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Erosion Project
is an Adventure 2D Adult Fantasy RPG combined with Card Game – Strategic elements, which will challenge the player to find the right cards and the right strategy to effectively defeat the enemies before the battle starts.

Seems like… the devil gets you transported in another world, and you have to “moderate” the previous almighty Heroes from creating an imbalance in the world; all these while you’re just a random commoner who happens to be able to increase his… lewd powers?

These powers sound awesome but how will these help you in an unknown world?

Hm? You think you will find a way?
Are you sure about that? What are you gonna do? Ask for help?
Or will you try to get stronger?

Looks like you already have a better idea…

Thread Updated: 2022-06-16
Release Date: 2022-06-16
Developer: TrashGods Patreon Itch.ioSubscribeStar Twitter
Censored: No
Version: 0.3.1
OS: Window, Android
Language: English

2DCG, Creampie, Vaginal sex, Virgin, Adventure, Rpg, Strategy, Animated, Mobile game, Exhibitionism, Dating Sim, Fantasy, Simulator, Combat, Romance, Tentacles, Monster, Internal view


1. Extract and run.
Please note that the application might be detected as a false-positive by some antiviruses.

1. Download the apk on your device
2. Install and run the game
Please note that the game may require you to “Allow Installation from Unknown Sources “.


[SYSTEM] Result Screen updated to V2
[SYSTEM] Reward System has been revamped
[ITEM] Added a new item which can help you multiply a stage’s rewards
[SYSTEM] Now you’ll be rewarded Adventurer Experience from the Stages / Dungeons / Bosses too
[SYSTEM] Now you can choose your normal stage rewards or take a multiplier instead
[SYSTEM] Removed Reward Reroll functionality
[FIX] Set the player’s Lewd Level to default at the start of the session
[FIX] Moved the survey later so the player gets to experience Strategic Expeditions
[MISC] Added notification for when Strategic Expeditions become available for the first time
[MISC] Changed the theme for several buttons to be more visible
[FIX] The Expedition Trait of the partners will no longer be previewed in the Expedition Starting Screen if the partner does not have required level yet
[FIX] Some Favors were not properly reset when an Expedition ended
[FIX] Bug where Expedition was lost instantly the first time player accessed it
[FIX] Certain Constructions were not properly reset when Expedition ended
[FIX] Sometimes the partners were not getting removed when Expedition ended
[FIX] Tweaked the Sin of each partner to reflect with their lore
[FIX] Bug where player receives sometimes an “Expedition Ended” notification
[FIX] Bug where player’s States were not properly processed while sleeping
[MISC] Changed the effect for “Glimpse of Magic” debug. Now it will set 30 Attraction for partners with under 30 Attraction
[MISC] Sped up the Battle Start sequence for all stages
[MISC] Sped up multiple elements from Partner Screen (and removed the flicker-like animation)
[FIX] Bug where the Expedition Shop was not properly persistent
[FIX] Bug where the Area Treasure was reset even if the player didn’t claim it
[FIX] Bug where the game would give a critical error when getting a rare reward from the Area Treasure
[FIX] Bug where critical error would occur on certain scenes
[FIX] Bug where player couldn’t play all partner’s conversations
[FIX] Bug where player became stuck in Expeditions if they upgraded more than 3 cards
[FIX] Bug where the game would run unnaturally when using a monitor with over 60hz

[MISC] Revamped the whole Debug mode
[MISC] Now the debug mode can be activated from Depart screen
[MISC] Replaced the older debug mode with “Skip Prologue” confirmation screen
[MISC] Upgraded the loading screen to properly inform player about various environments
[LEWD] Rewrote the way Lewd Interactions work for it to be more efficient
[LEWD] Now the Lewd Results screen will properly display images on slower devices
[MISC] Added a global Animation Speed setting
[MISC] Added a new Animation Speed level (you can go even faster now:*3)
[MISC] Optimized the duration of Cycle Effects to be performed faster
[MISC] Revamped the Pause Menu to its V1 (non-default one)
[SAVE] Removed the Compact Save mode for now, as we have made multiple attempts to keep the normal save files as compatible as possible (you can still load Compact Saves you made earlier builds)
[SAVE] Removed the Compact Save information from Save Screen
[CHAR] Added a new partner – HEDERA / Nature – Sloth / Tentacles Fetish
[CHAR] Added new lewd gameplay for the Tentacles Fetish
[CHAR] Added the Skills / Battle and Expedition Traits of the new partner
[CHAR] Added all conversations for the new partner
[CHAR] Added new mini-interactions for the new partner
[CHAR] Added “DEVIANCES” – a new system which will let you fulfill non-vanilla fetishes of your partners
[MISC] Updated the Survey Screen UI and added a new Survey
[SAVE] Added various systems to adapt the older save files (0.2.0+) to newer systems
[FIX] Fixed bug where “Visit Character” button had no functionality when you had 1 Morale or lower

[Partner] Revamped the whole Partner system
[Partner] Removed old placeholder Trait icons of the Partners
[Partner] Added new Traits which actually work (Expedition Trait and Battle trait)
[Partner] Added Partner Level Up and Advancement system
[Partner] Updated Partner Skills and added new ones where was the case
[Partner] Redesigned the Partner Request system
[Partner] Redesigned Partner Skills / Partner Traits Preview windows
[Partner] Added “RMB to Close” support on the new windows which have been revamped in this update
[Partner] Added small Partner Level Up animation
[Balance] Nerfed Enemy Levels
[Balance] Temporarily disabled Enemy Reinforcements – they might come back in the future in another format. Right now they are too overwhelming.
[FIX] Fixed bug where you would still get the partner after them refusing the requests
[CARDS] Renamed old “Expeditions” (get cards) to “Forest Of Desires” in order to avoid naming conflicts
[CARDS] Forest of Desires Redesigned
[CARDS] Forest of Desires can now grant you Constructions for Expedition Mode
[CARDS] Added previews in Forest of Desires screen to show remaining items in the pool
[CARDS] Added the Star System to Forest Of Desires

[FIX] The blocker issue where your damage decreased each cycle post-battle / this issue was also causing the Tutorial blocker
[EXPD] Added Results Screen for Expeditions
[EXPD] Added Rewards for completing the Expedition
> The rewards are based on the Difficulty and completed Stars
[EXPD] Added Expedition Start-up Screen
> In this screen you can finally choose your Battle Deck and you have previews for various details of the upcoming Expedition
[MISC] Revamped the Depart Button
[MISC] Now the previous battle mode will be referred as “Story Mode”
[EXPD] Added Stage Skipping System
> Stage Skip tickets will be obtained from Expeditions. They are functional only for non-dungeon and non-boss Story Mode stages
[EXPD] Added Expedition Shop – a shop from where you can buy general items in with the Expedition Currency
> The shop refreshes once several days
[EXPD] Added a way for the player to invite partners in the Expeditions
[EXPD] Completed the Orders panel and now you can also preview the previously built Constructions
[EXPD] Now the “Sleep” function is linked from both inside and outside Expeditions
> Meaning that now you can go to city during an Ongoing Expedition and sleep normally, because your orders / resources will be processed inside the Expedition too.
[EXPD] Smoothened the transition when starting an Expedition
[EXPD] Changed the background and several UI elements to be more visible
[EXPD] Optimized and rearranged multiple settings regarding the sessions
[EXPD] Added Concede button
[MISC] Various major bug fixes

[CHAR] Added character Side Scenes and Conversations
[CHAR] Removed various unused elements from the Character Interaction and Overview Screen
[GENERAL] Added the bases of the Star (✩) System, change previously mentioned here
[CHAR] Removed the Character Interactions list
[CHAR] Added “Ask her to ‘help’ you” Button, which was previously difficult to be observed in the Interactions list
[CHAR] Now the Partner’s Sexual Level is previewed in the Overview Screen
[CHAR] Revamped the Skills category, now the skill type and element is previewed on the screen instead of a simple icon
[CHAR] Added the Interests Panel which is fully functional, completion for the Traits System added in the previous patch
[CHAR] Now Character Interactions will consume Morale instead of Actions
[CHAR] Added mini-scenarios for the Character Interactions. Whenever you start an interaction you will be prompted in a random scenario, which you can react on that scenario
[CHAR] Removed the “BOREDOM” value, it has been changed to “COMPASSION”
[CHAR] Changed the way Partner’s Accept Chance is calculated, now it will take into consideration only the Partner’s Compassion and Trust
[CHAR] Changed the battle reward values received from Partners
[CHAR] Temporarily removed the text from the Traits panel in order to avoid confusion
[CHAR] Added a HP Bar for the Partners in the Partner Selection Screen
[CHAR] M. Defense values have been removed for the Partners
[CHAR] Added the Partner Stamina tracking values in the Overview screen
[FIX] Fixed an issue where the text from the choice window was not centered
[MISC] Multiple huge improvements have been done to the game, where multiple systems and screens have been rewritten and optimized
[FIX] Now the player is prompted back on the previous map when exiting certain screens

[BATTLE] Added a visual mini-section in Card Selection Screen to hint which card types the player should use against each enemy
[GENERAL] Modified the Bounty Rewards
[CARDS] Added “Expedition” feature – from here the player can obtain more cards
[CARDS] Added 3 New Special Cards and removed the previous placeholder ones
[GENERAL] Added multiple tutorials according to the recent player feedback:
– Tutorial for the Boss and Treasure Chest mechanics
– Tutorial for Cards Upgrade
– Tutorial for Equipment Enhancement
– Tutorial for Expedition System

[BATTLE] Added a Reset button in Cards Selection Screen to reset all the queued cards
[BATTLE] Added a short animation for when combo is performed
[STAGES] Now the scene transition from Stage Selection to Battle is slightly faster
[STAGES] Added a mini text to let the player know how much Morale each stage will consume
[STAGES] Now stages which take longer to complete will consume ALL Morale (Dungeons and Bosses)
[MISSIONS] The requirements for the missions past Stage 0-5 have been reduced

[GENERAL] Added a “Knowledge” feature where all the tutorials and unknown terms will be noted and accessible by player
[GENERAL] Added an option to keep the Character Busts revealed during “Message Hide”
[GENERAL] Added an option for the text waits to be skipped
[STORY] Now the first intro scene can be fully skipped
[GENERAL] Modified the button for the Debug Tools to better fit the UI Theme
[GENERAL] Now Sleeping and Health Bonus from the Dungeon will recover more health

[FIX] Fixed typo for several cards
[FIX] Fixed a bug where the Partner will still proceed in the battle after refusing
[FIX] Fixed a critical bug where the player gets stuck in an endless attack loop during battles
[SAVES INFO] The save files from build 0.2.0 should be mostly compatible (except the Knowledge menu which will still work but not all the items will be discovered)

The whole update is a pack of multiple patches:

[TASKS] Re-arranged the Tasks Window
[TASKS] Now you can Focus any on any Task you want, and you can also Unfocus them
[PARTNERS] Now the amount of daily Actions you have is equivalent with the amount of energy left when interacting with the Partner
[BATTLE] Revamped the Enemy Preview panel from Card Selection Screen, added various new features:
– Added new UI to Enemy Preview panel
– Added a way for the player to Retreat from a battle (non-Dungeon instances only)
– Added Player Info Panel, where you can check your stats and Cycle Effect
– Added Partner Info Panel, where you can check the details of your Partner
– Added a way to change the Difficulties during Card Selection sequence
– Added various warnings to let the player know why an enemy might be stronger than the current stats are showing
– Added a way to Enable or Disable the Auto Battle during Card Selection Sequence(please keep in mind that Auto Battle is currently only in its early stages)
– Added a way a preview for possible Combos which the playe can choose before the battle starts
[BATTLE] Added visual feedback to highlight the enemy Cycle Effects which might require special attention from the player
[BATTLE] Fixed bug where Partner Traits were displaying placeholder icons
[SAVES] Our first attempt to add a prolonged “Save Compatibility” layer for the game
– Now you can create a Compact save file (New Game Plus) which will save only certain resources from your session and these will be carried over a fresh session in a future build
– Added multiple warnings to let the player know the differences and the risks to load an obsolete session
– Added a “Save [Compact]” entry in the Main Menu. Now you can either Save or Compact save a session. We recommend to always keep them both just in case.
– If you want to try your luck with normal Save files, please try to create the Save File from MC’s Room, this way there you can increase the chances for the save file to be compatible with future builds without any issues
– If you encounter any issues loading a normal Save file or a Compact one, please let us know, we will definitely look into ways to solve that issue
– Compact Saves will be properly loaded only if you load the from an already started session
[SAVES] Added Autosave each time the player ends a day
[GENERAL] Revamped the way messages are displayed along with a new UI look
[GENERAL] Added Hide / Log / Skip buttons during Story Scenes.
– All these buttons will work only if there is a message box already displayed
– The Skip button acts like a “fast forward” button
– The Skip button can instantly skip a scene only if the button was pressed before the first 6 messages in a scene, and only after you complete the Deployment Stage 0-1.
[GENERAL] Added Story Journal – now you can REPLAY all the story chapters you have played so far. To access the Story Journal press on the Mission Panel.
[STORY] Added the story’s Prologue along with the introduction of Chapter 1 (containing multiple sub-chapters from 1.1 to 1.6)
[GENERAL] Revamped the whole game’s tutorial with the new aded content, along with tutorial for each new major system added into the game
[GENERAL] Changed the description of the Cheat and Standard (previously Progressive) Gameplay
[GENERAL] Changed the functionality of Cheat gameplay so the player can access the lewd interactions more naturally
[FIX] Added back the Splash Screen (along with its new design)
[FIX] Fixed a bug where the previously selected Difficulties are not properly applied on a Loaded Save file.
[FIX] Fixed various bugs left after closing Lewd Interactions

[BATTLE] Cards and enemy attacks are now influenced by Defense stat
[BATTLE] Now the Defense of both Player and Enemy are previewed during battle
[BATTLE] Added Card Combo system
[BATTLE] Added Card Types
[BATTLE] Added idle and attack motion for enemies
[BATTLE] Optimized the way how Battle Cards are processed
[BATTLE] States are now Persistent (you can decrease a State’s turns only during battle or Sleeping)
[BATTLE] Now the values of Partner Cards will be scaled on the Partner’s stats
[BATTLE] Revamped all Partner Cards
[BATTLE] The Replaceable Card has been updated for a better visibility
[SYSTEM] Added a Difficulty Selection system, now you can freely increase the difficulty of the battles in exchange for rare resources
[STAGES] Added Enemy Level
– Now enemies will level up the more you fight them
– Stats of the enemy are increased based on the enemy level
– As the level of the enemy increases, your Gold gain and Scroll Gain will also increase on that enemy
[STAGES] Added Enemy Reinforcements
– once X time an event called “Monster Reinforcements” will happen
– during the event, all the enemies in Stages will obtain a random significant buff
– every time this event occurs, the Area Treasures will reset along with the Bosses close to the Treasure
– every time this event occurs, the Forest Pharmacy will be accessible. This can be used only once per Reinforcements
– Dungeons are NOT affected by this event
[STAGES] Completely revamped the was Stages work
[STAGES] Added Dungeons, Pharmacy and Treasures
– The chance of Rare Rewards from the Treasure is increased each time you open them
[STAGES] Added Rules to the Dungeons (similar to previous Stages system but now creatures will gain specific bonuses on each attempt. Creatures from Dungeons are NOT affected by levels or difficulties)
[STAGES] Renewed the Results Screen
[SYSTEM] Added Rewards Reroll system
[BATTLE] Revamped Enemy Cycle Effects
[STAGES] Revamped Cycle Bonuses. Now you have more freedom over which bonus to get
[STAGES] Removed Dungeon events. They will be added back in an upcoming update.
[GENERAL] Renewed City Area selection menu (now you can easier access any part of the city you want)
[GENERAL] Updated the main Game UI (v3)
[GENERAL] Added new background music and UI sound effects
[CARDS] Cards will no longer be deselected when the selected Special Card is not included
[GENERAL] Added multiple states and new icons for them
[GENERAL] Added Item Icons System – for most of the items now you will be able to see their mini-Icon, Picture Icon and also the amount of that item (in case of rewards).
[GENERAL] Added Equipment System
– Now you can obtain 3 types of equipment from the Armor / Weapon shop
– Upon equipping X pieces of the same set equipment on your character, you will gain a Combo Effect which you can use in battle
– Rings now have more diverse effects
– Equipment pieces can no longer be unequipped but only changed
[GENERAL] Added Equipment Chanting – Now you can add bonuses to your equipment
[BATTLE] Reworked Stamina malus – upon using more than 100 Stamina you will get Exhausted state for 2 Cycles
[GENERAL] Updated the Energy System to work better with the new Stages System and Days system
[GENERAL] Added the Guild Hall and its Food menu – now you can restore you health here
[GENERAL] Added Armor and Weapon shops
[GENERAL] Added Card Upgrade System
[GENERAL] Added the Task Tracker in the Deployment Map
[GENERAL] Disabled the PROGRESSIVE GAMEPLAY MODE, as it presents obsolete information. This will be re-enabled in 0.1.6D
[GENERAL] Disabled Mission Progression. These will be completely revamped in build 0.1.6D, as the story will add multiple new Missions.
[GENERAL] Over night the player will recover 50HP and all states are decreased by 1
[GENERAL] Over night all Partners will recover 80HP

[CHAR] Added Character Selection screen
[CHAR] Added custom Character Status screen
[CHAR] Added Character Interaction System
[CHAR] Character Interaction UI implemented (V1)
[PARTNER] Updated how “Accept Chance” is modified (now the accept chance is based on the character’s Trust and Attraction)
[MISC] Added a News Banner
[ANIM] Doubled the frames for intro Lewd Animations
[SYSTEM] Added a Days system
[SYSTEM] Revamped Energy system

[BATTLE] Completely revamped the Battle System UI (V1)
[BATTLE] Added Forced Cycle system (when you reach maximum TP you can cast your Cycle Effect again)
[BATTLE] Added Cycle Reward (Based on how many Cycles it took you to defeat the enemy, you will get rewarded for it with certain Bonuses)
[BATTLE] Now you can see the tooltips of the Cards in Battle (long tap on them)
[CARDS] Added Special Cards System (you can replace a Card from your deck with another card from the Special Deck, yet this Special Card will have a certain chance to start with it)
[CARDS] Updated the Card Selection system accordingly to the new implemented systems
[PARTNER] Updated the whole Partner System with the new implemented Battle System
[STAGES] Updated the UI of the Stages (V1)
[FIXES] Various fixes and improvements (also fixed the crash from Partner System which occurred in certain specific situations)

– City Maps UI implemented (v1)
– Stage Selection completely revamped + UI (v1)
– Added Stage Drop Info in the Stage Selection
– Partnership System implemented (you can request assistance from persons you have met in Deployments)
– Gameplay Mode Screen (Now you can choose to play Progressively or unlock everything with Cheats)
– New Stage along with new Stage System implemented in it (you may encounter Special Monsters, Events or Chests)
– Character LEWD Interaction System Added
– Added 8 New LEWD Scenes
– 3 Poses for Character 1 (ANIMATED + Interact-able)
– 3 Poses for Character 4 (ANIMATED + Interact-able)
– 2 new different different Lewd Events you may encounter during Stage 0-3
– Message System UI implemented (v1)
– Skills have been slightly balanced (more to come in the upcoming update)
– Android version now will have several effects disabled in order to improve the performance
– Multiple Bug fixes and Optimizations (including the fix of the previous Save/Load issues and fix for stuck in Loading Screen)

Known bugs:

– City Maps have been revamped
– Player can now start Manual Battles
– Button to switch between Manual and Auto Battle
– Animation Speed button (for battles)
– Stage 1 and Stage 2 have been revamped and balanced
– Completely revamped last boss from Stage 2 (now it uses a new strategy)
– Stage Results (now you can receive rewards)
– Skills have been balanced
– New Cards added
– New Card Types implemented (Heal Type, Buff Type and Repeatable Cards)
– Starter Deck has been extended (from 8 cards to 12)
– Menu changed
– New placeholder UI has been implemented to fit the new Maps
– Stage Yield
– Revamped Lewd Scene sequencing (now the animations should be smoother on all devices)
– Multiple Bug fixes and Optimizations

Known bugs:
– there are several issues with the save / load feature
– ON ANDROID you might get stuck in a Loading Screen after the Lewd Scene – don’t worry about it, you can safely close the game or restart it, as the game ends there by default for now

Important Note:
This is first half of the 0.1.4 Update. The other half of the update will be released very soon with new playable and enjoyable content!

Initial Release

Developer Notes:

After version 0.2.0 was released we’ve been trying our best to keep the save files as compatible as we can. The game gets more complex each day and we’ll be unable to keep up with all the compatibility tests, your help would be much appreciated if you find any issue with the saves made post-0.2.0 version.

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