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Zach, a broke college freshman and chronic underachiever who’s been coasting through life without a purpose, just found a curious phone game called re:/Dreamer. This incredible phone app has world-bending powers, and he accidentally turned himself into a sexy and voluptuous young woman before he even finished the tutorial. Even worse, unless he wins this perverted game, he’ll never be able to change back!

With an impish and unreliable in-game A.I. as their only lead on how to change back and the ability to get help from a single friend he’s allowed to invite, will Zach be able to win this predatory game without giving up the things that make him a man in the process, or will he lose and remain stuck as a woman?​

Thread Updated: 2022-04-16
Release Date: 2022-04-16
Developer: DreamTeamStudio PatreonTFGames.SiteDiscordVndb
Censored: Mosaic on certain placeholder HCGs, though everything is planned to be uncensored
Version: 0.10.0
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Language: English
Length: 16.5 hours as of 0.10.0 (based on a roughly 205k word count within dialogue blocks and an average non-technical English reading speed of 200-250 words per minute)

Gender Bender, 2DCG, Male Protagonist, Female Protagonist, Mobile Game, Text Based, Censored, Big Tits, Creampie, Groping, Handjob, Lesbian, Masturbation, Oral Sex, Teasing, Transformation, Vaginal Sex, Virgin, School Setting


1. Extract and run.

1. Extract and install the APK.


0.10.0 (03/18/2022) (Current Public):

  • After over 4 months, the wait is finally over! The arcade date in Britney’s route is here with over a hundred branching C.H.E.A.T.S. paths, 4 games to choose from, and a handful of significant story variants based on the games’ outcomes. There’s a lot to do and see here, making the content highly replayable (if you’ll forgive the pun).
  • I included some test Zoey sprites with alternative breast sizes inside the Art folder (formerly Fan Art). The results were achieved from editing the existing breasts with Clip Studio Paint’s curved surface distortion tool. While the results aren’t as good as properly drawn sprites, please let me know which one is your favorite because some of these alternative breast sizes might be showing up in a future story event.
  • That “Art” folder has been expanded to include some RD memes made over the years and never-before-seen variations of the official art. God, this game sounds so professional when I say that.
  • Zoey now has new outfits of a wet nude outfit that shows up in the Keisuke baths scene , a one-piece competition swimsuit (in 3 colors; pink, purple, and red, with wet variations and optional thigh garters), an oversized men’s XL hoodie (in 2 colors; purple and red), a women’s tracksuit (in 2 colors; purple and red), loose/tight sarashi chest bindings, and male school uniform variations with the loose variant.
  • Added silver hair and gray eyes options to Zoey’s sprites. Like the other colors, they will show up in the Britney chest measuring CG if chosen.
  • I forgot that when I modularized the Zoey sprites facial expressions, the layers that make up blush 05 were included in almost every expression. That is now the default blush for the Zoey sprites, and it makes her face slightly warmer.
  • Zach is now called either “Zach,” “Zoey,” or “Z” by Britney based on an internal variable that should be easier to deal with than a bunch of if/else statements.
  • Zach’s pronouns are now internally tracked (being either masculine, feminine, or epicene). They are currently only used for what Britney uses for Zach rather than his own preference, but it’s important groundwork for later.
  • I finally made “…{wait}TEXT” the consistent use of ellipses at the start of a line of dialogue across the entire script instead of “{wait}…TEXT” (I’m surprised I hadn’t done this already).
  • Standardized the trembling animations.
  • I realized that not only can Transitions be used simultaneously with text being displayed on screen, but the vpunch and hpunch effects are actually 0.275 seconds in duration as opposed to the 0.25 I had assumed they were based on the official documentation. The former means that led to some slightly off animations, so I just made custom code to make the animations work properly.
  • The end of the shorter Britney stub (Just ask her to come to your room) not only tells you that you’re on a short stub but gives you a hyperlink to click to instantly go back to the start of the longer path.
  • There’s now a route jump menu to the Keisuke Day 1 Mirror Self-Voyeurism scene. I kind of forgot how much I liked the writing there.
  • I got around to un-commenting as many of my inline comments as I can that aren’t major spoilers and making them show up as Author’s Note asides. This was going to be tied to Awkwardness being set to 5 because that is already kind of the reader accepting additional verbosity and weird things, but it is now its own Patron-exclusive menu option.
  • There is now a short text blurb that shows up when you start the game for the first time that suggests playing it with the audio on because I’ve been asked if muting the audio subtracts from the experience a few times, which it most definitely does. I also put a lot of effort into re:/Dreamer’s sound design and want to show it off (can you even do that with audio since you hear it?)
  • The dream sequence after the Haze rescue has been punched-up with proper care for the expressions and some rewrites here and there.
  • Polished up a good amount of the expressions in the Alone route.
  • Polished up *some* of the Zoey sprite expressions in Keisuke’s route. Pretty much everything needs proper attention to get to the expressions to the level of quality they have in Britney’s route, but for now, only a few of the baths scene expressions and party expressions have been spruced up.
  • A lot of spelling and grammar mistakes have been fixed in the script thanks to Ethylene.
  • Fixed the loose left arm of the Pose A lifted shirt sometimes not showing up; also, the lifted shirts now show the loose left arm properly in another way by putting it behind the chest so that it doesn’t interfere with the tall men’s jeans.
  • Fixed the Keisuke baths sex, as the path with lower Horniness had always led to rougher sex, when the option to give full consent should have led to gentler sex.
  • Lastly, some special credits and thank-yous to…
    • Mia of the re:/Dreamer Discord for making the Dance Uprising arrows and testing the game with her rhythm god gamer skills, making it not garbage and setting impressed high score benchmarks to beat. She wants me to say she has a ko-fi and that she is starving, so please send her ration money.
    • Ethylene of the re:/Dreamer Discord server for her proofreading prowess, which means an embarrassing amount of spelling and grammar mistakes in the game text have been corrected.
    • The following for the code starting points for the 0.9.3 Britney Day 2 Arcade Date minigames:
    • And all the readers for being patient for this release.

Developer Notes:

As of 0.4.4, each release’s route flowchart is bundled as a .png with the release, but flowcharts for the releases since 0.7.0 are here on Dropbox.
Nigmabox has also provided a helpful player-focused flowchart in her glowing review of 0.8.1 here that should give a general outline for the routes.


Zach, the main character of this story, is a chronic underachiever who has been using his above-average intellect to coast through life with below-average grades. After a gap year taken to find his identity and expand his spiritual horizons that left his broke, he’s now a freshman university student in a major he only chose because it’s easy and can lead to a steady job right out of school. He spends his idle time searching for new and obscure phone games to play as F2P user on a broke college student lifestyle.

Ai is the unreliable and mischievous A.I. that came with Zach’s copy of re: Dreamer. She seems to treat this all as one big game, though it probably is just that for her. Ai appears to have her head in the gutter 24/7 and seems to take great pleasure in teasing Zach. It remains to be seen if Zach can trust her.

Britney is a dorky young-adult blonde white girl and anime/game/cosplay otaku who is quite attractive but abrasive if you can’t keep up with her pace. She and Zach met in high school and bonded over their similar taste in anime and mobage. She is also Zach’s only female friend.

Keisuke is Zach’s childhood friend and neighbor. Despite being opposites, the two have been best friends since they were little kids. He’s an athletic prodigy and social butterfly who gets along well with the ladies, despite being a blunt meathead. Though their personalities have diverged since they were kids, they’ve known each other for a very long time and have a strong bond of trust.

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