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Out of Touch is a psychedelic melodramatic comedy about a group of childhood friends as they grow up, grow apart, and reconnect…before everything really goes off the deep end! Taking inspiration from psychedelic thrillers, Out of Touch is an extremely odd journey through several genres from teenage romance to existential horror.
After being sent away by his mother due to a terrible misunderstanding involving his closest friend, our protagonist CJ returns years later for the last two semesters of high school completely changed in both body and spirit.
Wielding a newfound power and determined to rekindle his old relationships, can CJ convince his friends he’s the same person they used to know? Can he avoid ruining absolutely everything like the doofus he is?

Thread Updated: 2022-05-01
Release Date: 2022-05-01
Developer: Story Anon PatreonSubscribeStar Itch.ioPixivTwitterDiscord
Censored: No
Version: 2.20 Public
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English

Psychedelic, Harem, Male Protagonist, Vanilla, Group, Yuri, Hand-Holding.


1. Extract and run. Usual Ren’py stuff.


820 new renders and a new chapter that’s nearly 50% longer than Ch26 with probably twice the word count.

v1.70 changelog
-623 new renders
-A lil’ bit of spook just in time for Halloween
-Reworked how Open World segments going forward function behind the scenes. Hopefully, if everything works correctly you shouldn’t notice anything different but it makes life a lot easier for me!
-Katie has remembered who she is and has stopped pretending to be Mizue or ???
Silly girl.
-400 new renders!
-4 new events for Sarah, Jamie and two brand new characters!
-Another round of image optimization with no quality loss. You aren’t going crazy, the file size of the whole game has gone down by a few hundred megabytes, even including the new images.
-Fixed a music bug in Ch2 that was sometimes making an awkward silence for CJ’s section.
-Fixed a ton of typos in Ch23, 24 and 25.
-Kieran is no longer in the girls apartment, you’ll now find her (and Sarah) in their dorm room in the School District.
-Jamie will be found at the City Center after completing Side Arc 1 for Victoria, Leah, Teresa, Ashley and Kieran.
-Sarah will be found at the School District after completing Jamie’s Side Arc 1.

Known issues:
-The game will more often than not soft lock if Sarah gets to 0 HP in Ch15. For now just don’t lose I guess.
-We’re reworking the entire button UI for open world segments and choice segments, so the old vertical buttons are still kinda crappy and still don’t fit some words in them but rest assured that won’t be a problem for much longer.

v1.62 Public
-Brand new chapter!
-632 new renders!
-After far too long, OoT now has screen resolution settings!
-Not one, but two gigantic exposition dumps!

v1.55.6 Public
Sorry just a quick hotfix for a script error in the beginning of Ch24.

v1.55.5 Public
-A new area to visit, the Apartment! This is where you’ll start each girl’s side arc (at least initially) and will be used for some other thing’s involving the girls later.
-463 new renders! 5 new events! Victoria, Leah, Ashley, Teresa and Kieran all have their first Side Arc events available!
-I’m also implementing a new compression method for renders going forward that seems to have cleaned up quite a bit of artifacting, making the renders look significantly better even when stretched. There’ll be a bit of a bump in image file size but not much. It’ll be very useful once screen resizing is out next update.
If you guys like it (it’ll be present in these new side events), I’d be happy to go back and redo most of the game renders in the same way.
-A few music changes, nothing too crazy.
-Some much needed typo fixes in Ch24 and a few more squashed in the prologue and Ch2.

v1.55 Public
-Chapter 24 is out!

-688 new renders!
-Expanded lewd scenes and new renders for Chapters 15 and 18 too!
-A shitton of typos have been fixed!
-Patreon and Discord have been integrated into the game, we’re now shilling at rates never before seen!
-We moved all file and asset handling to a static class to make distinguishing on Android easier in the future. This changes literally nothing for you, but hey Android’s coming! Yay back end!



After much waiting and a great Patron Poll, Chapter 22 AND 23 are here!

That means:

3,963 new renders! 4+ hours of new main story content! That’s right! this update is as big, if not bigger, than many entire Koikatsu games.

-A crap ton of bug fixes and new quality of life improvements! Skip actually works the way we want now! Sorta!

-5+ completely new and original songs never seen in game yet!

Jamie More Jamie Even More Jamie The conclusion of Jamie’s arc and the first chapter of the next main story arc!

Known Issues:

– History probably still doesn’t scroll to the bottom
– Scrolling back across chapters probably is still broken.
-Pressing the Auto and/or Skip menu buttons may make them turn into white rectangles.
-Auto is really, really slow.
-Dynamic window resizing isn’t in yet, but it’s priority #1 and being worked on right now.
-Something else I’m sure I’m forgetting but someone will remind me of.

So if you haven’t read the Patreon post, this version of Chapter 22 does NOT have any combat segments. We put it to a Patron Poll whether we should delay 22 so we can get combat ready, OR if we should finish up 22 and retroactively implement combat when we’re sure it’s fun and ready. Everyone overwhelmingly chose the latter, so I busted my ass this week to get 22 complete.

And with that Patron Poll, we should have much more regular content updates now. Snow and Cyda are working on the combat animations and infrastructure behind the scenes so I can keep working on renders and writing. The next big combat segment will be Chapter 29, so everything before that I can get done and published as soon as those chapters are ready!

That means lots more Out of Touch for all of you! No more huge waits!


Hey guys!

A medium sized update for you all. This is the awaited quality of life patch that we’ve been working on while waiting for animations. You’ll notice history works better and that you now have far more pages of saves, among other wrinkles that have been smoothed over.

Oh and the Mac version should work for everybody now. We know there have been some big issues with it but it should be working fine now.

Also moreover, I finally did the soundtrack redesign now that we’ve acquired the licenses for some of my favorite bandcamp artists, so as of now essentially everything in the soundtrack is either original or paid licensed. I’ll write more about the amazing musicians pitching in to make OoT sound as good as it does in the near future, but suffice it to say the game now sounds how I imagined it would while I was writing it.

More news in the monthly update coming in a few days!


-After a long, long, LONG wait, the Unity build is now ready for full public release!
That means:
-Chapter 20 AND 21 are out!
1353 new images!
– A completely reworked combat system and UI for Chapter 15!
-New music, new sound effects, new everything!
The bug that was causing picture transitions to take forever has been squashed. Rejoice!
-Menus work way better! You won’t notice it, but I sure do!
-The meanest fucking cliff hanger I’ve ever written.

Known Issues:
-New music will stop and restart a few times if you’re skipping, if you hear that happening just stop clicking for about a second and it’ll fix itself.
-Some buttons aren’t having their text resize properly, so the words inside wrap around. This will be fixed pretty soon.
-There will be more pages of save slots soon, I hate it too I swear.

I just want to give a huge thank you to everyone who made this build possible, biggest of all Snow who programmed his heart out for 5 months to set up all this framework that we’ll be using for the next few years as we finish OoT.

I also want to thank you guys for your enormous amount of patience with our rebuild. Your support and readership is why we do the things we do and I hated keeping you waiting.

Speaking of which, we should be back to more regular updates now with the rebuild finished. While I wouldn’t expect an entire new chapter every week, now that the rebuild is done I can start adding in all the side content I’ve been meaning to. So expect more of your favorite girls in the near future!

Other than that, Chapter 22 is progressing nicely. If you want some nuts and bolts details about it, go read my June 1st Monthly Update. But as of now the script is nearly finished and all that’s left is the combat, both animations and mechanics.

There’s a lot of things that factor into when we can deliver that chapter, but we’re aiming for a Summer release.

However, the first thing Snow is going to be working on next is the Mac version and the Android version, both of which should be out as well in the very near future.

As always, my DMs are always open and I’m always on our Discord, feel free to reach out to me with any questions either here or there. Here’s the invite: https://discord.gg/jJAjjvW38h

Anyway, thank you again for sticking with us and enjoy!


v0.10 is another pretty simple update like v0.9 that removes a potential blocker in Chapter 7 and fixes a ton of little script errors and typos that had managed to avoid detection previously.
As well as this, a bunch of legacy code from the Ren’py version was finally cut out.
So if you were having issues progressing past Chapter 7 in the Test build, that’s now completely fixed plus the games a little prettier now.
Known issues: Same as from the previous update
-Sprite Transitions aren’t working as intended
-Map screen blinks to white after a split second.
-Holding skip for long periods will cause some temporary issues with scrollback and video playing.

Unity Test v0.09

Big ones fixed:
-Alejandras dementia should be cured and you are now able to progress out of Chapter 2.
-Almost all of the missing images have been found hiding under the floorboards and have been put back into their slave labor camps proper folders.
-You wouldn’t know it but I implemented the fixes needed for Jamies section of Ch2 into CJs section and the Ch7 walk around as well. So those should work!
Small ones fixed:
-I took this opportunity to just scout forward to Ch14 and fix all of the stupid little script problems as well. If you see any more stupid names (or lack thereof), let me know and I can squash those very quickly.

Things not fixed:
-The map screen is still bugged. That’s a surprisingly involved issue so will probably have to wait until Monday.
-Sprites still dissolve horribly. Sorry.
-Scrollback can get a little wonky if you’ve been skipping.

Unity Test v0.08

-The Unity Build is ready! …Kinda!
-This is the first part of the rebuild, with everything between the Prologue and Chapter 14.
While there’s no new content, the saves from this build WILL carry over to new Unity versions. So this could be a good opportunity to get caught up and ready for new chapters without having to speed run everything next week (Hopefully)!
-Because this is a Test Build and content incomplete, the Ren’py version will stay up until we have the Unity build entirely up to date and at an acceptable quality level.
-That being said, any of you who are willing to take a look at this build and give feedback/find bugs will be absolutely invaluable! If you do find bugs or issues, feel free to DM them to me here or hop on my Discord server and let us know there!
-We’ve worked very hard to get this Unity rebuild done as quickly as possible so we can get back to releasing new content and everyone who pitches in to test will help get new chapters out sooner!
-As always, everyone’s continued patience is greatly appreciated.

Known Issues:
Alejandra’s memory is a bit hazy at the moment, she MIGHT not remember if you’ve visited her.
Sprite transitions are NOT working as intended and will “blink” between sprite loads. It’s awful but should be fixed by the next build.
The map screens have called in sick and despite us calling the cops, they still won’t come to work.

The Unity Rebuild and Ch20 + 21 are out!


-Chapter 19 is out! And it’s huge! This chapter kicks you back to the open world a couple times, so don’t worry. You aren’t done until you actually see the “Chapter 19 End” screen!
-533 brand new renders!
-2 new songs!
-Thanks to the boys in Bugsmashers and my regular testers for finding some really hidden typos way early in the game! They have been squashed.


-175 new images!
-Ch18 is a bit longer now
-After Ch18, you now get to walk around the open world section which also has a few more side quests and rewards for you to discover!
-A few new typo fixes, a few visual errors squashed too.


-Ch18 is out! Drinking! Singing! Dancing! Jamie being cute as fuck!
-313 new images, 3 new songs!
-More typo fixes, as usual.
-The no sexual content tag is GONE. It’s DEAD.

v1.14 Beta

-Chapter 17 is out!
– 471 new images!
– A new dialogue tree that totally didn’t take me two days to write. *Cough*
Added a few more more songs from Selfish Dream, an absolutely awesome artist who offered his music for this project.

Known Issues:
-Most of the previously listed issues are taking a bit longer to fix than anticipated. They’re being worked on, promise!

v1.07 Beta

-Ch.16 is out! The much talked about Volume 2 has begun with over 400 new renders and new music!
-A new, optional “Previously on Out of Touch!” segment has been added after the Vol. 1 credits for returning readers who need a bit of a refresher for Vol. 2.
Not really.
-The biggest wave of typo and bug fixes that this series has seen. An absolutely HUGE thank you to everyone who has been leaving bug reports and typo screenshots.
Each of you are invaluable and your dedication to this silly project is genuinely inspiring. From the bottom of my heart, thank you!

Notable fixes:
Missing Cro’dhearg and trying to heal won’t throw an exception anymore.
Cro’dhearg won’t use her AOE when she shouldn’t and cause a softlock.
The “Insert Jump Here” transition at the end of the sequence has been taken out back and shot. Again.

Known Issues:
So the Auto button actually works, the button itself just doesn’t reflect that. It is currently undergoing therapy and will reconcile with it’s friends soon.
Animations are still more jittery than wanted, optimization will continue on this for the foreseeable future.

v1.0 Beta

-New GUI! That means a new title, new menus, new textbox, new choice buttons. Everything!
-Art revamp is complete. With the exception of some parts of chapter 6 and 7, everything prior to 8 has been completely redone and brought up to the standard of chapter 9 onward, giving the VN a consistent visual quality.
-New content in Chapter 7 and 15. Both are massive spoilers, but you can’t miss them. Especially 15. Play 15.
-New music, both original and featured! Some of the older songs have been replaced with more thematically appropriate music, overall the soundtrack should feel more consistent in its theme.
-An actual credits sequence!
-New task bar icon! Look at that little flower!

Known issues:
-Animations in Chapter 15 are still a bit janky and reset by themselves occasionally. We’re still working on the animation framework and this should get progressively better every update.
-if you use the scroll wheel to return back to the combat encounter in Chapter 15, you’ll get an exception error. Just reload or rollback to fix it.
-The auto button literally does nothing.
-If you complete the combat segment in Chapter 15 and then reload a save prior to it, the combat segment will not load correctly if you reach it again. This can be fixed by just exiting and restarting the VN.


-Last update of the year and the last update before the big Vol. 1 Beta release in January!
-Chapter 2 and 3 art remakes are done!
-Chapter 2 features a separate adventure segment for both Jamie and CJ, including the first little side quest of the series involving three new characters.
-Alejandra will remember if you’ve visited her in Ch1 or not.
-Leah has some new conversation options when CJ and her are alone in her apartment.
-A stupid UI bug which made all the menu text black on some machines is fixed. Sorry about that.


Chapter 1 remake is done!
Added the first version of the adventure gameplay segments and significant amounts of new dialogue between CJ, Jamie and Sarah for this part. Also a brand new character!
Added animations back into Ch15 after dropping them on the floor. Whoops.
New updated splash art for the title and the new main theme song, the first music made specifically for Out of Touch!
A lot, I and I mean a lot, of behind the scenes code changes that have changed the whole game from a simple one label kinetic novel to being on a real game framework. Chapter 1 is just the beginning, with this restructure in place making more adventure gameplay content will be a walk in the park.

v0.9* (2020-11-28)

Just a little mini update, I merged all released content into one Ren’py executable and reuploaded it. If you would like to compress this as well, absolutely feel free.
Basic story elements for all of Vol.1 are out. Prologue art assets are release quality.

Developer Notes:

Out of Touch! is my passion project that grew from a little writing challenge back in March when quarantine had just started.
Since then, it’s grown from a short story to a small comic series and now (finally) a real visual novel!

Creating this VN has been a real joy in my life and I wake up every day excited to work on it, even 8 months later. I only hope I can share a little bit of that with my readers, especially the wonderful creators I’ve had the pleasure of becoming friends with because of this project.

Out of Touch is planned to be 100 chapters and currently the first Volume of 15 chapters is complete and published, with new chapters coming on a regular basis!

Oh my God why are you rebuilding the game in Unity? Are you insane? Unity games suck!

In a lot of cases, especially with Erotic games, I actually agree. Unity advertises itself as being friendly to new or amateur developers in the same way Ren’py does but let’s be real:

It isn’t.

The result is that a lot of amateur devs try to make their first Daz or Honey Select game with some pre-built VN package in Unity and absolutely fuck it up. It runs terribly, it’s full of bugs and crashes. Awful.

That’s not what we’re doing.

Instead, our lead programmer Snow has built our own VN system in Unity that’s tailored for exactly the game Out of Touch wants to be. This is his full time job and yes, he’s a real programmer. In fact, his only job is getting the Unity version working and he works on it 8+ hours a day.
Suffice it to say, this isn’t the same pre-built nonsense that you’ve seen before.

Now Why are we spending so much time and effort rebuilding the game in Unity?

If you’ve played Ch15, you’ve realized this isn’t just a simple VN. Surprise it’s a real video game. The mechanics present in Ch15 are barely a tutorial for the real game to come and even that was already pushing Ren’py far past it’s limits, to the point that the Android version was permanently broken.

This Unity rebuild will allow us not only to make the gameplay as strong and fun as we always wanted, but it will also allow us to bring the game BACK to Android. Seeing as how prior to the 1.0 release Android players made up around 50% of our player base, this is a big deal for us.

Of course with anything like this, there will be bugs to iron out and other issues to fix. Please let us know any problems you find and we will get them fixed. If you’ve played the Ren’py version and there’s something new or different in the Unity build that you don’t like, tell us! My goal is for the transition from Ren’py to Unity to be as seamless as possible and I want all wanted functionality from Ren’py to remain.

A note about NTR

There is no NTR.

None. Zero. Zilch. Nada.

“B-but what about-“


There is no cheating. There is no stealing. There is no betrayal. There are no other dicks in any LI other than the MC’s.

Yeah okay but-

There is no NTR.

There is no NTR.

There is no NTR.





T O U C H:

Soundtrack Playlist:

Long requested, here’s most of the current soundtrack all on one Youtube playlist.


Fan Signatures:
Thank you so much to Kitsune241 for these wonderful fan signatures!
It’s a crime that this game doesn’t have any fan signatures yet, so I made a few:
Or just copy paste one of these:

Out of Touch:
Leah Dancing:



































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