[Wolf RPG] [Completed] Rignetta’s Adventure [Final] [SuperMicanクラフトビール飲むところ]

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Simple game to play. It’s a pixel animated with lots of H content already even though it’s in development.
The gameplay is similar to The Holy Grail of Alharan

Thread Updated: 2022-04-23
Release Date: 2022-03-25
Developer: クラフトビール飲むところ Ci-EnFantiaTwitterFanbox
Censored: No
Version: Final
OS: Windows
Language: English (partialy translated, Player monologue are japanese)

2D game, 2DCG, Ahegao, Animated, Big ass, Big tits, Bukkake, Combat, Fantasy, Female domination, Female protagonist, Groping, Group sex, Humiliation, Japanese game, Lesbian, Monster, Monster girl, Multiple penetration, Oral sex, Rape, Tentacles

Defeat, Ear fuck, Energy drain, Female Perspective, Masturbation, Nipple torture, Pixel art, Rebellious climax, Sectional view, Slurp, Tickling


* Japanese locale is required *

1. Extract and run.



[New sex-related]
1. One additional Queen of Darkness erotic scene (multiple captives not supported)
Only implemented in reminiscence mode.
Like the Servant, it will be opened after reaching 3-5.
Since the echi-animation changes depending on the form, a recall map is provided for each form.
(The echi-animation when falling into the outer perimeter has not yet been implemented because it has not yet been created.
It will be implemented in the commercial version.
2. Enemies on sunken ships (B-1 to B-2) are now swimsuit-compatible.

[Newly implemented]
1. Implemented BGM for the last boss.

[Specification change]
1. Removed various shortcuts from 3-5 for the final version.
2. Markers were placed at the starting squares of all bosses.
3. All bosses can be re-fighted on the regular map.
If you have not picked up a recall item after defeating a boss, the appearance of the recall item is prioritized.
4. Fixed some animations of sunken ship enemies.
5. Faisaliah and Sea Sisters now have sex animations for each of their different colors.
The animations are the same, just different colors.

[Adjusted game balance]
1. Faster growth rate of mysterious succubus cronies

[Bug Fixes]
1. Fixed a bug that prevented one of the gems from appearing after A-3.
2. Fixed a bug in which saving and sharing enemy levels was not working properly.
Basically, the correct behavior is that the level of the boss itself is saved and shared with his cronies.
Exceptions such as the tentacle arms of the Abyss Driade are not shared because they cannot be destroyed if their level is too high.
3. Fixed a bug that the echi-anime information in reminiscence mode was not reset by escape, etc.

[Other changes and fixes]
1. Changed (EN)3_Credits.txt to (EN)3_Characters.txt
Credits are displayed at the ending in ver 1.0.0 and later versions
2. Added information on the last boss in (JP)4_spoiler & strategy memo.txt
If you are concerned about spoilers, etc., we recommend that you do not look at this page until you have cleared it.
3. Changed some boss enemies’ cronies’ data internally.
This will not affect the difficulty level.

If you transfer saved data with attack effects still on the screen, an error may appear when loading for the first time
I don’t think there’s any harm in it.

[New sex-related]
1. Added a reminiscence map where you can watch echi-anime of the last boss.
It can be accessed from the stairs on the right at the back of 3-5.
This is a test implementation, so you can watch the echi-anime by voluntarily falling.
2. Shinobi costumes and swimsuits are now compatible with the Enemies in the forest (A-1 to A-3).

[Newly implemented]
1. Implemented a function that allows you to control the configuration settings with the up and down keys.

[Specification change]
1. Enemy level will be maintained in reminiscence mode regardless of the configuration settings.
2. The animations of the majority of forest enemies have been smoothed.
3. The elevator in 3-5 has been temporarily blocked.
4. The map structure of the reminiscence area has been changed.
The stairs from the base to the reminiscence area are now blocked on one side.
5. Changed the escape gauge to be shifted according to the magnification when changing the magnification of the echi-anime display.
6. Changed to add a little weight when changing the magnification of the pecking animation display.
7. Changed the boss’s nameplate display position to the upper left slightly.
8. Excluded the chainsaw from the weapons required to open the forest, and changed it to only the beam saber.
There was not much point in having two types of weapons, so we changed them.
9. Changed attack animations to prevent some bugs.
10.Changed fast travel internally.
I don’t think this will have any impact on players.

[Bug Fixes]
1. Fixed a bug where the Abyss Dryad animation would cut off by one pixel.

[Other changes and fixes]
1. Added new animation to the yellow mini-box in 2-1.
2. Expanded my display size in the opening to twice the size of the previous version.
3. Transfer of save data from too old versions has been abolished.
Saved data from versions older than ver. 0.73 may not work properly.


1. The map beyond the elevator has not been implemented yet.
When the battle in the elevator is over, you will return to 3-5.
2. The “Swimsuit” and “Ninja costumes” are not compatible with the Enemies in the Forest (A-1 to A-3).
This will be fixed in the update at the end of February.
3. Chinese is not yet available as an option language.

Jan. 28, 2022

[New sex-related]
1. Enemies in the demon world (3-1~3-5) are now compatible with swimsuits.

[Newly implemented]
1. The function to change the magnification of echi-anime display is implemented.
You can use the up and down keys to zoom in and out during the echi-chi animation.
You can also change the magnification from the config as before.
2. The function of displaying the information of echi-anime is implemented.
Only in reminiscence mode, the current number of enemies and animation stage will be displayed.
3. BGM for bosses has been replaced with original material.
BGM for stage bosses such as Queen Slime, Alraune, and Elevator.

[Specification change]
1. Event message sending has been changed to Z key only.
Actually, you could send messages with keys other than the Z key, but we limited it to the Z key.
The reason for this is that there was a possibility of unintentionally skipping a message.
2. Changed the location of the message speed setting.
Changed the location of the message speed setting from the config to the title option.
You can only change the speed of event dialogs here.
Menu items are now displayed immediately regardless of message speed.
3. Changed the maximum number of characters for message handling.
Some item names and messages have been added or changed.
Changed the conditions for dialogue to appear in the branching maps to the forest and the sunken ship, making it easier to understand the conditions for passing through.
4. Changed the condition of the event during construction in the forest for the same reason.
The first time you approach the triangle cone, it will be displayed; the second and subsequent times, it will be displayed by pressing the Z key.
5. The animations of the majority of demon world enemies have been smoothed.
6. The nameplate display method at the start of a boss battle has been changed to look cooler.
7. Changed the effect when the “non combat area” disappears in the branching map to the forest and the sunken ship to look cooler.
8. Added edges to some tentacles of the Kraken to make them easier to see.
9. Added a sound effect when the Abyssal Driard appears.
10.Added audio to some of the undead captain’s attacks.

[Adjusted game balance]
1.Adjusted weapon balance.
Fixed knives to give a very short stun on hit.
Chainsaw now grants a short stun on hit
Grenades now give a longer stun when they hit.
Stuns now add up, so chainsaws are much stronger.
Stun is now effective on all enemies except stage bosses.
Stunning an enemy during a cast will temporarily stop the cast.

[Bug Fixes]
1. Fixed a bug that caused the Abyss Driard to keep sounding when it opened under certain conditions.
This was due to a lack of initialization of newly added variables.
2. Fixed a bug that allowed players to walk on top of a washing machine at the base.
3. Fixed a bug in which some of the animations of the demon world slime incorrectly showed the damaged state of the Explorers’ costumes.
4. Fixed a bug that caused people to jump when escaping from unhidden amboina.

[Other changes and fixes]
1. Added new animations to the yellow mini-boxes in 1-4, 1-5, and 3-1.
Changed the map structure of 1-4 to reflect these changes.
The watermelon that was left by the camp after saving the fox village in A-2 has been removed.
2. Slightly changed the map structure of 1-5.
3. Changed the color of the jet-black mat (Shadow’s furniture) to a brighter color because it was too black and looked like a hole.
4. Removed old database and system images.
This may cause incompatibilities and errors in saved data from too old ver.
However, these are too old to be supported.
5. The number of people who can have sex with all Enemies in Reminiscence Mode is now outlined in yellow.
6. Improved the response time of the title screen.
7. Added Chinese to the language list, but you can’t select it yet.
8. Added and fixed the operation method and Q&A in readme.txt.
9. Added disclaimer to readme.txt
I’m trying to fix as many bugs as possible, but I’ve summarized it as my way of thinking.


[Newly implemented]
1. Servant’s Reminiscence Map has been added.
It will be opened when you reach 3-5.
In the final version, it will be opened when you get the reminiscence item of the last boss.
2. New furniture added to the base.
A jet-black mat will be installed when you get the Shadow’s reminiscence item.
I thought about making it animated, but it would probably be weird, so I decided not to.

[Specification change]
1. Changed the direction when the elevator battle starts.
2. Changed the placement of the enemies in the hell in the reminiscence area.
3. The BGM for each boss map in the reminiscence area was not consistent, so it has been changed to play the original area BGM before battles in the coast, ruins, and hell boss maps.

[Bug Fixes]
1. Fixed a bug that prevented the hidden Amboina from catching you when you were wearing a swimsuit.
2. Fixed a bug where the servant’s echi-anime did not reflect the ninja costume (torn).
3. Fixed a bug where a servant’s hand would suddenly increase in the echi-anime.
4. Fixed a bug where the condition for the servant growing out of a lump of meat to disappear was incorrect.
The servant that grows out of a lump of meat will disappear if it is in the same square as the lump of meat.
5. Fixed a bug that allowed players to enter the reminiscence room of a slime even if they did not possess any reminiscence items.
This bug only occurs with slimes.
6. Fixed a bug in which a moth worm mat would be set up even if you did not have any reminiscence items.
This bug only occurred when the base tutorial message was displayed.

[Other changes and fixes]
1. Fixed typo in “moth worm”.
I’m not sure if this is still correct, but that’s the charm of our world!

There may be an error when loading for the first time due to the replacement of BGM.
I don’t think this will cause any real damage.

[New sex-related]
1. Implemented servant erotic scenes (multiple captures up to 3)
Can fight them by riding the elevator from 3-5.
Servants are available in all costumes.
Servants do not appear individually as they are enemies associated with the final boss.
Therefore, there are no reminiscence items.
2. Enemies in the ruins (2-1 to 2-5) are now swimsuits compatible.

[Newly implemented]
1. The blockade of 3-5 has been lifted so that players can proceed deeper into the ruins.
After defeating the specified number of Servants, the player will return to 3-5.
When the final boss is implemented, the specifications will be changed and you will be able to proceed to the end of the game.
2. Many of the BGMs have been replaced with original material.
Other BGMs will be implemented as soon as they are completed.

[Specification change]
1. We’ve changed it so that you’ll always return to your base when you walk back from the reminiscence map.
2. Changed the G-Frog’s animation speed and damage generation frequency.
The difficulty of the game will increase, but this is not a problem, so we’ve decided to change the specifications.
3. The animations of the majority of the Ruins Enemies have been made smooth.
4. The color of the map between 2-3 and 2-5 has been changed to match the atmosphere of the BGM.
5. Fixed the position and weight of enemies in some maps of the ruins.
This is a measure to distribute the load to some extent.

[Balance Adjustment]
1. Changed to remove the beam when killing an Evil Vine that is being irradiated.

[Bug Fixes]
1. Fixed a bug where the tail didn’t show up when caught by a mermaid in a swimsuit.
2. Fixed a weird part in the Lamia animation.
3. Fixed a bug where I can walk on the tent in some camps.
4. Fixed a bug where the menu would display incorrectly if you called it during a warning event in front of a den.

[Other changes and fixes]
1. I let the 3-5 mini boxes play.
They flying drones and making potions.

Ninja clothes are only available for some Enemies as we are still in the process of implementing them.
The currently supported areas are Coast and Ruins and Hell (1-1~3-5) and the sunken ship (B-1~).
Forest(A-1~A-3) will be handled sequentially.

November 26, 2021

[New sex-related]
1. New costume “Swimsuit” is added.
It is possessed from the beginning.
2. Three branching maps for enjoying gameover situations have been implemented.
Lamia’s Lair in the north of the next map after 2-1
Ruins Slime Girl’s Lair to the south of 2-5
Deeplanula’s Lair west of B-1
There are no status-enhancing items in these maps.

[Newly implemented]
1. A new appearance motion has been added to the Ruins Slime Girls, and is only applicable to those in the Ruins Slime Girl’s Lair.
2. Mummy has been placed in the base.
3. Two new furniture items have been added to the base.
If you have the Moswarm’s reminiscence item
If you have the Vinanoid’s reminiscence item
4. A “?” will also appear in the item section where there are unclaimed weapons and costumes.

[Specification change]
1. When the heart gauge is above a certain level and you are damaged by a trap or super sensitivity, the standing picture of me will have a pleasant expression.
2. Changed the image of handgun, rifle, and machine gun bullets so that they are larger and easier to see.
There are no changes to the balance of the game, such as hit detection and range.
3. The trap floor where high-level mummies appear just before 2-3 has been changed to be easier to understand.
In addition, the pattern of the mummy that appears here has been slightly changed.
4. The animation speed of many demon world enemies is too fast, so I slowed it down.
I forgot to write about it in ver 0.82.

[Other changes and fixes]
1. Fixed and changed the floor tiles of the base slightly.
It’s possible that the display will be strange only the first time, but it can be fixed by moving the map.
2. Fixed the description of bombs.
3. The number of bosses in reminiscence mode has been outlined in yellow to make it easier to understand.



  • The game may produce strange behavior when you load saved data at the base for the first time.
    This is caused by the implementation of additional events to the base.
    I never thought I would use all the preliminary events, so…I’m sorry.

[New Ecchi Content]

  • Implementation of Undead Captain erotic scene (not compatible with multiple capture).

[New implementation]

  • B-2 North side (boss map) is now open.
  • Multiple placements (of characters)at the base:
    • Undead Captain
    • Mermaid
    • Kraken
    • Espresso Machine
      If you have the Ruins Slime Girl recollection item, the Ruins Slime Girl will appear.
  • New emotes have been added.
    The Vinanoids (ヴァイナノイド) in the base will now snooze when they sleep…
  • Added new motions when the mysterious succubus appears and when defeated.
  • New appearance motions have been added to the Slime and Ruins Slime.
    In addition, the enemy layout has been changed to reflect this.
    The number of enemies has been increased slightly, but I don’t think it will make a big difference.
  • The “You don’t have to defeat the boss” tutorial has been added to 1-3.
    This will be displayed when the Queen Slime has not been defeated.
  • Added a house icon display for recollection items type that causes change to base.
    Kitsunebi (Foxfire?) and other costumes are excluded.
  • Added an “?” icon in the item columns to indicate unacquired recollection items.
    It is now easier to see how many recollection items you have in total.
  • Added an “?” icon in Fast Travel where there are unexplored camps.

[Specification Change]

  • When recovering from a fall or capture, it’s changed so that the enemy’s recovery time is a bit uneven.
    It was weird that they all started moving at once, so I fixed it.
  • Changed the specifications of coordinate attacks that slightly blur, such as anemone attacks.
    Changed blurring from pixel units to 0.5 square units.
    The maximum blur width has not been changed, so it should not affect the difficulty level.
  • The explosion when the boss is defeated was too simple, so I changed it to look like that.
    Also, changed to show a congratulatory effect when you get the boss’s recollection item.
    ※It’s the same effect as when you pick up a weapon.
  • Changed the map of the mysterious succubus, and removed some mushrooms objects.
    The mushrooms sucked up bullets and made the gameplay feel somewhat deteriorated.
  • When the mysterious succubus is defeated, it’s changed so that it will be blown away instead of disappearing.

[Balance Adjustment]

  • Lowered the surrounding repop (respawn?) cycle in the final stage of Queen Slime.
  • Queen Slime’s shooting has been changed so that it will gradually change to continuous shooting.
    (The cycle of each firing has been lengthened.)
    It now behaves quite similarly to the original homage.
  • Green Sea Anemones will now disappear when you fall in a Queen Slime fight.
    ※Other than the repop cycle of the cronies, the only other change is that the difficulty has actually been eased.
    It is difficult to judge whether the difficulty has been eased or increased, so I will not state whether it has been lowered or raised.
  • Changed to prevent the mysterious succubus from teleporting to the same location in succession.

[Bug Fix]

  • Fixed a bug where Ninja clothes did not have a pose for acquiring items such as weapons.
  • Fixed an issue where the Queen Slime would continue to fire bullets at the same spot for a while after returning from a fall or capture.
  • Fixed a problem with some palm trees on the beach.
  • Fixed a bug where mushrooms would sometimes repop after defeating a mysterious succubus.

[Other Changes and Fixes]

  • The Roomba mini box creature at the base can now go through Rignetta.
  • Changed the text of HP and SP on the consumable item icons.
  • Changed the look of the Queen Slime’s normal animation and bullets.
  • Changed the behavior in the base when you have a Queen Slime recollection item in your possession.
    The fridge is now open at the beginning, and the Queen Slime will now close it.
    New players may not notice the fridge gimmick, so this is a fix.
    *I forgot to mention this in ver. 0.82.
  • Changed the strategy memo to match the balance adjustment of the Queen Slime.


Ninja clothes are only available for some Enemies as we are still in the process of implementing them.
The currently supported areas are Coast and Ruins and Hell (1-1~3-5) and the sunken ship (B-1~).
Forest(A-1~A-3) will be handled sequentially.

Sep. 28, 2021

[Newly implemented]
1. Added support for Shinobi costumes for Enemies in Hell.
Smoothly correcting animations around facehuggers, man-eaters, and Giant Frogs.

[Bug Fixes]
1. Fixed a bug that prevented fast travel in the tutorial map under certain conditions.
This may have occurred with most existing save data.
2. The behavior of the shadow when it appears in reminiscence mode has been fixed.
3. Fixed a problem with the shadow’s naked animation.
4. Fixed a problem where the clothes were damaged or not in some animations.


Ninja clothes are only available for some Enemies as we are still in the process of implementing them.
The currently supported areas are Coast and Ruins (1-1~2-5) and the sunken ship (B-1~).
Hell(3-1~3-5) and Forest(A-1~A-3) will be handled sequentially.

Sep. 24, 2021

[Newly implemented]
1. The opening and tutorial have been implemented.
2. The tutorial map has been updated with status-enhancing items.
You can’t play the tutorial with existing save data, but you can get this status-upgrading item.

[Balance Adjustment]
1. The battle balance of the Kraken has been adjusted and revised upwards.
We’ve added new crawling enemies and attack patterns.
In addition, the tentacles that catch you on both sides have been changed to display AoE.
The game is designed to be balanced so that you can lose at first sight, but win once you understand it.
2. Fixed the growth speed of the mushroom of the mysterious succubus to be a little faster.

[Specification change]
1. Added a tutorial message to the abyss.
2. Fixed the fox village event in the forest.
The events and rewards haven’t changed, but we’ve made the lead-in easier to understand.
If you have beaten the Abyss Doriad before ver0.81, the state after clearing will be applied.
3. Fixed the structure of some hidden maps in the sunken ship.
Fixed a problem with the eye guidance in the areas where the maps are connected.
4. Various map chips for the coast have been added and modified to make the coast look better.
5. Added some map chips to the ruins.
6. The map chips of the demon world and the abyss have been slightly modified.

[Bug Fixes]
1. Fixed a bug that allowed players to move while in a fallen state if they fell on a knockback square in the recollection.

[Other changes and fixes]
1. The blue mini-boxes in 2-1, 2-3, and 2-4 now have new clothing and other items.
New animation added to the mini-box in A-2 – Watermelon eating after saving the fox village.
2. Added a new standing picture to the fox girl in A-3.
Darkened the eyes when starving.


[New sex-related]
1. Implemented the erotic scene of Sea Sister (multiple captures not supported).
[Newly implemented]
1. Open the map to B-2.
2. Installed Sea Sisters in the base.
[Specification change]
1. Changed so that when you talk to the fox girl at the base, she will make a sound.
[Bug Fixes]
1. Fixed a bug that caused some mummies to turn invisible under certain conditions.
2. Fixed a bug where bombs did not have item names in the English version.
[Other changes and fixes]
1. Added curry to 2-2.
2. Changed the blue mini-boxes in each camp to wear hats or headgear.
3. Changed the placement of enemies in some maps of ruins and sunken ships.
4. Changed the capitalization of some items in the English version.


Ninja clothes are only available for some Enemies as we are still in the process of implementing them.
The currently supported areas are Coast and Ruins (1-1~2-5) and the sunken ship (B-1~).
Hell(3-1~3-5) and Forest(A-1~A-3) will be handled sequentially.
Jul. 30, 2021
[New sex-related]
1. Added support for Shinobi costumes for Enemies in ruins.
2. The animation of the ruins slime and ghost has been modified to be smooth and less uncomfortable.
I’ve been working on this for a while, but I forgot to merge the layers and it was never implemented.
I was wondering if I should put it in the bug section, but I’ll put it here.
[Bug Fixes]
1. Fixed a bug where you can be captured by Abyssdoriad in ninja attire.
* However, an error message will be displayed because there is no animation.
2. Fixed a bug that when you hover the cursor over the gold dust while completely naked, an explanation of undressing is displayed.


[New sex-related]
1. Implemented erotic scene of Physalia (multiple capture not supported)
2. Implemented an erotic scene of a Giant moray eel (multiple captures not supported).
As with the Lady Moth’s Hut, this is a very flavor-oriented erotic scene for advanced players.
[Specification change]
1. 3 maps from the north side of B-1 are now open.
The direction of travel is west.
[Bug Fixes]
1. Fixed a bug in which my facial expression would not return if I was hit by a bonfire when the standing picture was sliding.
[Other changes and fixes]
1. To reduce processing weight, some AI processing has been modified.
I don’t think this will have any impact on the battle balance.


1. Fixed a bug that caused the face to shift when changing expressions in some environments.
2. Fixed a bug where the facial expression would not return if the player was hit by a bonfire at the same time the picture was sliding.
3. Fixed a bug where the face would shift when the warning message was displayed in Lady Moth Village.


Ninja clothes are only available for some Enemies as we are still in the process of implementing them.
The currently supported areas are the coast and seabed (1-1~1-5) and the sunken ship (B-1~).
Jun 04, 2021
1. If the face of the standing picture is greatly misaligned, once you change the costume, the bug fix in ver0.77 will be applied.
[Specification change]
1. Changed to stun the player for a certain amount of time when escaping from the captivity of Giant Ruins Slime.
Changed to prevent the player from being captured by Giant Ruins Slime in succession.
[Bug Fixes]
1. Fixed a bug where the flag would go wrong if you picked up the “Ninja clothes” before “Bunny suit”.
2. Fixed a bug that caused the face to shift when opening the menu with a non-normal expression.
Fixed a bug where the face would not change its expression when the Standing pictures slides.
We have decided that this is the best we can do at the moment.
3. Fixed a bug that caused strange behavior when opening the menu at the time of obtaining weapons and costumes.
[Other changes and fixes]
1. Fixed character graphics for slime, sea anemone, ruins slime, and demon slime.
2. The portrait of the sunken ship was too clear, so we fixed it to look more like a painting.


May 31, 2021
[New sex-related]
1. New costume “Ninja clothes” was added.
Ninja clothes costumes are available on the sunken ship.
Enemies appearing on the beach and shipwrecks are currently compatible with the echi-anime.
Reorganized the animations of coastal enemies.
The whole thing is now moving smoothly.
The anemone, starfish, and queen slime have all changed considerably.
[Newly implemented]
1. I’ve added a function that shifts the standing picture according to my position.
I think the screen is now easier to see.
2. Abyss Dryad is placed in the base.
Appears when you have both Abyss Dryad and Lady Moth reminiscence items in your possession.
[Specification change]
1. Changed the size of Deepstaria’s reminiscence item.
2. Changed so that if a scattered Deeplanula enters an impassable square, it will disappear.
I was going to put it in the specs at first, but it bothered me, so I fixed it.
3. The map chip of the sunken ship has been added and modified to make it look more like a sunken ship.
[Balance Adjustment]
1. The HP of Deepstaria, a type that does not move, was adjusted downward by about 20%.
[Bug Fixes]
1. Fixed a bug that caused the game to behave strangely when opening the menu right after moving the map.
2. Fixed a bug in the Abyss Doriad reminiscence where one arm would not level up when the other arm was revived.
3. Fixed the color of Deeplanula’s reminiscence items.
4. Fixed an issue where enemies that should have appeared in the wreck did not appear (1 enemy)
5. Fixed a bug where opening the menu just before moving to the north from B-1 would cause strange behavior.
6. Fixed a bug in which the map movement event was generated by Deepstaria when the number of Deeplanula generated by Deepstaria exceeded a certain number.
7. Fixed a bug that caused dropped items to blink and move when the game was saved and loaded.
There is no change to the time until the item disappears.
[Other changes and fixes]
1. The location of the liquid that comes out when captured by a single clione has been slightly changed.



– Fixed a bug on the map when getting the Bunny Suit for new players.
– Changed color of the core of Deep Planula(?) enemies.
– Changed layout/composition of Sunken Ship map.
– Fixed the hidden Deep Staria(?) anim.


Machined Translated Changelog:
[New erotic content] -Implemented the erotic scene of Deepstaria (multiple captures are not supported)
 I skipped one frame because I wanted to make the smaller one as another enemy
[New implementation]
・ Set up a shortcut from 3-5 to B-1 (sunken ship)
・ Open 4 maps from B-1 onward
・ On / off selection implementation of standing picture animation
 I thought it would be better to be able to set for each save data So I placed it in the config
・ Added a 3way bullet type to the mermaid
 Appears on the sunken ship
[Specification change]
・Changed the specifications of the Kisekae system. The
 costume icon currently being worn has been changed to replace the undressing icon
[Bug fix]
-The display when the option was selected
 was not a bug as a correction function, but a display bug.
[Other changes and corrections]
-Changed the color tone of the menu icon to make it easier to see the selected icon.
 Also, changed the config
icon.-Slightly changed the appearance of the drop item of Abyss Dryad.-
Waste of the item screen. I deleted some processing and made it a little lighter.
 I don’t think there is a difference because it was not a heavy screen originally.
・I corrected it because the update history was looping in 2020.
・ For future updates, I changed the configuration of the base. Internal changes
 If you get any errors, please move to another map

Boss update


[New implementation]
-Implemented the erotic scene of Vinanoid (not compatible with multiple captures)
-Implemented an AI of the type that switches weapons depending on the distance
This AI feels troublesome if used a lot, so set it only for limited enemies

-Interval 2 more maps open from Area A-1
・New species added to Evil Vine No new erotic scenes
[Specification changes]
-Since some enemies had problems with the implementation of Vinanoid AI, we have confirmed all the specification changes related to attack judgment, but the behavior of the following enemies may have changed

Target: Queen slime, face Hugger burrows, man-eaters, obstacle-type objects
-Create a setting memo A
little supplement to the world view.
The area description contains some spoiler elements.


[New implementation]
-Expand the mimic’s erotic scene ( (Multiple captures are not supported)
・Updated the Etch anime of Ruins Enemy I
 changed almost all so I will omit the details
・Implement options on the title screen
 Language setting and volume adjustment are done here
 Click “OK” at the bottom to existing It is also applied to the save data of
[Specification change]
And corrected so that the blush degree in the same feeling as the other Standing picture of naked Standing picture
slightly modify the Standing picture of the-princess-based cost
Modify easier to read, some fonts
[Bug fix]
of Lamia of-reminiscence capture corresponding number displayed
 I forgot to change it from 1 to 2 in the plan to fix it to 1 but I forgot to change it to 1-I’m sorry
that Kraken’s tentacle attack range shifts under certain conditions Correction
-Fixed the problem that an error occurs when being caught by the tentacle of Kraken and at the same time defeating it
[Other changes and corrections]
-Fairly revised the roadmap outlook
 It is a pretty sweet reading, but this animation reorganization
 Isn’t it easier to add the costumes? I’m thinking so I want to do something!


[New implementation]
-Added message display function
【Specification change】
・Changed to display a progress message in 1-3 only for trial version
・Set up future stones on a certain hidden map on the coast and seabed
Meaningless at this time
・Add new objects to 1-3
・Changed the palm trees on the coast to look a little natural
【Bug fixes】
-Fixed the problem that the behavior of reminiscence mode became strange when moving from 1-1 to reminiscence mode on foot.
-Fixed that “chain saw” was changed to “chain saw”


Newly implemented.
Implemented the erotic scene of the man-eater (multiple capture not supported)

 Man-Eater erotic scenes, big and small, are common.
Upgraded Standing Image (Explore Costumes)
Added objects to be moved into the abyss, man-eater bits, etc.

 There are no erotic scenes in these.
Open interval areas 3-4 and expand the magic water vein area from there to 3 maps away.
The base map is implemented in the interval area 1-1.

 The story in the planning stages was “I bought a bizarrely cheap summer resort to play at and the beach was flooded with demons.

 Like, the game was supposed to start in a log cabin at a summer resort.

 The priority of the map is lower than the Eechi anime, and the pace of work was slow at the time, so I’m working on it now!

 That’s what the beach parasols and beach chairs on the beach were for.
The following features have been added to the base map

  All of the acquired weapons except the knife and handgun will be placed under your pillow.

  Characters and other items are placed according to the boss drop items you get.
Implemented an AI that can bypass obstacles.

 This AI will attempt to bypass obstacles and other enemies ahead if they are jammed in front of it

 Will it be slightly more difficult? There are some things like that, but it’s more important to make progress on the echelon.

 It will only be used by some clever enemies and the AI in the event of a fall
[Specification changes]
Change the stun to CT when an enemy falls

 It’s a little easier to be surrounded by people than before, but I changed it because it felt more naughty!
Changed so that you can move directly from the base map to reminiscence mode.

 You can still get around by fast travel as before.
Changed the appearance area of ghosts.

 Due to the addition of areas, there are no new Enemies between 2-5 and 3-1.

 Ghosts are now placed only in this section

 Ruins, Dokari and Mummy are located where the ghosts used to appear.
Ruins slime girls are changed to bypass AI.
2-5 to 3-1, a very small portion of lamia were changed to bypass AI
The distance that enemies can be captured has been revised downward for the implementation of bypass AI.

 I made it short because I thought it would be nicer if we were surrounded by as many people as possible.
Adjust the timing of the shock wave attacks of slime girls to determine if a hit occurs.

 No more hit detection at the beginning and the end of the game

 I made the attack motion longer for that, so it hasn’t changed as a balance.

 I’m wondering if there will be fewer cases of attacks left that I thought were over and taking damage.


[Newly implemented]
Expanding Lamia’s erotic scene (not compatible with multiple captives)

 I’ve added the rest to the Lamia cartoons that were previously looped with kisses.

 I was going to use more than one of them, but I didn’t want to because I couldn’t help but lose Lamia.
Add multiple maps between interval areas 2-4 and 3-1.

 Interval areas 2-5 were added along with this.

 No new enemies have been added, but some of them have been changed in layout.
Added the function to shake the standing picture by damage.
[Specification change]
Add Lamia mimicking a statue

 Some of the existing lamia has also been changed to mimic form
Changed to revive with a certain probability after defeating a very few mutants.
Lowered Lamia’s SP and Heart Gauge attack power, and increased her drain rate.

 It was originally set high because the anime was completed with only kissing, but it has been adjusted.

 Also, the drainage rate has been increased to reinforce the drain-kiss-like image.
The growth rate of the mysterious Succubus’ henchmen has been revised upwards to increase the speed of growth.
Revised downward the amount of growth in leveling up many enemies.
Adjusted the amount of HP increase when leveling up Clione slightly upward.
[Bug Fix]
Fixed an issue where repeat on/off could not be toggled in Recollection mode even after the fix.
Fixed a bug where some mutants could not be defeated.
Fixed a bug where the tentacles on the right side of the Kraken were not reviving.
[Other changes and corrections]
Added new objects such as wall paintings to the ruins map chip.
Fixed some of the ruins map chips and structures, and changed the places where you can move to make it easier to understand.
The animation is added when Kraken’s tentacles pop.
The thing that was hard to see in the font of the item description text etc. was corrected.


[Newly implemented]
Mutants’ erotic scenes are implemented (up to 3 bodies captured).

 Mutants have multiple appearances and behavior patterns, but the basic form of the etch anime is the same!
Extended from interval area 3-3 to 3 maps ahead
[Specification change]
The fallen stone attack processing of the Kraken was changed.

 Attacks used to be stopped after a certain amount of time, but now they are stopped after a certain number of attacks.

 Also, since the number of attacks now accumulates, the number of rocks falling has increased in many cases.
Modified to have hearts and steam scattered to some extent according to the width of the ecchi anime.
The position of the gas attack of the ivy of the gazer is adjusted, and the shooting range is reduced to match the appearance.
Adjusted the CT of some bits of Arlaune’s ejection.

 The deflection range of long and short CT is modified to be smaller.
[Bug Fix]
Fixed the bug that repeat on/off may be changed by itself when falling with the D key.

 This is a bug that allows you to turn on/off the repeating ecchi anime even when you fall down!

 When the D key is put in while falling down, it occurred because the on/off switch keeps changing on the back side.
When playing a new game, the magnification of the animation is set to 300% in Config.

 Fixed an issue where the actual animation display magnification is 200%.

 We’ve changed it to 200% for the revision.
[Other changes and corrections]
Fixed the damage position slightly upward in the Gazer’s etch animation.


[Important] Input keys for some commands have been changed in ver0.53. For more information, please refer to [New Implementation].
[Newly implemented]
Geyser’s erotic scene is implemented (up to 3 multiple captured bodies)
Added a new state disorder “Confusion”.

 Gazer is a conditional abnormality that takes damage to your SP every certain amount of time.

 Disruption damage does not result in SP0 or less (game over).
Upgraded the standing image (nude).
Extend the map to interval area 3-3
Added a new weapon “Chainsaw”.

 It is located in interval area 3-3.
The command display function that can be input now is added, and the input key of some commands is changed.

 The changed key is described in [Specification Changes].
[Specification change]
Abolished the sewing set (large) of the drop item and adjusted the effect amount of the sewing set (small) upward.
The method of managing suicide bombing was changed because suicide bombing, which had been half of the back menu, was brought to the front side.

 The number of remaining self-destructs is now managed as a bomb, which can be recovered by acquiring a new item “Bomb”.

 Since the drop table of the sewing set (large) is converted, it

 There are many enemies who don’t drop bombs, so the drop rate is rather low.

 Well, you can recover one at a campfire, so I guess it’s okay.
The following input keys have been changed in consideration of the new implementation & controller

  Falling of their own accord: D (H so far)

  Self-destruct: C (A so far)

  Add an enemy in recollection mode: A (P so far)

  Repeating etch anime in recollection mode: D (L until now)

  Retry: X (R so far)

  P,L,R will be able to be used for the time being because the previous key is not duplicated with the other.

  It is only a self-destruct that it changes completely from ver0.53.

  It is a specification that the Z key is set to TALK in non-combat areas in some maps.
The initial weapons are changed to knives and handguns only.

 Weapons from the rifle onwards can be placed in the roadside interval area and

 Beam saber location changed to Interval Areas 2-3
Adjusted HP of miscellaneous fish in the early stages downward.

 Except in the early stages, it’s adjusted by level.


[Newly implemented]
Add the abyss area.

 This is a special area that only exists to lose, and there are no power-up items.

 You can escape from the ladder to the ground.
Added an object for obstructing movement, Arlaune who jumps out.

 There are no erotic scenes in these.
Added a side road map to the slime girl village between the coast 1-2 and 1-3.
[Specification change]
When Mermaid, Lamia, and Mammy pop in recall mode, it is changed to be drawn from two patterns.
Change so that the heart gauge is not broken at the time of normal.

 So far, I’ve been broken by super-sensitivity and aphrodisiac gas even under normal conditions, but I’ve learned to put up with it.

 I still think it’s more fun to be destroyed by an enemy, isn’t it?
The bullet and the drop item are changed so that it does not stand out when capturing it.

 With this fix, the damage may remain temporarily displayed.

 We’ll fix it when we switch maps.
Change the behavior of the enemy that is waiting until it enters a certain distance.

 When I fell, I made sure to switch to the same state that I was within a certain distance of.
Adjusted the volume of Demon World Slime and Arlaune’s cute anime.
The arrangement of interval area 1-2 was changed.

 I set it up so that I can lead people who have never seen it before to the bonfire.
Changed to display the number of attack up item acquisition on the save screen.
The HP of Bit (Alraune) has been changed to grow at Lv.

 At this point, I can only feel the difference in the Naku area.
Remove the super armor of the face hugger

 I don’t know why I’m doing this…
The casting time of the shadow is extended by 10 frames.
Changed to lengthen the attack motion of the shadow and delay the occurrence of attack judgments by that amount.
The attack motion of the mimic has been lengthened and the attack judgment generation has been delayed.
Mummy’s bullet speed has been lowered to 75%.
Changed a part of the mummy to a proximity type

 The proximity type has a slightly higher HP and a faster movement speed, and looks different at the particle level.

 These are corrections due to the difficulty of the mummy area of the ruins.

 I think the difficulty has gone down, but I’m sorry if it feels like it’s gotten harder.
The motion of Lamia’s tail attack was lengthened and the attack judgment was delayed.
Changed the attack motion of the ruins hermit crabs to lengthen and delay the occurrence of attack judgments.
Nudibranchs’ bullet speed was revised downward to 75%.
Reduced the number of enemies placed in the slime girl village between coasts 1-2 and 1-3.
[Bug Fix]
Fixed a bug that I became invisible when I blew myself up right after I started capturing Arlaune.
Fixed to display the cast bar of the ruins hermit crab again.

 Fixed a bug in the AI that prevented it from being displayed.
Fixed a bug in which the hard time of Amboina was too long and did not pop out easily.
Fixed the sound when switching a part of the map of the sea floor.
The processing of Mermaid Pop has been fixed to occur only once in some maps of the sea floor.
[Other changes and corrections]
The background during the menu display is changed a little brightly.
The font of the save is changed neatly.


[Newly implemented]
The erotic scene of Arlaune is implemented (multiple capture is not supported).
Extend the map to Interval Area 3-2
Add objects and bits for obstruction of traffic.

 There are no erotic scenes in these.
[Specification change]
The attack animation of the anemone was small and difficult to understand, so it was changed.

 Weapon performance remains unchanged.
Fixed the hardness of some enemies in order to lighten the weight.
Added the function to increase the SP natural recovery speed when I am stopped.

 Even if you attack while stopping, it will go up.
[Bug Fix]
Fixed the bug that the maximum value drained cannot be cured.

 This was a very serious bug where the maximum drained value was never cured again

 There were a few reports, but it was a complete mystery, and I just happened to find out what caused it, so I fixed it.

 This problem occurs when upgrading the main unit when the maximum value of the drain has been reduced.

 This does not occur in this version due to the fix.

 But it’s going to be hard to get back to the reduced maximum, so I’m sorry.
Fixed a bug that resistance animation is displayed even if it is not the first time in a specific condition.
[Other changes and corrections]
Update history ver. 0.50 wrote “3-2”, but it was correctly written “3-1”, so it has been corrected.

Thank you @NepuShiro for the changelog addition!

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