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Xhenia Nelia's Life.png

Nelia is the most powerful vampire in vampire history and the most desirable. It hides a dark, very dark past. He now has a wife that not even his family knows has already married by bonding with someone. Her ex-boyfriend was the first to discover Nelia’s true power. After the defeat of the Source that cost her the fateful decision not to fight seriously anymore even in training by drowsing her own memory on how to use them and how to fight. The source promised that he would return for her again. She will be able to gain her power back to fight her ex-boyfrien again?

Attention: This game contains handmade sketches where there are no mods for that pose type. Backgrounds are not what you would expect. Using personal reasons in reviews just because someone I blocked has no right to be angry in reviews. You hate me do it on discord not on the forum, going against the forum rules that personal reasons must stay out even if you review a game. Ignoring what is specified is against the rules.

Thread Updated: 2022-06-09
Release Date: 2022-06-09
Developer: 88Michele88 PatreonSubscribestarF95Zone
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English
Others Games: The Destiny of SiriaXorias are BackNobiliumThe Conte Family: Sofia’s Life

2dcg, Female Protagonist, Voyerism, Futa/Trans, Lesbian, Vaginal sex, Oral sex, Incest, Masturbation


1. Extract and run.


– continuation of the story and torno. The clash between Akainu and Nilde.
– Added some flashbacks with characters who have already appeared in previous versions of the game (Ilda and Lyn)
– Added new characters (I don’t remember how many).
– Introduced a Masked Demon.
– Hot spicy lesbian scene
v0.1.0.2D or v0.1.0.3
A new choice option has been added with some consequences during what happens in Kirian’s village, between Kirian and Nevia for now. This interaction or choice will lead to a future implication in which Nelia Afrodite Xhenia will have no heir (This choice will not be canonical because many important characters would not exist as Michele Angelus Nobilium, Siria Arelius Vegas, Veia Nobilium to Feya, the best friend of Syria).

A little progression into the story.
I didn’t add that much.
In future gonna be a little bit more cospiquace one.
Added a new character.
For now there no new sex scenes

Sorry may I made some mistakes on namber version. It will be this way as I wrote abow, until I make a new version with news contents.

New Locations.
New characters.
Nellia’s ruthlessness will be clear being of the vampire race and the royal family.
The ancestor of the Vegas family
Choices will have consequence in the future, will depend on what you have chosen at the beginning.

1. Added new character and royal family (First part of Andra’s Family. Andra’s Mother and Andra’s Wife. )
2. First dialog for 1th Andra’s wife and Andra’s mother.
3. Somthink uppaned at Kirian’s Village.
4. 2 first date ufeter first fight beetwen changers into Tournament fo Nelia’s heart.
5. New’s choise.
1. Added news backgrounds more or less and grafic
2. Added news characters
3. Added news sex scenes.
4. Added news choise.
5. Added news Royal Family Mamber
first release


Note from Dev:
I have plans to fix some relationships between 4 characters and these changes will be introduced in the future update. If you happen to see two characters that are not in relationship with each other or that in some way can confuse the idea think that he is cheating on one or the other let me know what you think and I will provide accordingly.
Italiano – Italian
Ho in programma di sistemare alcune relazioni tra 4 personaggi e questi cambianti verranno introdotti nel futuro aggiornamento. Se vi capita di vedere due personaggi che non sono in relazione tra loro o che in qualche modo possano confondere le idea pensare che stia tradendo l’una o l’altra fatemi sapere cosa ne pensate e provvederò di conseguenza di accontentarvi.

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