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For as long as you can remember, your grandfather has always told you many tales about the adventurers and what it means to become one; You always found them to be exciting, and always dreamt of becoming one yourself.

Upon turning eighteen years old, you finally have the chance to join a familia and become an adventurer, even if your grandfather will not be there to see you.
However, becoming an adventurer is not as easy as you thought… To become an adventurer you must join a familia, and all of them seem to be declining you.

After many days of hardship, a goddess approaches you to invite you in her newly created familia, you accept her invite without any second thought.
As the only member of the Hestia’s familia, your choices will not only affect your future, but also the future of the Hestia familia.​

Thread Updated: 2022-05-21
Release Date: 2022-03-21
Developer: WinterfirePatreonSubscribeStarDiscord
Censored: No
Version: R13
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English
Other games: Overlord H
Length: 6 hours and 40 minutes

Vanilla, Parody, 3DCG, Male Protagonist, Romance, 3D Game, Big Tits, Turn Based Combat, Fantasy, RPG, Creampie, Oral Sex, Teasing, Titfuck, Vaginal Sex, Virgin


1. Extract the zip archive and run “Legacy of Hestia.exe”.


-Fixed: MAC Builds’ permission issue on some platforms, retroactively applied to all current releases.
-Fixed: HP and MP values disappearing during battles.
-Fixed: “Middle floors disturbance” quest token not disabling once the quest has been completed (Applied to existing saves as well).
-Fixed: “Nemesis” quest token not disabling once the quest has been completed (Applied to the existing saves as well).
-Fixed: Chests on floor 9 have an alternative dialogue when Liliruca is not in the party.
-Fixed: “Supply Deliver” and “Pet rescue” side quest speakers not always being named correctly (Adventurer).
-Fixed: Side quests duplicating at the guild, not retroactive (You need to complete the existing duplicates).
-Fixed: You can no longer open the main menu while battling.
-Fixed: Saving at the beginning of a new game and loading it back will no longer return an error (Missing Bell Character).
-Fixed: Missing sentences on the level up scene with Hestia.
-Fixed: Companions will no longer act in their turn if they have passed out.
-Fixed: Flickering UI when trying to hide the inventory (Same key as item description), when it should not be possible to.
-Fixed: Minor typos and script issues. (Thanks Eric!)
-Fixed: Grass hiding stairs to the 12th floor.

-Changed: You can no longer find Canoe’s body after defeating the Minotaur, only before.
-Changed: Turn order is now set on Real Agility as opposed to Current Agility.
-Changed: Gaining excelia as level 2 or higher is drastically easier now (in all difficulties).
-Changed: R12’s have been extended slightly (with Eina).
-Changed: Loading screen tips show up in the log as well now.
-Changed: Quick slots decreased from 20 to 8.
-Changed: Monsters will now agro towards the item’s user.
-Changed: Explosive Bomb now scales with the user’s stats.
-Changed: Lili’s actions have been extended.
-Changed: CG 76, 78 and 79 are now replayable.
-Changed: Enabled quick saves/loads, and game automatically saves on key events.
-Changed: Buffed Minotaur slightly.

-Added: 1 Character (Welf Crozzo).
-Added: “Argonaut” skill.
-Added: Missing R12 Achievements.
-Added: 3 CGs.
-Added: “Will o’ the Wisp” and “Bandit” enemies.
-Added: “Log” command to show the log screen.
-Added: “Outskirts of Orario” level.
-Added: 8x Side quests (Guild).
-Added: 8000 words (~25 minutes gameplay).

-Fixed: Dead end issue on Floor 5 spamming the battle function and allowing the player to go through walls among other issues.
-Fixed: Main Story getting stuck if the day ended during night, when guild is available only during day.
-Fixed: Rollback during novel battle spawning multiple enemies.
-Fixed: Dragon scale item drop icon not loading in the inventory.
-Fixed: Medium Magic stones not being sold once the dungeon is cleared.
-Fixed: Boss battle music not playing and returning an error.
-Fixed: Silverback’s and War shadow’s sprite transparency.
-Fixed: Minor typos. (Thanks Eric!)

-Added: Minotaur monster (+ its item drops).
-Added: 1 Character (Mord).
-Added: 7 CGs.
-Added: 13600 words (~45 minutes gameplay).

-Fixed: Blue Pharmacy’s mushroom gathering’s quest objective marker now disables even when gathering more mushrooms.
-Fixed: Silverback on floor 11 freezing the game.
-Fixed: Playtime display error on new games.
-Fixed: Minor typos. (Thanks Eric!)
-Fixed: “Reason for Betrayal” quest not spawning tokens on floor 7 after patch in older saves.
-Fixed: Journal toggling off uncompleted quests as well.
-Fixed: Dungeon music playing when exiting through an event.
-Fixed: Guild job values not resetting properly when starting a new game.

-Changed: Item name in inventory is now displayed on hover.
-Changed: Endurance’s excelia gain has been severely lowered.
-Changed: Hestia Knife’s damage output has been increased (depending on the average of your stats).
-Changed: The power of all the spells has been increased, Earthquake’s power lowered vs other spells.
-Changed: Explosive Bomb’s power has been increased.
-Changed: Floor 10-11 difficulty adjusted around rank S adventurers.
-Changed: Normal difficulty has a maximum of 4 monsters (Requires restart/Console edit).
-Changed: Compressed build size.
-Changed: Escape formula now uses averages (more fair to the player).
-Changed: Stairs token now have the option to stay on the current floor.
-Changed: Attempting to hit an enemy will increase Agility slightly now.
-Changed: Battle events’ enemies are no longer random, but manually picked to fit the narration.
-Changed: Dodge roll changed from 1d10 to 1d20 for both player and monsters.

-Added: Abilities (Maximize Magic, Riposte, Feint) with Magic/Ability trainer location + purchasable spells.
-Added: Story Mode.
-Added: Quest “Nemesis”.
-Added: 2 Characters (Hermes, Asfi).
-Added: 6 CGs.
-Added: 18000 words (~60 minutes gameplay).

Changelog (Patch 1):
-Fixed: “Reason for Betrayal” quest marker and event tied to it appearing before they should on Floor 7.

-Fixed: Achievement screen getting slightly cut off on some aspect ratios.
-Fixed: Loss script correctly plays now, when available.
-Fixed: Floor music no longer plays while Dungeon Cleared screen is showing.
-Fixed: Turn sometimes skipping when slaying a single enemy with an AoE attack.
-Fixed: AoE Attacks no longer freeze the battle if you slay all the enemies.
-Fixed: Scrollbar Sensitivity has been fixed (Linux only issue).
-Fixed: Banter dialogue not triggering once you advance enough in the main storyline.
-Fixed: Dining in the Hostess of Fertility triggering the drinking minigame instead.
-Fixed: Dungeon achievements sprites for fulfilled objectives show up correctly now.
-Fixed: Various typos throughout the game (Thanks Eric!)
-Fixed: Minigames played at the Hostess of Fertility now count towards the Achivements related to minigames.
-Fixed: Arm Wrestling minigame no longer has the chance to roll a 0.
-Fixed: Blue Pharmacy’s mushroom gathering’s quest objective marker correctly disables itself once you have interacted with it.

-Changed: Holding movement key works for all directions now.
-Changed: Orc’s HP has been lowered.
-Changed: Removed default delay of 2.1 seconds for those AoE attacks (Currently only Explosive Bomb) with no animations.
-Changed: Extended and split Dungeon Banter to before/after Chapter 5 (When Liliruca is in your party).
-Changed: Rest points can now be used when you are also lacking MP.
-Changed: Achievement screen now shows the progress of some objectives where needed (Example: N of goblins slain).
-Changed: Pause menu now shows the playtime.
-Changed: You can no longer escape when the total agility of the enemies exceeds your party’s.
-Changed: Smoke Balls have been enabled following the changes to the escape action.
-Changed: Completed quests can now be toggled off (Default: ON).
-Changed: Item quantity text in shops has been increased in size (14 -> 24).
-Changed: Gallery displays hints for locked CGs.

-Added: Imp, Bad Bat, Hard Armored and Infant Dragon monsters (+ their item drops).
-Added: Nekoya Restaurant on Floor 11.
-Added: Dining with your love interest option (+Rest and Banter scene other than eating bonuses).
-Added: “Reason for Betrayal” quest.
-Added: Dungeon Floor 10 and Floor 11.
-Added: 7 CGs.
-Added: 1 Achievement scene.
-Added: 6 Dungeon Events (Floor 10 and 11).
-Added: 6000 words (~20 minutes gameplay).

-Removed: Hestia’s boobs sprite (Changed to CG instead).
-Fixed: When Hestia updates your status, the result will no longer print over 1500.
-Fixed: Various typos (Thanks ErrorCode and RayAsher)!
-Fixed: You can no longer rollback from the Log when rollback is disabled and you are outside the dungeon.
-Fixed: Ration’s description has been updated to reflect the latest changes.
-Fixed: Battle actions will always stick at the center of your screen now.
-Fixed: Explosive Bomb works now, but Flashbang and Smoke Ball have been kept purposely disabled for the time being.
-Fixed: Player’s turn is no longer skipped when rolling critical failure on an AoE attack.

-Changed: Spells were made stronger, and MP gained from magic has been halved.
-Changed: Battle system has been overhauled to include Music, Sound effects and Visual effects.
-Changed: Cathedral’s indoor map has been redone and backgrounds have been re-rendered.
-Changed: Sky backgrounds (Day and Afternoon) have been redone.
-Changed: CG 4 has been re-rendered.
-Changed: Minotaur sprite has been redone.
-Changed: Hephaestus sprite has been redone.
-Changed: Journal has been completed (Sounds and Quest Tracking).
-Changed: Job requests at the guild translate on hover.
-Changed: Excelia’s gain lowered from 12 to 9 in order to cover for food bonuses (which is a +3).
-Changed: You can walk forward by holding the W key now.
-Changed: Battle action icons have been increased in size from 32px to 64px.

-Added: 8 CGs.
-Added: Difficulty setting at the beginning of the game.
-Added: Hostess of Fertility Location with the possibility to eat once a day (Excelia bonuses).
-Added: Arm Wrestling and Drinking minigames.
-Added: Achievement System.
-Added: Companion actions during battle (Hold Shift and left click an item).
-Added: 7500 words (~25 minutes gameplay).

-Fixed: Restored “The Chienthrope girl” quest which I deleted by mistake.
-Fixed: Waypoint in Floor 7 and Floor 8.
-Fixed: Rollback adding multiple spells (Finalized choice after choice).
-Fixed: Exiting the dungeon will no longer return an error regarding the gallery in the log.
-Fixed: “Magic Mushroom” quest not completing successfully.

-Changed: Added a small delay when advancing turn, but only to monster attacks, so you can see the turns advancing but everything will happen still quickly.
-Changed: Mind Down state will now make you vulnerable to monster attacks.
-Changed: Unavailable locations are now hidden (as opposed to being locked) to free up some space.
-Changed: When attempting to use an item in the wrong situation, a message from Bell’s perspective will display.
-Changed: Some locations were made available only during day.
-Changed: Demeter sprite has been redone.
-Changed: Warning of having reached the end of a build has been moved to Bell’s objective view.

-Added: Quest “Middle floors disturbance”.
-Added: Orc monster, and its drop item.
-Added: HP Bar Depletion Speed Setting.
-Added: Guild Location, Market Location, Demeter’s farm location.
-Added: Farming Minigame.
-Added: 5 Items (Monster Lure, Morbul, Flashbang, Smoke Ball, Explosive Bomb).
-Added: 5 Job Board Quest.
-Added: 9 CGs.
-Added: 12000 words (~40 minutes gameplay).

-Fixed: The rest button is now enabled when you defeat the Silverback with an E rank ability or higher.
-Fixed: Minor typos including the removal of older messages displaying “This is the end of the current build”.
-Fixed: Black screen on animations (null handle) on Radeon cards.
-Fixed: Game freezing during animations (invalid media type) on Radeon cards.
-Fixed: Floor 9 footsteps now play the correct sounds.
-Fixed: Improved performance on Floor 9 (Although some areas can still be demanding for older machines).
-Fixed: Piece of ceiling disappearing/flickering on floor 9 when getting too far from the entrance.
-Fixed: Objective in “Moving Forward” quest not being marked as completed, it has been fixed retroactively too.
-Fixed: Game no longer freezes when receiving Silverback’s fur.
-Fixed: Bell03 sprite’s graphical glitches (Missing back hair and belt slightly clipping through jacket).

-Changed: The game will now attempt an automatic rollback up to six times when a line is not found during loading (Saving in HUB is still suggested).
-Changed: Renamed “Bell?” to “Pneuma” and fixed its position to the speaker’s box.
-Changed: Mouse’s scroll sensitivity when rolling back in an effort to make rollback work better/properly in all platforms.

-Fixed: Battles no longer have a chance to freeze when Liliruca is in the party with you.
-Fixed: Minor typos.
-Fixed: Input is no longer read while console is open.
-Fixed: Improved performance on Floor 5,6, and 7 (Easier on the CPU).
-Fixed: Small issue with Floor 7’s occlusion culling, improving the performance slightly.
-Fixed: Dungeon Expedition costs not substracting properly (or at all).
-Fixed: Battles no longer freeze if the enemy is quicker than you.
-Fixed: Issue in the price and purchase of High Potions.

-Changed: Upgraded Unity Engine (2019.4.23f1 to 2019.4.30f1) and Naninovel (1.15 to 1.16) to fix some issues.
-Changed: You can rollback through your keyboard by pressing “TAB” key.
-Changed: Frog Shooters now drop Diminuitive Magic Stones.
-Changed: Monsters have weaknesses and resistances to elements now (some even to physical damage!).

-Added: Dungeon Floor 8, 9.
-Added: 7 Dungeon Events.
-Added: Cheats.
-Added: Brothel location.
-Added: Magic system and Bell’s initial spells.
-Added: 1 Character (Samira).
-Added: Quest “Goblins & Kobolds”, Quest “I can use magic?!” and Side Quest “Magic Mushrooms”.
-Added: 3 Items (Magic Potion, High Magic Potion, Greater Magic Potion).
-Added: 4 CGs.
-Added: 16000 words (~50 minutes gameplay).

-Fixed: Deepest floor registers properly now.

-Changed: Status now supports companions, and has a party category.
-Changed: You can now wait during battle to skip your turn.
-Changed: Doubled the chance for a battle to occur when resting.
-Changed: Included a comment to make it clearer which choice to pick if you want to date or reject a confession.

-Added: Dungeon Floor 7.
-Added: Killer Ant, Purple Moth, Blue Papilio, and Needle Rabbit monsters (+ their item drops).
-Added: Rest points in the dungeon.
-Added: Companion system.
-Added: Quest “The Chienthrope girl”.
-Added: 2 Characters (Ottar, Demeter).
-Added: 9 CGs.
-Added: 13500 words (~45 minutes gameplay).

-Fixed: Aspect Ratio adjusts automatically now and no longer requires the user to restart the game.
-Fixed: Artifacts on the borders no longer appear on some aspect ratios after going through a loading screen.
-Fixed: Animation/video issues by switching over to “Static” resource management.
-Fixed: Minor typos.

-Changed: Healing potions can now be used during battles.
-Changed: Monsters will now drop items (including their correct magic stone).
-Changed: Frog Shooter and War Shadow have been made slightly stronger.
-Changed: Liaris Freese’s effect has been doubled.
-Changed: Battle background from floor 5 to 7 has been redone.

-Added: Notification system.
-Added: Silverback monster.
-Added: 4 Characters (Misha, Maris, Rose, Liliruca).
-Added: Daedalus Street.
-Added: Quest “Moving Forward”.
-Added: 11 CGs.
-Added: 9000 words (~30 minutes gameplay).

-Fixed: Aspect Ratio, all of the aspect ratios are now supported.
-Fixed: HP and MP sometimes showing up with decimals during battle (After increasing endurance or magic).
-Fixed: Gallery will show the locked thumb when a CG has been locked (Cheats or altering of the global save).
-Fixed: Part of the input (such as hide through mouse) would get disabled after accessing the hub, until the game was restarted.

-Changed: Syr sprite has been altered slightly.
-Changed: Frog Shooter has been made slightly stronger.
-Changed: Anya sprite has been altered slightly.

-Added: 3 Characters (Airmid, Miach, Ganesha).
-Added: Quest “A test of power”, Quest “A friend in need”.
-Added: Dungeon Lizard monster, War Shadow monster.
-Added: 4 CGs.
-Added: 14000 words (~45 minutes gameplay).

IMPORTANT NOTE: Changing the aspect ratio requires you to reopen the game, afterwards it will work fine. This will be fixed in later releases.
I also changed build method, so if Linux version does not work, please do let me know and I will fix it ASAP.

-Fixed: HP and MP not increasing when your Endurance and Magic did.
-Fixed: Input is correctly blocked when showing UI in the title.
-Fixed: You can no longer move when some UI is visible.
-Fixed: Inventory icon no longer stays on after closing the inventory.
-Fixed: Removed the text “button” from Bell’s sprite in the hub.
-Fixed: The speed of reading the save/load slots was drastically improved (almost instantaneous).

-Changed: Movement speed (in the dungeon) can now be changed in the settings.
-Changed: Visuals of all of the existing floors, and their performance, has been improved.
-Changed: Speaker’s name has an outline now, making it more readable in similarly colored backgrounds.
-Changed: Most UI can be closed with the escape key now.
-Changed: Save slots increased from 100 to 120.
-Changed: Save and Load UI has been redone, you can now write a small description to every save.
-Changed: Saving in the dungeon will show a snapshot of the floor instead of a campfire to better identify the save file.
-Changed: Loading to the dungeon will no longer show the campfire, but the default loading (rotating hourglass).
-Changed: Bell can be clicked (in the hub) to display the current objective in order to progress with the main storyline.
-Changed: Skills and Spells now show a tooltip to briefly describe them in your Status.
-Changed: Expanded Ais’ first possible encounter (After the dungeon).
-Changed: Battle system has been overhauled (UI changes, multiple enemies, potions can be used in battle, and item drop notification).
-Changed: The amount of endurance excelia has been increased, and now also depends on how much damage you receive.

-Added: Missing sounds in dialogue and UI.
-Added: Footstep sounds, toggleable in settings/audio.
-Added: Ambient audio (Pub chatter, birds chipping, …).
-Added: Quest “Power dysphoria”.
-Added: Dungeon Floors 5 and 6.
-Added: Kobold monster, Frog Shooter monster.
-Added: Gallery.
-Added: 1 CG.
-Added: 1500 words (~5 minutes gameplay).

-Fixed: Loading screen stops working after loading the dungeon once.
-Fixed: Many typos throughout the whole game (Thanks Shazamin!).
-Fixed: The game will no longer automatically save on the slot your mouse cursor is hovering on (When in dungeon mode).
-Fixed: Game will no longer freeze when opening the menu while the character is moving.
-Fixed: Saving and loading the game soon after entering the dungeon will no longer teleport you elsewhere.
-Fixed: Camera’s rotation is correctly saved now, so using middle click after loading a game in the dungeon won’t shift the camera back to the wrong position.
-Fixed: Game Manager not properly resetting all of the variables when going back to the main menu and starting a new game.

-Changed: Status menu now shows Skills and Spells.
-Changed: Inventory has a way to display item’s description (Right click) and a way to use certain items (Double left click).
-Changed: Improved lighting effects are applied to all existing floors, including the tutorial one.
-Changed: Minimap displays the stairs in green now, if the stairs lead up, they will always be marked even if you came in the floor through other means.

-Added: Dungeon Floors 1, 2, 3 and 4.
-Added: 14 Characters (Naaza Erisuis, Riveria, Bete, Tiona, Tione, Lefiya, Loki, Finn, Gareth, Mia Grand, Anya, Ryuu, Lulune, Allen).
-Added: 3 CGs.
-Added: 9 Dungeon Events.
-Added: Healing potion items (High Potion added, but unavailable in R2), Treasure/loot for the current dungeon floors.
-Added: Hub.
-Added: Blue Pharmacy.
-Added: Quest “Growth Spurt”.
-Added: 6800 words (~23 minutes gameplay).

First release.

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