In this game you take on the role of a young guy in a medieval world of magic. He was forced to make a deal with the demon of Vice by fate. He gave his soul for magical abilities. He never wanted anything like that and now wishes to take his soul back. What will he do? Will he challenge the demon or will he accept his fate and become an obedient servant of the dark forces? The choice is completely yours.​

Thread Updated: 2021-02-15
Release Date: 2021-01-02
Developer: Fennec Games – Patreon
Censored: No
Version: 0.1.81 Hotfix
OS: Windows
Language: English

3d game, Anal sex, Ahegao, Big Ass, Big Tits, Footjob, Furry, Futa, Group sex, Handjob, Harem, Lesbian, Male protagonist, Multiple Penetration, Oral Sex, Prostitution, Sex Toys, Slave, Sleep Sex, Spanking, Tentacles, Titfuck, Vaginal Sex


1. Extract
2. install the prerequisites from the folder WayOfASorcerer 0.1.21 hotfix/WindowsNoEditor/Engine/Extras/Redist/en-us/
3. Run GameWayOfASorcerer.exe


v0.1.81 Hotfix
– Fatal error after completing the illicit meeting quest
– Fatal error after talking to a minotaur during the hall event
– The door to the vampire’s crypt was closed after the boss fight
– The player couldn’t talk to Cara about the ravens to complete the trailing the renegade quest
– Belvina was keeping fight when her health reaches zero
– The guardians banishing Cara wasn’t moving during the fight
– Infinite loop of Adella’s night event
– Gabriela was standing T pose during her night event
– Some answers in dialogues with Aellin hadn’t a continuation


– Added a new boss – Ancient Gorgon
– Added a new velalith – Naga (there Are 2 forms-human and scaly form)
– Added a new character – Algrim
– Added a new character – Felicia
– Added a new level – Gleaming Swamps
– Added a new level – Mount Rantor
– Added a new armor set: “Snake armor”
– Now the console is available without a password
– Quest “Search for the Demonologist” is now completable
– Added quest: “Stone curse”
– Added quest: “Cost of the soul”
– Added skill: “Magic Heal”
– Added skill: “Steel Skin Spell”
– Added skill: “Summoning Vindicators”
– Added item: “Mortem Anguis”
– Added item: “Potion of Saturation”
– Added a system of “punishment” for offenses
– Added 4 random events – 1 for each boss

– New h-scenes (13 in Total)

– 6 scenes with Nagas (3 for each form)
– 4 Scenes with Adella
– 3 scenes in the sex room (Female Minotaur + Naga, male Minotaur + Naga, Female Minotaur + Female Minotaur)


– Fixed a bug – A night event was launching after loading a save
– Fixed a bug – Lack of character customization in the sex room
– Fixed a bug – Spawn bosses in rooms for workers
– Fixed a bug – Characters do not have animations during training.
– Now after the bossfight with Gabriela, the door to the crypt will be opened and it is easier for the player to get armor from there
– Fixed a bug – LODs of Lilith textures was making textures very blurry and reduced their quality.
– Fixed a bug – after giving wine to Gabriel, it does not disappear from the inventory
– Fixed a bug – in some cases, the player could not use items from his inventory



– Added the ability to save during the prologue
– Added a companion system (Experimental)
– Added a dialogue during the gameplay system
– Added a new level – Madburg Town
– Added a new level – Wolf Lakes
– Added a new level – Vampire Dungeon
– Added a new character – Margaret
– Added a new character – Anneni
– Added a new character – David
– Added a new character – Aellin
– Added a new boss – Gabriela
– Added a new boss – Belvina
– Added a new enemy – Omega-Vampire
– Added new armor: Vampire Hunter Armor
– Added a new quest: “Vampire Hunt”
– Added new quest: “Wolf disease”
– Added a new quest: “Illicit meeting”
– Added a new quest: “Wine for the Vampire”
– Added a new quest: “Still waters run deep”
– Added a new item: “Rope”
– Added a new item: “Fern Leaf”
– Added a new item: “Sugar”
– Added a new item: “Peony”
– Added a new item: “Stone”
– Added a new item: “Crystal Angennite”
– Added a new item: “Crystal Feronite”
– Added a new item: “Encyclopedia of Lycanthropy”

– Added new sex scenes (25 total)

– 7 new scenes with Gabriela (4 in the human form and 3 in the true form)
– 6 new scenes with Belvina (3 in the human form and 3 in the monster form)
– 4 new scenes with Anneni
– 4 new scenes with Margaret
– 3 new scenes with Aellin
– 1 scene with Anneni and Margaret

– Added 4 training scenes with Gabriela (2 in the human form and 2 in the true form)
– Added 4 training scenes with Belvina (2 in the human form and 2 in the monster form)


– Nerfed Vindicator
– Fixed a bug: The player could not complete the quest “We need it more” if he had more armor than necessary
– Fixed a bug: Conditions of quests could be duplicated
– Fixed some inventory bugs: Sometimes items could not be used, or using them did nothing
– Fixed a bug: Teleportation to the Misty Crossroads level opened the menu level
– Fixed some bugs with the skill learning window
– Fixed a bug: Sometimes customization of minotaurs in the castle wasn’t working



– Added new velalith – Minotaur.
– Added new character – Silvia
– Added new character – Rebecca
– Added a new character – Robin
– Added a new character – Bargo
– Added a new character – Agatan
– Added a new armor set – Myth seeker mantle
– Added a new level – Misty Crossroad
– Added a new level – The lustful priest tavern
– Added a new level – Uninhabited Thicket
– Added a new level – Minotaur Dungeon
– Rewritten dialogues with Cara
– Rewritten dialogues with Labbiel
– Rewritten some dialogues with Vigmar
– A bit changed the first dialogue with Gracie
– Added a quest – “The dishonest supplier”
– Added a quest – “Searching for the demonologist”
– Added a quest – “Trailing the renegade”
– Added a new item – “Fairy dust”
– Added 3 random events in the castle
– Now the player can lock the camera on an enemy by pressing Alt
– Now the player can track quests
– Now you learn skills instantly if you haven’t hired a wizard.
– Now there are notes and writings (As items) which player can read
– Added a test mechanic – characters look is customizable by random (Only enabled for minotaurs yet)

– Added new sex scenes (16)

– 7 new scenes with minotaur (F) (3 are enabled in her room dooring the day, 2 in the night and 2 during random events in the castle)
– 3 new scenes with Silvia (In the lustful priest tavern)
– 3 new scenes with Rebecca (In the lustful priest tavern)
– 2 new scenes in the sex room: 1) Minotaur (M) + Harpy. 2) Minotaur (M) + Onadir
– Scene minotaur (F) + Onadir (Enable during one of the new random events)


– Fixed bug – falling through the landscape after teleportation to another level
– Now the player can’t build more than one room at the same time
– Fixed bug – Player wasn’t able to buy anything from Cara if she’s in the castle
– Fixed bug – Workers were disappearing and replacing each other
– Fixed bug – Player wasn’t able to use “Aura of trust” skill
– Fixed a string of bugs during night scenes in the player’s room
– Fixed bug – Labbiel doesn’t go from the forge at the night
– Fixed bug – Beloria keeps standing in the cave after hiring her
– Fixed bug – Workers were disappearing after getting gifts from the player
– Fixed bug – Player couldn’t start enabled scenes in the sex room
– Fixed bug – Sometimes dialogue widget was freeze without text and buttons
– A bit changed the laboratory room.
– Fixed bug – Player couldn’t finish quest “We need it more”



– Added prologue of the main plot
– Added battle skills system
– Added minimap
– Added achievements system
– Added console (Opening by C button)
– Added slots for fast using items
– Added ability to forge armor
– Added a new armor – Sorcerer Knight armor
– Added ability to give gifts to girls
– Added a new enemy – Vindicator
– Added a new boss – Vigmar
– Added ability to teleport to other levels
– Added a new battle skill: “Ice Onslaught”
– Added a new item: Blueberry
– Added a new item: Book
– Added a new item: Bread
– Added a new character – Lilith
– Added 4 new random events

– Added 22 new sex scenes:
– 4 New sex scenes unlocking by achievements
– 3 New sex scenes with Beloria (2 are in her room in the night, third is in the library during a random event)
– 3 New sex scenes with harpy (2 are in her room in the night, third is in player’s room during a random event)
– 3 New sex scenes with satyr (Female) (One is in her room in the night, second is right there, but in the day, third is in player’s room during a random event)
– 2 New sex scenes with onadir (in her room in the night)
– 2 New sex scenes with werecat (One is in her room in the night, second is in player’s room during a random event)
– 2 New sex scenes with Cara (in her room in the night)
– 2 New sex scenes with Lilith (In the game prologue)
– 1 New sex scene with Labbiel (In her room in the night


– Now player can change camera location by pressing W/S/A/D/Z/X buttons if CTRL is pressed
– A bit changed one sex scene with Beloria and Ida
– Fixed impossibility to go to the second floor
– Fixed bug with duplicating main character’s models during trainings
– Fixed wrong characters’ characteristics displaying
– Fixed ability to dodge without moving
– Fixed duplicating onadir’s model during a random event
– Fixed zeroing relationships with characters.
– Changed death widget
– A bit changed main character model
– Now built rooms are ticked off.
– The principle of the work of some skills in dialogues with characters changed
– Updated merchant’s inventory in the old village level


– Battle system rework
– Added ability to dodge enemies attacks
– Added stamina system
– Added moveset, now the player can do 7 different attacks each of which activates by its combination of LMB, W, A, D, S or Shift buttons. Here you can see all the info about the moveset: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1maxNAuEiW4EkLTLPi53JNdxKux05R3US9K9R2DpooRc/edit#gid=0
– Players now can not run being standing in the battle stance
– Rewritten dialogues with Barbara
– Changed a major part of the interface
– Added random events system
– Added 7 new random events. Here you can see the events list and conditions for getting these events: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1X5jKiYGdI9HrYeqLIr4p1XawECk8SwmigDwZ_2oAqDc/edit#gid=0
– Added 11 new sex scenes (Major part of them are enable only after unlocking some random events)
– 3 New scenes with onadir
– 2 New scenes with satyr (Female version)
– 1 New scene with harpy
– 1 New scene with werecat
– 1 New scene with Beloria
– 1 New scene with Ida and satyr (Male version)
– 1 New scene with Beloria and Ida
– 1 New scene with Beloria, Ida and the main character


– Added sound effect for block activation
– Added sound effect for blocking an attack
– Changed sound effect of player’s attacks
– Fixed the bug with time dilation by pressing the Q button while carrying boxes for Gracie
– Fixed the bug with not working interface after trying to remove all runic stones from a stone slab in the cave
– Fixed the bug with having no price snow werecat
– Fixed the bug with unfulfilled quest ‘From a countess to a prisoner’
– Fixed the bug with refusing to have sex characters despite a player has good relationships with them
– A bit changed main menu level
– A bit changes the appearance of Cara
– Added the ability to close widgets by pressing esc button
– Added autosaves

0.1.21 hotfix

There were some critical bugs in the last build, so, I’ve made a hotfix.

1. Fixed bug – Duplicating workers in the castle.
2. Fixed not working interface after using spells on workers.
3. Rewritten sex system in the sex room. Some people said to me that there is a bug with stanging in T pose during sex characters, now it should be fixed.
4. Also, I’ve fixed some small bugs.


A little warning: I decided to make new mechanics the priority in this version, and about content: I will make new characters, quests, etc in the next build.

– Removed lock on enemies in the battle stance, now the camera can look at any point during a fight
– Added ability to build rooms in the player’s castle
– Added ability to train characters (beta)
– Added ability to have sex with multiple characters simultaneously and mate them. (Hello, lesbian sex and a lot else :D)
– Added a new level in the castle – Sex Room
– Added a new kind of harpies
– Added 9 new sex scenes:
– Added 1 sex scene with Gracie
– Added 1 sex scene with a harpy
Other scenes are available only in the sex room:
– Werecat + Werecat (3 scenes)
– Werecat + Harpy (2 scenes)
– Harpy + Harpy (1 scene)
– Werecat + Werecat + Labbiel (1 scene)


– Added ability to change brightness in the game.
– Loot in the patreon chest increased
– Now characters have submission scale
– Fixed bug: Sometimes player’s name was changed to his slaves’ name
– Fixed bug: When a player sells something, he sees a wrong price.
– Sleep in the bed now heals all health
– Attack range was significantly changed (Distance changed from 170 to 240 and width changed from 8 to 40)
– Now the player can’t attack while he is jumping
– A bit changed Harpy Mountains level
– Expanded functionality of the dialogue system, it will be useful to me in the future
– And a few more minor changes



– Added LODs (Levels of details) for some often used models on levels.
– Background models now don’t cast shadows
– Method of graphics processing changed, some minor things turned off
– “Old Town” and “Wild Forest” levels reworked, because of replacement some objects for other models, those look the same but more optimized
– The shadow detail of grass and trees located far away from player camera reduces or turns off in some in some cases.
– Reduced texture resolution


– Added a new mechanic – Counterattack. Now players are able to instantly attack an enemy after blocking his attack, also, during the counterattack the player has damage resisting and get eighty-five percent of damage less from other enemies.
– Added a new mechanic – Deflection of attacks. If an enemy strikes the player in the first 100 block activation milliseconds your counter-attack damage will be thrice as much as default.
– Changed camera behavior in the battle stance
– Changed targeting system
– Fixed the bug: Player couldn’t change target by pressing Q button
– Now the camera partially controllable in the battle stance
– Slightly increased range of the player’s attack


– Added Russian language
– Added learning the game mechanics
– Added a new level – Fishing Gorge
– Added a new level – Cemetery
– Added a new character – Gracie, she is in the Fishing Gorge
– Added a mini-game with helping Gracie
– Added a new character – Morest, he is in the Fishing Gorge
– Added ability to sell velaliths to Morest
– Added a heal potion, Cara sells it
– Added a black type of werecats
– Added 2 sex scenes with Barbara
– Added 2 sex scenes with a harpy
– Added 2 sex scenes with Gracie
– Added 1 sex scene with a werecat
– Added 1 sex scene with Labbiel


– Now day and night system supports any colors of the light
– Changed anchors of dialogue widget, now widgets will look correct on any monitor.
– Now sleeping in the bed regenerate health by 40 (Was 25)
– Fixed displaying health of harpies in the castle.
– Fixed opening inventory to ask her how is she
– Fixed able to target harpy in the castle
– Added a pointer at the center of the monitor
– Now the player can see his max mana value beside the current mana value
– Changed price of some items
– Added description to some items
– Slightly changed moving behavior of wolves
– Added a notification about hired workers
– Changed damage of werecat attacks
– Added ability to move the camera during sex scenes by pressing Q or E buttons
– And a few more minor changes

Developer Notes

The game is fully 3D and made in RPG and Sandbox genres. The game is suitable for people who want something unusual, not another visual novel. The game has a lot of mechanics and content – There are more than 100 unique sex scenes. Also, there are combat, armor, inventory, quests, building, and leveling your character up systems.