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Pawer Hill is a city in which anthropomorphic animals of different species and sizes live, the crime rate grows every year.
The main character is a squirrel named Vivien, who lives her boring and mundane life, she is tired of work, tired of boring life, but she is too cowardly to get out of her comfort zone. But suddenly the world around her begins to change in a strange way, events begin to fall on her shoulders one by one forcing Vivien to change, her character depends on the player, among Viv’s stats are domination, manners, stress, corruption, and madness points.Depending on your actions, stats can get a positive or negative value, which will affect your progress, opening a new path and closing another, because, for example, a sabmissive Vivien cannot argue with a larger species and a dominant cannot pretend to be weak and manipulate.
Be careful and listen to Vivien’s intuition, if her stress level rises too high, irreparable things will happen.​

Thread Updated: 2022-04-24
Release Date: 2022-04-23
Developer: ViV – Patreon Twitter
Censored: No
Version: 0.2.8
OS: Windows, Mac, Android
Language: English

Main Game
2dcg, adventure, corruption, fantasy, female domination, female protagonist, furry, groping, male domination, masturbation, monster girl, teasing, voyeurism

Christmas Special
2dcg, anal sex, fantasy, female domination, furry, male domination, male protagonist, monster girl, oral sex, vaginal sex


1. Extract and run.


In this update some images have been corrected, they are now in color!
Also added a drop of new content, and fixed minor bugs.
Let us know if you come across any bugs or errors.
Enjoy the color illustrations :3

1) Fixed mechanical translation of all text from the previous build (0.2.6);
2) Fixed the stats screen of Viv, now it can stay open without pausing the game;
3) Continuation of the main story: An Evening with Steve, Wrestling;
4) New mechanics (clickers, and turn-based combat);
5) A couple of hidden variables have been added to the game, these are Steve’s respect points and Hima’s respect points.(At the moment they do not affect anything, but the game remembers them for the future in the same way as the insanity points.);
6) Be careful, there are an extreme amount of stressful situations for Viv in this build.

1. A little advancement in the plot (shopping)
2. Adding an event that allows you to spend your Viv accumulation.
3. Corrected translation of previous updates.
4. A couple of new backgrounds and illustrations.

1.New characters, locations;
2.About 18 new illustrations;
3.We also added color to 12 illustrations that were previously colorless;
4. Manners now affect choices in dialogues.

1. Fully edited text of the first and second day.
2. I did the painting of all the works on the second day, except one (we’ll add it a little later)
3. we added the beginning of day 3!

In this build we have two whole days of Vivien’s life, new characters and scenes, but remember that the character of Viv will depend on your choices and you will not be able to see all the scenes on the first playthrough. Depending on your character’s level, you will have unique options in the dialogues, in the future, we plan to build up the flexibility of Vivien’s characters.
If you played in v0.1 – I recommend that you start over and use the skip button, some events of day two are strongly influenced by the events of day one

Initial Release

Developer Notes:

This is our first project, the script isn’t finished yet, so we’re listening to our audience to make a game that everyone will enjoy.

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