[VN] [Ren’Py] Tavern of Spear [v0.22c] [Caro]


The story revolves around a small tavern.
You play as “Eyvind”, A young wolf warrior from The Lost Spear Tribe.​

Thread Updated: 2022-04-27
Release Date: 2022-04-16
Developer: Caro PatreonDiscordTwitterItch.io
Censored: No
Version: 0.22c
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Language: English

2DCG, Male protagonist, Fantasy, Furry, Gay, Adventure, Monster, Turn-based combat, Anal sex, Oral sex, Creampie


1. Extract and run.


====New Main quest====

【Dungeon : Rasmus’s trial】

– Talk to Einar after you helped Kin slove【 the Yeti problem】 and finished Rasmus’s 【Reading book】plot.

-The hell of “Stats check”

====New NPC====

【Jørgen the fox shopkeeper】

-Meet him during the 【Dungeon : Rasmus’s trial】

====New scene====

【Lose to mole】

-Hint: After Jørgen back to the village, talk to Kith/Kin to unlock the way to underground tunnel

====New system====

【New shop】

-In addition to Jørgen’s shop, now the Lizard Tribe and Bull Tribe’s shops have also been refurbished

-If you couldn’t complete 【Witer’s Shirt】Quest before, Jørgen should now be able to help

===New music:====

New music by Hanon for dungeon.

====New Main quest====
【Snow mountain area】

  • -After completing the two storylines in the forest area(When your max level cap is increased from 15 to 25), you can trigger it on the opposite side of the suspension bridge of the Bull Tribe.
  • (Warning: You will be locked out of the forest map temporary during the duration of the mountain story)
  • New NPC: Einar, Rasmus, and Kith(Sprite still WIP)
  • New enemy: Yeti

【Forest area】

  • Added two new equipments Chet can craft.
  • Now slimes and ghosts have a small chance of dropping rarer materials.
  • Now defeating Bull Warrior and Lizard Warrior can get a small number of coins

====New scene:====
【Lose to Yeti】

  • -Lose to Yeti after he has more than 40 lust.

===New music:====

Three tracks for snow mountain area

For completion, here’s the changelog for v0.195:

【Tavern of Spear v0.195】

====New Quest====
【Tribe war – Another possibility】

  • -Add the 4th route of the Tribe War,
  • -To trigger this route, you need to lose to the slimes in the fight when you first time you meet Thane in the bull forest.
  • Rewrite most of the follow-up contents.

====New scene:====
【Ride the bull】

  • -Flirting with the bull enemy to win to unlocks this scene
  • (Player‘s lust need to ≥40)


  • -Equip/Unequip the weapon/clothes now will change the sprite.
  • -Now you can upgrade your weapon without unequipping it.
  • -Increased amount of EXP gained from defeating enemies.


-You now can name your save file
====New Quest====
【???’s event】

  • -Available after finish both of 【Tribe war】and 【Bathhouse】 storylines
  • -After there two storylines is finished , should be triggered 2 days later when you enter the forest map.

【Knight’s event】

  • -After 【???’s event】 and go back to the tavern, and then talk to Snow, he should give you something sweet enough to capture a chonk knight

====New scene:====
【With ???】

  • -Unlock in 【???’s event】

====New map====
-【Small cave】:

  • After finish the【Tribe war】storyline, you can explore a small part across the bridge.

-【Sand wall】 :

  • You can now explore at the 【Crossroad】 of the forest map (where let you found the swamp before) to lead to a new location

====New npc====

  • 【Sand wall】←

====Battle Skill Edit====
【Bind up】:

  • Remake
  • Cost: 30 MP / CD: 3 turns now
  • The amount of recovery has been greatly improved, and the amount of recovery is now linked to INT/END.


  • Significantly reduce damage from the next enemy attack.

-Fix some bugs
-Update the Chinese translation to v0.18


July – Update v 0.18

  • This month’s update
  • More is like a supplement to the ending of the tribal questline, so not really many things can be added.

Mid-August – Bonus Scene 3

  • The bonus scene this time will be (Nauxus and Thane) as the poll winner.
  • The update priority of V0.19 will be higher so may be delayed to Mid-September to ensure that v0.19 is updated on time.


====New Quest====

【Thane event】:
-After The 【Tribe war】ends and you are in the “Thane route”, talk to Thane in the tribe

【Witer event】:
-After Parif returns and Bath house is completed, talks to Witer

【Meko quest】
-Trigger one day after Witer’s nightmare event is finished.

====New scene:====
【Thane’s scene】
-Unlock in【Thane event】

====New music:====
-New Meko theme track

====Something else====
– New Ebb & Flo dialogue
– New Hakan dialogue
-Fix some bugs
-Add more Chinese translation




Sorry but this version will have lots of placeholder backgrounds.
I will add them in future versions.

====New NPC====

【Parif the chef】:

-After 【Day 30】 or 【Finish the underground city plot】
-Parif will come back, you can trigger this event in the tavern.
-Can’t be triggered during the 【Snow’s food test】event.
-If you didn’t trigger 【Snow’s food test】event before this event, it won’t able to be triggered anymore.
-Parif’s appearance signals the upgrade of an old tavern dish.

-After you have 2 emblems, something will trigger in the temple painting room.

====New scene:====
-You can invite Hakan to take a shower together in the bathhouse.

====New conversation:====
-Talk to the hellhound a day after the auction.
-Talk to Bread and get to know him better.
-Talk to Ebb and Flo
-Talk to the new chef

====New system:====
【Bath House】:
-Talk to Snow to start this event after 【Finish the underground city plot】
-Use the Bath House to invite NPCs to bathe with you.
-Bathing will help boost your stats a bit.

-This will be unlocked after Parif comes back.
-Use the ingredients you gather from around the map to make new dishes.
-Cooking will help boost your stats.
-New items added in the form of ingredients and cooked food.

-Keep an eagle eye out for cooking ingredients, they blend well with the background.
-After unlocking the cooking system, get a shovel from a certain salesman.

-After unlocking the cooking system go fish in the lake.
-After unlocking the cooking system, get a fishing rod from the bartender you know who.

All save files before v0.11 are unusable in V0.11 anymore.
You have to restart the game from the beginning.

All save files before v0.11 are unusable in V0.11 anymore. You have to restart the game from the beginning.)
Warning: This update has slight horror elements

====New Dungeon====
【The castle】 – A large dungeon unlocked after the cave
【The cave】 – Explore the remaining elements of the cave after the castle

====New NPCs====
【The king】and【The knight】in the castle
【Bread】in cave

====New Event====
【Tribe quest】part 3:
– After u finish the 【Camp war】and 【Roushk’s story】,you can trigger this event in the tavern.

【Chet’s new goods】:
-After day 6, you can trigger this when you talk to him

【Chet’s new item quest】:
-After day 10, you can trigger this event when you talk to him
-【All of the old day 6 check event now moved to day 10】

====New system:====

【Inventory remake】:
-Now we have the new inventory that you can check your items (finally)
-You will have 1 weapon slot , 1 clothes slot and 3 accessories slots now.
-You can now only take 3 HP potions and 3 MP potions at one time.

【Stats remake】:
-Add new stats: ATK, MATK, Crit and Dodge
-Now the battle damage will depend on your “ATK, MATK ,Crit and Dodge”
-STR now give u 3 ATK per point.
-Agi now give u 1 ATK,2%Crit,2%Dodge per point.
-END will give u 20 max hp
-INT will give u 3MATK and 10 max mp
-CHA no change
-Increased experience required for level up,
-Instead of 5HP/MP , now every level up will give you 2ATK and 1MATK

【Battle remake】:
-Remake all of the enemies damage and HP
-“Bind up” now will cost more MP but will heal you much more HP than before.
-“Holy fist”now will make a huge damage but need to cool down 2 rounds after use.
-Now you are able to make a crit attack depending on your “Crit”. It will cause double damage.

====New music:====
【Hakan drunk theme】
【party music in Taven】
【Cave music】
【castle music 1】
【castle music 2】
【castle music 3】
【castle music 4】

====New Sex Scene====
【Lizard lose】:
-Now you will have a 50% chance to trigger after losing to the lizard.

-Fix more bugs.

1. Avatar will not change when equipping items.
2. Quest log is not available in this update.


【Here come’s Roushk】
1. Hakan is awake
2. You have met Meko
3. You have completed the campsite war event
If you are also a Lustful Desires supporter,you can also play their crossover update first.
Based on the ending you get from Lustful Desire’s event there is a special dialogue in here.
Depending on the result of the 【campsite war】 mission and options you choose in this event will have different battles, CGs, and sex scenes.

v 0.91

0.91 -Fix a bug that there will be error if you click your room.

====New Event====

【Nauxus’s test】:
– After u finish the 【Camp war】quest,you can trigger this event in the lizard meeting room next day.
【Axel’s culture lesson】:
– After u finish the 【Camp war】quest,you can trigger this event in thebulltribe next day.
====New NPC====
Ebb, The exotic butler
-After day 6, if you already go fish with Snow, or you already get the information from Chet by finishing his 【Collect Ectoplasm】 quest
you can unlock the way to the 【lake island】 in the forest u meet bull foe .

====New place:====
【Lake island cabin】:
【Cave Dungeon】: unlocked in Ebb’s quest.
====New system:====

While travelling through a dungeon, a new EXP system is used on top of your regular EXP system.
As you explore the dungeon you gain Adventure EXP, once you get 100 Adventure EXP your Adventure LVL will increase by 1.
Each Adventure LVL increase will give you 1 Adventure Point or AP for short. For every 3 AP you get, you can exchange them for 1 level up point.
As your Adventure LVL increases the more Adventure EXP you can gather.
You’re free to leave the dungeon anytime, but watch out, the moment you leave the dungeon your Adventure LVL resets back to 0.
Losing to enemies in a dungeon will kick you out of the dungeon, and your Adventure LVL resets back to 0.
You can’t use roll-back in the dungeon
====New Sex Scene====
【Gargoyle win】:
-Now the Gargoyle has been moved to 【Cave Dungeon】

====New Dialogue====
【Hakan】【Chet】 【Witer】 【Snow】
-Add new dialogue for them after u meet Ebb

-Max lv now is 15
-Fix the music bug
-Nerf the gargoyle


====New Foe====

【 Gargoyle 】:
— You can see a button under the tavern in the forst map in the night,click it.

====New Sex Scene====
【Gargoyle lose】:
-Lose to the gargoyle

====New Music====
Add the music in the Main menu
Add the music when u new start the game.
new music for 【Thane】
new music for 【Axel】
new music for 【Lizard’s celebration party】
new fight music for 【Sime,Bull,Lizard, Ghost】 in normal fight
new fight music for 【Bull,lizard spy】in Camp quest.

====New Dialogue====
– add more dialogues after Day 5.
– add more dialogues after you finish the 【Tribe camp】 quest

【Random NPC in bull and lizard tribe】
– change their dialogues after you finish the 【Tribe camp】 quest

【??? part 1】
Find it in the secret place
-Clue: The “Society”

【??? part 2】
Find it in the secret place
-Clue: The “Water sound”

【Rogue Lizard】;
The lizard in the deepswamp now will seduce u in the fight.

【Bug fix】:
Fix the bug that you can still finish Chet’s 【Fear Potion】 quest after the 【Tribe camp】quest is finished
-Fix the bug that the music not work .
-Fix some typos


Bug fix:
-Fix the bug that you can trigger Snow fish event again when you click the 【lake bank】on map
-Fix some typo
(This is not a big bug will let your game can’t continue, If you are tired to download it again,just ignore it.)


Bug fix:
-Fx the bug that your lust won’t reduce in Hakan and Witer sex scene.
-Fix the bug that when the first time you unlock the bull tribe,it will make the game error.
-Fix the bug that Chet’s 【 collect ectoplasm 】can’t be finished

【Fish with Snow】:
–This quest will able to be triggered since day 6 when you talk to Snow.
【Witer vs Chet】:
–This quest will able to be triggered since day 6 when you enter the tavern.
【 Collect ectoplasm 】
–This quest will able to be triggered when you talk to Chet after you finish 【Witer ghost】quest.
====New place:====

-in 【 Witer vs Chet 】to unlock this place
【Lake bank】
-in 【 Fish with Snow 】 quest to unlock this place
The two places are still placeholders for now.
====New Sex Scene====

【Hakan sex】:
-After you finish 【Hakan‘s tree monster quest】,he will appear in the tavern three days later.
-Talk to him when he appears again, and talks to him the next day.

====New Music====
new music for the 【Bull tribe】【Mountain】【Temple】

new music for the main map【Daytime version】【Night version】
new music for 【Witer】

====New Dialogue====
The following NPC’s Dialogue will be updated after you finish 【 Witer vs Chet 】
(The old dialogue won’t appear anymore )

-rewrite Witer’s dialogue about his brother.

-Added some more description to the 【Go to the temple with Thane】 quest
-Added some more sound effects.


====New System====
-Now you can review the CGs after you watch once before.
-(IF you use the old save file. You need to go through the events again to unlock it in gallery.)

【Time system】:
-Now the world have day and night.
-Base on this,some foes and events will only trigger in daytime or night time in the future.
-Now “explore”, and “talking to others” will speed up your time.
====New Quest====
【Hakan’s quest】:
–You can unlock this quest after you read all of his dialogue before and unlock the 【basement】.

【Thane and Nauxus’s quest】(Lizard spy):
-Now you can let Thane take you enter the bull tribe if you have finished his first quest.
-This quest has different routes depending on your outcome with the lizard spy.
This is an important quest that will have irreversible consequences for future episodes
====New NPC====
-You can meet him in Thane and Nauxus’s quest

====New place:====
【Lizard tribe】
-in Nauxus’s quest to unlock this place
【Bull tribe】
-in Thane’s quest to unlock this place
-You need to expolre the【crossroad】 to unlock this place
【Deep forest】
-in Hakan’s quest to unlock this place
-in Thane’s quest to unlock this place
====New Sex Scene====
【deafeated by the tree monster:】
-This will be a bad ending
====New Foes====
【Tree monster】
【Lizard spy】
-More dialogue
– New quest
-More dialogue
-More dialogue
– New quest
– New quest
-Added some more description to the place
-Added some more sound effects.
-Now lose to Slime will Increase your corruption
-Now Slime and Bull foes will only appear at daytime
-fix more and more bugs (and maybe add lots of bugs.)


New NPC:

-You can find him in the foggy forest near the bull tribe.

New Foes:

Bull warrior
-Appear at foggy forest and bull tribe.

New place:
Bridge →foggy forest → bull tribe

New gameplay:
-Add some stats check into the game

( to lead to different dialogues)

(Btw Agility is useless for now)

-More Snow dialogue

-More Hakan and rewrite Hakan’s dialogue

-More Chet quests

(Some dialogues need you beat Skull demon or visited Thane and bull tribe first.)

-Update the map.

-Added some more description to the place

-Added some more sound effect.

-Nerfed the skull demon.

-Losing to the skull demon will trigger a Bad Ending

-Increased healing from ‘bind-up’.

Now the Healing amount is affected by your “Intellect”

-fix some bugs (and maybe add more bugs.)


Initial Release



LightClaws thanks for the link
* Unofficial versions/ports are not given by the developer, use at your own risk


bull lose5.png






witer blowjob2.png


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