper night HDRI) for the renders of the bar scene
  • Fixed distorted mouth of MC in nightclub scene


  • Scenes with galleries and different camera angles now have image buttons with thumbnails instead of text buttons. The image buttons can be partially or completely hidden. If the buttons are completely hidden, it is still possible to navigate between the images by using the back and forward buttons that have been already included in previous releases.
  • The images at the airport have been changed to better suit the theme of the game
  • The bald woman at the airport is now wearing gloves
  • The model of the woman of the tank is now used by the eerie landlady as well. This is temporary; the woman on the tank is supposed to be based on another model in the future.


  • Added plants to the airport scene and added candles and a flower bouquet next to the terrorist statue in the airport. There is now a one-armed bandit standing next to the statue. The airport scene now also features better lighting.
  • The eerie landlady now wears a spider net dress and a spider ring. She is no longer based on vanilla Genesis 8, but now has a body morph and a special skin applied to her. There is also a closeup render of the spider ring.
  • In the nightclub scene, a Genesis 2 based model has been replaced with a Genesis 8 based one. The woman sitting on the Dalek now wears a necklace. There is now also a closeup render of this woman.
  • Added a woman meditating on the WWI tank in the biker-driving-through-neighborhood scene
  • The scene where the high school boy advertises his book is now more elaborate
  • Fixed issue: When pressing the “H” button while a screen was shown, often either a gray background or a previous image would be shown
  • Corrected several imperfections in renders


  • Added a view from the cage for the freak show scene
  • Revised the original scene of the freak show
  • Added two drones to the airport scene and a new render for the scene
  • Added RPG to the terrorist statue in the airport
  • Moved the coffin from the alternative full trash can scene to the standard scene and added a hazmat barrel incl. puddle to the alternative scene
  • Added a zeppelin to the scene where one of the boys asks for MC’s attention
  • Revisions to the nightclub scene: Replaced Genesis 1 with Genesis 8 character incl. new clothing, added a woman sitting on the Dalek
  • Fixed issue: If the Lorrisville Information button was clicked and clicked again to close the information, the game would return to this scene after completion
  • Fixed issue: If the closeup for Judy was chosen and afterward the player clicked outside the button, the scene would no longer change


  • More elaborate scene of MC communicating with Sander through the use of a tin can phone
  • Added statue next to the public waiting room in the airport
  • Added jukebox to the bar
  • Three alternative blankets for the young man’s sex scene
  • Added cupboard with trinkets to the young man’s sex scene (only visible when choosing camera 2)
  • Added coffin to the alternative full trash can scene
  • Images are now in lossless WebP format instead of PNG, reducing the file size. A lossy version is also available.


  • The eerie landlady scene now uses iray materials, fog, and night lighting, changing the scene significantly
  • The blanket used in the young man’s sex scene looks much nicer now
  • In the fourth Quinn fantasy scene, Quinn has a new retro disco outfit
  • The hair of the girl at the lemonade stand is more detailed now, which is achieved by replacing Genesis 1 hair with Genesis 8 one


  • Added 3D-grass to the biker-driving-through-the-neighborhood scene and two of its subscenes
  • The lemonade stand’s pitcher now consists of an iray glass material, making it look much more realistic
  • Added cobwebs to the eerie landlady scene
  • Changed pants of landlady in third Quinn fantasy and also changed the background color


  • Added again two renders to the bar scene
  • Added a Dalek to the nightclub scene
  • Added joggers to the scene where Sander agrees to leave the airport
  • In the images for the bar scene, Anouk’s friend now wears a different variant of the rocker outfit
  • Changed the shoes of the woman in the scene where Sander lifts MC
  • Changed the shirt of MC in the scene where he uses a tin can telephone to communicate with Sander


  • Added two renders to the bar scene
  • Added alternative scene for the first appearance of the demoness
  • Added content to the biker-driving-through-neighborhood scene
  • Added a closeup render to the latter scene
  • The original scene for the first appearance of the demoness has been changed for continuity reasons
  • Added content to the Upperlands scene


  • Added an additional advertisement for the advertisement board
  • Added an additional render as Quinn retro fantasy
  • Added an additional render referring to Sander making an allusion that MC might end up in a freak show
  • Changed the clothing of several characters in the nightclub scene
  • If there are at least three images for a scene (e.g. different camera positions), there are now always forward/back buttons for comfortably switching between the images


  • Added three additional renders to the airport scene
  • Added laser turret to neighborhood scene (with the biker)


  • Added two additional renders to the airport scene
  • The text for the airport scene has been shortened somewhat
  • Changed the model for one of the characters in the nightclub scene


  • The boys now have rayguns with them. The dialogue with them has been enhanced.
  • Changed the clothing of several characters in the nightclub scene
  • A cloche has been added to the highlands scene
  • Fixed continuity error with the display of the empty trash can


  • Added an additional render to the airport scene
  • Added an additional advertisement for the advertisement board
  • There is a new empty trash can scene which now serves as a standard scene. The old scene is now an alternative scene.
  • Three characters have been added to the nightclub scene
  • Put a teddy bear on MC’s bed


  • The nightclub scene is now more “bustling”
  • Added generator in the background to demoness scene
  • Changed hair of the eerie landlady


  • Corrections of several language errors. Also corrects a mistake inside one of the renders.


  • Optional seduction of MC by the girls in the forest. This path contains 34 new renders. The initial render has been revised.


  • Three additional renders for the airport scene
  • Slight revisions to the story text


  • Revised resting scene
  • Added scene where MC says goodbye to his landlady
  • Added alternative advertisement for the advertisement board
  • Added picture to the scene where MC is talking in his apartment to Quinn
  • Added a sex education book to the young man’s sex scene
  • Changed the author of the alien book
  • Changed the button colors because on bright/pale backgrounds the button text was hard to read
  • Added info screen about Lorrisville to the airport scene
  • Slight revisions to the story text


  • Added fourth Quinn retro fantasy
  • Added poster to apartment hallway
  • Added advertising board to house wall incl. optional closeup view option
  • Put stuffed elephant on shelf in MC’s apartment


  • Added third Quinn retro fantasy
  • The empty trash can scene is now more “vivid”
  • Revised airport waiting scene
  • Fixed issue with missing image


  • Revision of added Quinn retro fantasy
  • typo fix


  • Added second Quinn retro fantasy, which is now the new “standard” image
  • Improved scene of Sander’s father’s garage


Initial release

Developer Notes:

The plan is that the first three game days serve as some kind of introduction (new apartment, new workplace, the neighborhood, some important people (both male and female)). I’d like to deconstruct this linearity a bit in the future, but first I need to have some kind of groundwork.

Apart from adding new content, work is also being done on the existing content.

The game is primarily conceived as “build-up-leaning”, with varying speeds during the progress of the game. Every possible LI is “avoidable”.

Main focus after the introduction phase:
Dating both mom and daughter
Pregnancy (optional)
Incest (optional, somewhat late in the game)
Gilfs (probably about 2 or 3, maybe more, depending on how much time and resources I have)

The game will not feature non-consent incl. manipulation, blackmail, etc. applied by MC in a serious way. It might be part of role-playing, shown in a parodistic way, etc.

It is very likely that I won’t do an Android version myself. Some of the renders contain details that are hardly visible on mobile devices.

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