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A Furry Way Home​

Thread Updated: 2022-05-31
Release Date: 2022-05-30
Developer: Raus – PatreonItch.io
Censored: No
Version: Build 23
OS: Windows, Mac, Android
Language: English

Furry, 2dcg, Gay


1. Extract and run.


Build 23
> 20k words of new script

> a whole lot of new expressions, including all of the dogs from Rune’s sword training class, and Thistle

> a new background picture, the Gardens

> a CG-like picture composition with Thistle and Monsters

> a few new Monster pics

> two new Barkest Corners

> a puzzle gimmick

> added a one-time warning message about porn, flashing lights, mild gore and all that
Build 20
Awoo~! Second to last Burry update!

> 10k words of new script
> new sprites
> new barkgrounds
> new sheath shot, and a lipstick shot
> two new music pieces
> a whole bunch of awoo

An alternative ending of this update is unlocked if you followed the path where you use the bomb on the crowds of Monsters, and Burry is in good health by the end of it.

Build 15:
> 14.5k words of new script
> a bunch of new visuals: new side characters portraits, mana vision version of the concert site background, the remaining animated mana charge animated gifs (they’re colorful and pretty), Max’s cap as well as his new ¾ angle sprite
(I also made five more alternative characters combinations of the evening kissing CG, but that will need to wait for the next updates to be implemented)
> if you progress through Max’s Afternoon, you’ll unlock the function of updated side characters name tags when they speak, for those dogs whose names you’ve heard at some point
> “recommended” scenes completion order is hinted with a light blue font at the relevant choice now
To see all of the current content in Max’s scene, you need to have completed Cooper’s route (for fooling around with Thistle) and went through Burry’s and Rune’s routes to remember Pack Mentality (for further magic study with Max)

Build 12:
New stuff:

  • over 14k words of new script
  • two new weapons pics (Rune’s afternoon climax shows Luke’s new sword now)
  • a few alternative event versions for the old backgrounds and items
  • one new CG
  • the requirements to recruit Alon and to receive the gem from Burry have been eased up. Now you don’t need to have seen Burry’s Afternoon to make him give you the gem when you choose the “Leave the Tavern” option in Mid-Afternoon. Alon will join you at the baths either if you win the coin tossing bet OR you suck him off and survive.
  • after completing each of those two mini quests, you unlock new choices in the next playthroughs that allow you to complete them early and without a hassle. That allows you to return the gem to Teak AND to recruit Alon for the baths in the same playthrough, which shows you a big secret scene in the Evening baths.
  • Changed the way SKIP button behaves now. Now by default, clicking it will instantaneously move you to the next choice but it will stop the moment you encounter a line of text you haven’t read yet. If you have “Skip Unseen Text” ticked on in the menu or you press CTRL in Windows build, you’ll be fastscrolling the text like in the older builds. I hope that will make it quicker for you to explore the alternative scenes!
  • At the last minute just now, added Gallery button in the in-game menu, so you don’t need to go back to main menu to check out your TO DO list anymore. I tested it myself but as it was a quick addition, let me know if you encounter any bug related to that.
  • Also, this was supposed to be an April Patreon build addition but I realized that the public build you got now has yet another improvement. Now, all the choices you have already seen will be displayed in a bit darker color, so you can see what you’re yet to check out. It would be too bothersome to remove now so enjoy this bonus!

Bulld 10

Shelter Build v9
Finally, new update! Thank you so much for your patience, everyone!
It’s a big, chunky update with 22k word count in new script (beating the previous record of 16k in Burry’s update) and a bunch of new artwork! And TWELVE new dogs!


:D I hope you’ll enjoy it!
The main event in this update is Rune’s Afternoon hangout. I recommend playing that after completing Burry’s, because Burry’s route unlocks a few things in Rune’s.
You get an extra event if you have the Mysterious Gem from Burry in your possession in Rune’s Afternoon.
Also you get some extra dialogue bits here and there if you participated in Rune’s Mana research at Noon… ;P

(reuploaded the Android build because it was bugged. Now it’s all working smoothly :3)
Awoo! Here it is! The new update! A few new fun things in this one :3 I hope you’ll like it!
New things this month:
> 13k words of new script
>ONE NEW DOG – Cooper! With a full body sprite and a bunch of expressions. I’ll post him here for LVL2s with all of his art once I get his armor colored :)
> a story within a story, with Shelter’s TECHNICALLY first illustrated penetrative sex scene
> one new background – Cooper’s room
> a few new expressions for the other dogs
> the first bits of implementation of a “Where Is Alon?” gimmick! In the older scenes you can spot Alon hiding in the background sometimes. If you click on him, he fades away… There are three instances of him hiding in the backgrounds like that. In the future finding and clicking him will have some additional effects and will unlock things…

Finally! The spoils of amazing smells and flavors are upon you and Burry!
Sorry for making you wait, mates! I’ll just quickly list out the things:
IF YOU GET AN ERROR WHILE LOADING AN OLD SAVE, click rollback and you should be good to continue!
>18k new words of script
>kitchen background
>cooking Burry CG
>a bunch of different item pictures
>a variety of new Burry expressions!
>nigh time main menu screen
>one new variation of a song
>fixed bugs and typos
>actual credits ROLL
>Rune turning into a beyblade

If you want to see all that Burry’s scene hides, see it after completing Teak’s Prospectors scene and swallowing Alon (this one on this specific playthrough).

with minor fixes and main menu gimmick
A little update. It contains that little credits thing I was talking about on Discord. From now on, LVL2 and LVL3 patrons will get their names shown in the main menu! LVL3s can additionally add a little icon to go along with it. I hope you like it :)
LVL1s still get credited like they always were, at the end of each build! I’m gonna edit that part too, so we can have actual “credit ROLL”, there… :3
Beside that, one or two typos fixed, shortened countdown to Swallow and slightly edited one of the porny CGs in a super important place that you probably won’t notice but it’s there!

– over 13k word count in the new script

– porny CG scene for Alon with a few dirty routes (you must have seen Alon’s appearance in “conversation about weapons” in the morning. All unlockables started carrying over only since build 0.1.4 so you may need to check out that scene again if you saw it before that build)

– a whole bunch of Alon’s new expressions

– a few coding gimmicks. I learned how to create and use RNG seeds!

– WAGGING animations for Burry, Max, Rune, Thistle and Teak

– one new Darkest Corner scene

– one new music tune

Some of the most important changes from the top of my head:

– You can adjust the music and sound volume in preferences again!

– Added a special scene after each of bad endings. This update has two, including the bomb explosion. It’s nothing super important but you may find that interesting :)

– A bunch of new backgrounds

– One new tune

– I put persistent and temporary values by every single choice in the game (almost a hudred) so hopefully all of the future builds saves are going to be perfectly compatible with the old builds! In this build there are possibilities or still missing something if you load an old save state instead of starting a new game. Let’s hope that that won’t be a problem in the future builds anymore!

– Enhanced GRRR experience on Boulder spam

– Added Teak’s missing wound at the dong comparison challenge

– Some fixed typos

– Rune’s porn is tied to a persistent value now, meaning that you have to see his balls in any of your playthroughs only once to always be approached by him by Noon. Also, added an option to not go outside to meet him at all and instead progress straight to the next scene

v0.1.3 build
Here you go! The first Shelter build with a dirty CG scene!
Two, actually! This scene has both Dog-Dong and Hooman-Dong versions. Have fun finding it!
Plus finally, the prospectors scene is implemented! You can have some fun or not super fun time with Teak, depending on your choices!

v0.12 build
This is quite a hefty update, with a bunch of new character sprites, a few new tunes and a few times more text than the first demo. This one is significantly less lewd but there’s still one dog dong for those who look o.o/ It takes place before the dog dongs conversation from the first demo but still the same morning (before the dogs got more drunk and forthcoming… ;P )











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