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Screenshot (178).png

In this game, the main character, Victor Lane, is a successful self made business man. He has decided to take advantage of his financial situation, and date beautiful young women.

During Victor’s time spent with his dates, he will accumulate Sugar Points. At checkpoints, if the Sugar Points are high enough, he will gain Love Points. These Love Points are specific for each Sugar Baby, and represents whether they have sincere feelings towards Victor or not. If the Love Points are low, the Sugar Baby will still have relations with Victor, but it will mostly be an act. If Love Points are high for that Sugar Baby, then they will want to date Victor sincerely, and even have a serious relationship with him.
With each Sugar Baby, you can also choose between the Corruption Path or the Guidance Path.
Guidance Path: By choosing the Guidance Path, Victor will guide the Sugar Baby, and do what is best for her, all the while having fun with her.
Corruption Path: By choosing the Corruption Path, Victor will exploit the Sugar Baby for his own sexual desires, and transform her into a sex symbol.
After the intro, you will be able to check on the status or date each of the Sugar Babies.
Currently there are 3 Sugar Babies in the game, and they will have different outcomes depending on your actions.
Guidance route: April is and aspiring model, and will become famous under Victor’s guidance.
Corruption route: April will eventually become a porn star.
Guidance route: Brianne wants to be a famous singer. Victor will help her achieve that.
Corruption route: Brianne will become a bimbo.
Guidance route: Lee needs to get out of her husband’s debt problems. Victor can help her get back to her normal life.
Corruption route: Lee will become a submissive sex slave.

Thread Updated: 2022-07-02
Release Date: 2022-07-02
Developer: 3Diddly PatreonDiscord
Censored: No
Version: 1.06 Public
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Language: English
Other Games/Comics: Here

3DCG, Male protagonist, Harem, Handjob, Anal sex, Cheating, Corruption, ntr(avoidable), Mobile game, Oral sex, Pregnancy, Swinging, Vaginal sex, Voyeurism


1. Extract and run.


v1.06 Public
In this update, the PC will be able to let Hazel get impregnated by an associate! She doesn’t know this man, but she really likes the money… Repeatable scenes added for this route!

In this update, the PC will be able to progress with Hazel for the move in scene on the Guidance path. This scene will be more romantic, and will require Hazel to be the PC’s girlfriend. She will also have prepared a little something for the PC!

In this extra dirty upgrade, Hazel will be able to move in with the PC on the corruption path. Hazel has a nice gift for the PC, to thank him for moving into such a luxurious home!


In this update, the PC can take Hazel to her High School Prom (Guidance Path)! This date will be more romantic than the Corruption Path! Comes with High and Low lovepoint dialogue as usual. The PC will be able to get a lot closer to Hazel in this update.

In this update, the PC can take Hazel to her High School Prom (Corruption Path)! The people at school aren’t thrilled he is going, but he doesn’t really care with Hazel by his side. A friend of Hazel might also try to stand in the PC’s way, and the PC can decide how to deal with him. Depending on whether Hazel likes the PC, the dialogue will be different!


– Hazel work event on Guidance path added. She will change her appearance during this date.

– There will be different dialogues with Mr. Orlov and Hannah on the Guidance path

– No sharing option in the Guidance path.


– Hazel work event on Corruption path added. She will change her appearance during this date.

– Added optional sharing scene with Mr. Orlov/Hannah from “Hannah’s Corruption.” The scene works with or without the sharing option. The skip will be clearly selectable before the scene progresses.

Other changes:

– Wait button added on the home screen. (Can skip weeks easily now)

– A bunch of typo and bug fixes.

0.98 is a full release because it has multiple bug fixes. Your old saves are fine.

In this update, the PC will be able to continue with Hazel in the Guidance Path. The approach will be different, but the PC will also be able to take the V card on this date!

– Added Hazel’s 4th date with the PC on the corruption path. She is now comfortable enough to move ahead the PC and losing her V card!

– Added a cross event between Hazel, April, and Brianne. This is quite steamy! You can access this if April and Brianne are on the Corruption path, in the end game, and not pregnant. Also, Hazel needs to have completed her 4th date.

Again, dialogue will vary depending on the PC’s standing with the girls, and their interactions!

This is a Standalone release.

In this update, there will be an event with April if the PC has either achieved 9 or 0 Love Points with her by week 29 on the Guidance route. She will be less submissive, but will still want to please the PC in her own way! This route will be more romantic!

April’s pregnancy is now fixed, so she shouldn’t be 99 weeks pregnant from her 2nd pregnancy and not pop. (This was tedious to fix, as there were so many different routes)

In this update, there will be an event with April if the PC has either achieved 9 or 0 Love Points with her by week 29 (Only corruption route. Guidance will be implemented likely next update). This has a chance of happening at the end of the week, so just keep going on dates if you hit all the criteria already. During this event, the PC will be able to have more control over the fun that happens compared to the other dates, and is considered a secret reward event! If a specific thing turns you on, you can repeat it as many times as you want! Some scenes will have extra dialogue if you do repeat the scenes, and April may like or dislike certain things. This will also replace the Drop in option in the menu if you have seen the event once, so you can revisit it as many times as you want.

In this update, Hazel dates will finally branch between the Guidance and Corruption path. (Date 3) The PC has asked her to work as a personal assistant at his home office, and he will be able to get closer to her! Try both routes to get the Gallery images!
– Removed Hazel NTR path on corruption route. This will be reimplemented later in another way.

The PC can also ask Lionel to impregnate Lee if sharing is on. Dialogue will differ if she has not broken up with Tan. Repeatable impregnations also added for Lionel.
Cross event 6 added: This event is between April and Lee. Both must be on the Guidance route. April needs to be the PC’s girlfriend, cannot be pregnant, and be living with the PC. Lee also needs to be living with the PC and cannot be pregnant. This scene will trigger after the move in scene. This event will be mandatory if the PC wants Lee as a girlfriend on the Guidance route. This will be implemented later. Why? Cuz I said so.

New Event: Katie
Happens after week 25, and Brianne’s 8th date is complete.
In this event the PC can alter Katie’s path. You can either push her to continue down the corruption path, or return to the manipulation path in the former game.
The PC can decide to talk to her about her personal life, and will also be able to choose 1 of 3 different options:
1. Have a night alone with Katie
2. Have a threesome with Katie and Mr. Wright
3. Watch Mr. Wright and Katie through a camera
Each one will have differing dialogue!

Finally, the PC will be able to move on in the Corruption route with Lee! In this update, lee will go through her final transformation, and become the fully sexually submissive woman that’s lodged deep within her subconscious desires. Bring her husband along for the fun if he’s around! There are no choices in this date, it’s more of an event that differs with previous choices. Try low and high Love Points, and splitting up her and Tan vs keeping them together.

In this update, the PC can decide to knock up Brianne in the Corruption route. If Kelvin is still around, the PC can invite him in for some kicks and laughs!
The player will also be able to choose to impregnate Brianne through his associates. Again, if Kelvin is still in the picture, the player can choose to bring him along for the show (lol).

In this update, the PC can impregnate Brianne if his Love Points are high enough! Just go to the talk menu in the end game, and you will be able to access this option. Like the other girls, the pregnancy goes by weeks and you will see her body change. I made it go a little faster (1 week per scene) so it’s less repetitive, and I will probably change it for the other girls later too.
Also, I changed the requirement for secret NTR route for Brianne’s Love points to be 6 or less.

In this update, Brianne’s end game was updated. Like April, you will be able to ask her to move in with you after the last date if her Love Points are high enough. There is a dropin date, and a “move in scene” for both routes (Click Talk in the menu).
Brianne will have a new room available to her in this update. If the PC chooses to not have her live in, it will be a guest room when he decides to invite her over. If Kelvin is still her boyfriend, he will be living in the house as well (lol).
Brianne will be able to live with the PC on the guidance path. Brianne reacts differently in this route, and will want to sleep in the PC’s room instead of her own room. If the PC feels suffocated (lol) he can can put some distance between Brianne and himself.
The last part of the 0.84 update includes a cross scene from Brianne and April. This scene will trigger when both girls live with the PC, along with some other conditions. Again, the dialogue will be different depending on their Love Points, and whether or not Kelvin is still in the picture. Check the guide on how to get to the scene.

Updated Brianne’s Guidance Path for date 8. The PC will take her on a date and see Mr. Wright, but he will be able to ward him away from Brianne. Here the PC can pick whether to have a threesome with Brianne (a female guest), or just have a passionate 1 on 1 session!

In this update, the PC will be able to take Lee on the Guidance path for date 7. The PC will have the option of breaking up her marriage here, but there will not be any cuckolding option in the Guidance path. If Lee does not like the PC enough, she will leave him so be careful! After this, Lee will feel more at liberty to express her feelings for the PC! She will finally open up!

The PC will also be able to bring Hazel on a date! Hazel needs some financial assistance for school, and the PC can easily help her in that domain. The date has no strings attached. The PC will be able to pick Hazel’s route from this date, and this will determine Hazel’s fate: she will eventually either be financially independent by investing in the stock market, or become a dependent office slut to be used by the PC at will!

After the first date and some random dates, the PC can take Hazel out for shopping. The pretext is to buy her some clothes for work, but depending on the path the player picks, the PC will have different objectives. The PC will also be able to get a little more intimate at the end of the second date!

This update will focus on Lee. If the PC has chosen to share Lee, he will have the option to cuckold Lee’s husband, Tan. If not, Lee will break up with her husband! Similar to the last Brianne date, this date will feel different depending on your decisions.

In this update, Brianne will have had plastic surgery, and the PC will invite her on a trip. This can only happen if the cross event 4 has been seen by the PC. If the player has chosen to make Brianne’s boyfriend a wimpy cuckold, he will invite him on the trip and assert his dominance. If that’s not your cup of tea, and you have told Brianne to break up with him, then he won’t be present during the trip.
This update is a little bit of an experiment, in that I added a lot more variety to the dialogue. Like I explained in the previous post, I added the choice to bring Kelvin along if the PC accepted to have a cuckold and become a Bull. I also added April in this date, so it added to the complexity of the dialogue. If you guys want to see everything I suggest you play through this update with:
– High and low April love points
– High and low Brianne love points
– Bringing Kelvin along, and not bringing him along
The dialogue should feel pretty different, and the characters react differently to one another based on these factors.
I also added the ability to switch off the side portrait of the PC during dialogue. You’ll be prompted at the beginning of the game, and can change it in the main menu afterwards if you like.


Brianne guidance route date 7 added. Brianne can now become PC’s girlfriend under certain conditions.
As I explained in my last post, I have made a special NTR update for my old school fans. If NTR triggers you, please do not read the next section.
This version will have a completed NTR path for Lee. There will be a prompt when continuing her corruption path, and if sharing was enabled and her Love Points are below 6/10, then NTR can be enabled here.
The PC will find Lee alone one night… but is she really? He does some snooping around, and finds out something about her. After this scene, the Date button in the main menu for Lee will be replaced by Snoop. After snooping for awhile, the PC will be able to find out more things about Lee… and finally… an impregnation system is implemented (by whom?). You will be able to see any progress in Lee’s Status in the Menu Menu. This is an updated version of April’s system, and I will update April accordingly.

– introduction of new character Hazel (you need to play the game up to week 50)
– more Lee content in both guidance and corruption routes, introduction of the sharing path in the corruption route

– continuation of Brianne’s story for both guidance and corruption paths
– continuation of April & Brianne route in the corruption path

Crossevent 2 works properly now.
Added random dates for Lee tier 4+
Added scripted dates for Lee in both routes.
Added crossevent 3: access by: Lee and April both at tier 5 (April end game, and Lee after the new 5th date), April must not be pregnant, must be in corruption path, must be living with the PC.

Added pregnancy content for both routes.
Guidance: 1 scripted end game content, and the follow up evolution per trimester. April gains the ‘pregnancy’ state, and you will be able to see her change as the weeks go by. April will only do this with the main character in the Guidance route. Trust me, there is no NTR if you go guidance. Don’t cry please.
Corruption: 3 scripted end game content: The main character can choose to: impregnate April himself, ask Lionel to, or ask Mr. Wright to. For conditions of each, see guide.


Sugar Baby Galore 0.2 Release notes:
-276 new renders added compared to 0.1!
-3000 lines of additional coding added compared to 0.1!
What’s new:
2 new scripted dates for all 3 Sugar babies
In 0.2 April has begun her physical transformation depending on her route (Guidance or Corruption).
There are completely different renders for each route!
The other girls will begin their physical transformation soon!
Random date system added!
– Random dates are dates that happen between scripted dates.
– The location, the Sugar baby’s clothing, the events are all randomized to provide for an interesting experience.
– The further you get in scripted dates, the more scenes that are added to the random date system.
Random event system added!
– Random events may happen at the end of every week.
– The event may be important to advance with the Sugar Baby, or it may just be a bonus for you to enjoy.
– The further you get in scripted dates, the more events there are available!
After you’ve been through the scripted dates, you can keep playing the random dates to see different scenes!
Play the game in different routes to collect all the photos in the photo gallery for each Sugar Baby!
Gotta collect ’em all!!

Initial release.

For Android:

1) Install the apk in your android phone.
2) Then manually create a folder named ” three.diddly.sbg ” in phone’s internal storage “android/obb”, and put your obb file there.


Extras: Walkthrough ModWalkthrough

* Unofficial compression/port are not given by the developer. Use at you own risk.


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